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October – Child Safety month, Buy Cordless!

It’s here again. October – Child safety month. As every year we try to bring awareness to child safety around this time of year. Despite the fact that industry leaders again and again adjust their blinds & shades to be more safe, every year children and pets suffer terrible injuries and even death related to cords and strings.

Being in the industry, we have an eye on what is reported in the news. And it is just heartbreaking to hear of the terrible reports we see when another parent has to live with the fact that their child was hurt. Yes, blinds and shades sold today are more safe than ever. Every continuous cord has cord tensioners that help prevent pulling the cord out of the window and “mess” with it. Cord cleats are available for stings to be wound up and keep them out of reach of young children. And yet again, accidents happen, still.

The best thing to do when having young children or pets is to go CORDLESS. On most shades, if within specifications, can be ordered with a cordless lift system. For a small up charge, Roller Shades, Roman Shades  and Cellular Shades will be made with a little handle or pull tassel at the bottomrail of the shade, eliminating the traditional pull string or continuous cord loop. Also traditional blinds can be ordered cordless, eliminating hazardous cords. Wood blinds for example can be ordered with a cordless lift and the cord tilt can be replaced by a wand tilt, avoiding and strings. An option that is often overlooked but works so well for this purpose is the motorized lifting system. A remote control operates the shade, eliminated all strings.

In light of this month and what it means to the window covering industry we will offer FREE cordless upgrades on most Comfortex shades through the end of November. This will include cellular shades (excluding 1/2″ pleat Virtuoso), but including double cell symphony, 3/4″ Baritone, as well as the Debut line and all others. The offer will also include the Roller Shades line and Solar Shades line. Please take advantage of our free upgrades to ensure you have a hazardous free home and your child’s safety is ensured.

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