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Let’s make sure our children are safe!

It’s October 1, and that means it’s National Window Coverings Safety Month! Being in the window covering industry, we unfortunately are well aware of accidents that happen every year due to window covering hazards. This is the perfect time to review some of the steps we can take to protect our children and keep them safe from harm.

Accident related to window coverings are always caused by dangling cords which post a serious choking hazard. Kids and cords simply don’t mix! Before 2001 window blinds and shades were manufactured without safety kits to protect our young children. Here are some steps we can take to make our homes safer and up to date:

  • Check your window shades for dangling or exposed  cords and retrofit the cords or replace them altogether with today’s safer blinds and shades.
  •  In nurseries or children’s bedrooms cribs, beds and furniture should be moved away from windows and window coverings with dangling chords, preferably to another wall.
  •  If you are in the process of purchasing new window coverings you should opt for cordless shades and blinds, especially in a young child’s bedroom or sleeping area. Most products depending on size are available with cordless lift options including cellular shades, roller shades as well as pleated shades. Even wood blinds can now be cordless when paired with a wand tilt.
  •  Window coverings installed before 2001 should preferably be replaced with newer and safer products.
  •  In case replacement of older shades isn’t an option, please keep all tasseled pull cords and continuous lift cords out of reach. Tasseled pull cords should be shortened or wound around out of reach cord cleats. You should also make sure that cord stops are properly installed and inner cords are adjusted to minimum movement.
  •  For window shades with continuous cord loop option, retrofit kits can be ordered to permanently anchor the loop inside the casing.

We hope these are some helpful tips when it comes to childproofing your home. To help promoting this very important cause we are offering free cordless upgrades on many of our products during Child Safety Month. Please refer to our home page to view cordless lift promotions or simply give us a call. Let’s keep our children safe!

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