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Best way to Clean Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are very temperamental window coverings to clean and you need to be careful when cleaning these products because they can easily be destroyed. When you purchased your cellular shades hopefully someone informed you to be careful when submerging in water, to dust regularly, and do not clean with any type of chemicals. Cellular shades are held together using an adhesive that when will deteriorate is the wrong chemicals are applied to your shades.  Honeycomb shades should be regularly vacuumed using the vacuum brush extension to remove dust and dirt that will accumulate on your shades leaving a yellow gross tint.


If your cellular shades get soiled don’t worry because there are ways to clean them. The best way to clean cellular shades other than regularly vacuuming the shades is spot cleaning. You can spot clean your shades with a clean damp cloth. Do not add any cleaning chemicals to your cloth and do not spend too much time on the seams. If the unsightly spot is only on the cloth and not the seam you can add a little soap to your cloth, but ONLY use mild soap. Do not try cleaning your white cellular shades with blue soap; this will not be a good idea.


Some cellular shades, like the Hunter Douglas line, can be submerged in water to be cleaned but use caution. Cellular shades can be cleaned in a bathtub using only a mild detergent and warm water. Try to avoid submerging the head rail. Slowly and gently allow water to pass through your shades to loosen dirt and dust. After you have cleaned your cellular shades hang them back up to dry. Do not use a blow dryer and keep your window closed until your shades are completely dry.


If this does not work you are going to have to call a professional to clean your cellular shades. Make sure that the cleaner you hire has insurance and has experience with cleaning cellular shades. Even the professionals may ruin your shades by attempting to clean them so make sure that they are willing to replace your shade if something goes wrong. Try to find this information out before they start cleaning your shades. If a company does not have insurance than they probably won’t replace your shades if they destroy them.

And please remember to ALWAYS refer to the specific manufacturers’ cleaning recommendations before using any method that could damage your shades.

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