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Cellular Shades – the Basics

The cellular shade is a window shade made from material to look like a honey comb. Cellular shades are very popular because of the warm and soft glow that fills the room when the cellular shades are closed on a sunny day. Cellular shades are commonly found in the living areas of the home including dining rooms, living rooms, dens and bed rooms. These shades offer beautiful elegant privacy in many available colors and fabrics. The light weight material of the cellular shade makes it easy to open and close without any real effort. There are many different options available for the cellular shade including; cordless, top down- bottom up, remote control access, continuous cord loop, and many other options.



The most preferred cellular shade option for window covering is the remote control option. The lightweight material of the shades make it possible to have them controlled by remote control and a small motor in the rail of the shade. With this option you can open and close your  blinds from many feet away. You can even control one at a  time or all a once. The remote control option is ideal for high windows and skylights.


For those who prefer their window blinds not to be running on batteries try the top/down-bottom/up cellular shades. The top down- bottom up shades are convenient because of the ability to move the shades to cover any section of your window. Other window coverings models are unable to cover the bottom of the window and leave the top of the window open  and vise versa.  Cellular shades are versatile and practical. Installation is easy but names and numbers of certified installers in your area can be provided upon request. Bring the elegant warmth into your home with cellular shades.

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