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Window Covering Ideas – Neutral Colors

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Window blinds or window shades in neutral colors create a peaceful, light and sophisticated environment. When going neutral, there isn’t any worry if colors are going to clash or if you will get tired of a certain color scheme. Neutral colors don’t show up on the color wheel and include white, off white, gray, black and sometimes brown. Some also refer to them as earth tones, even though that is night quite correct. In window coverings, when we talk about neutral colors, we usually think of whites, off whites and maybe gray. Here are some window treatment ideas that are neutral, but will still bring a breath of fresh air and life into your home.

  1. Sheer Horizontal Shades, better known under the term of Silhouette Shades are a blend of a blind and a shade. Fabric vanes offer the functionality of a blind while the sheer fabric gives the feel of a shade. Available in many soft whites and off whites they are a popular window treatment when aiming for a sophisticated and soft look.
  2. Cellular Shades come in many different colors and off course also in neutrals. They are an excellent choice for bedrooms and living areas where insulation is helpful. The honeycomb cell design traps air inside its pocket and create an insulating barrier protecting from the hot or cold outdoors.
  3. Wood Blinds are and Eco-friendly product made primarily from North American hardwood. They add an earthy element along with clean symmetrical lines providing functionality and beauty in one. The array of whites and neutrals is surely going to allow you to find the right shade for your home.
  4. The same classic look can be achieved with faux wood blinds and composite blinds. They look almost identical to wood blinds but are lower priced and an ideal solution where humidity, direct sunlight or weather exposure is a consideration.
  5. Roller Shades are an old classic in our modern world. Today they are available with cassettes and valances for a more modern look. The fabrics range from linen look to silky sheen and pretty much any material is available in neutral colors. Depending on fabric, the shade can be room-darkening or light-filtering to meet your needs in bedrooms and living areas.
  6. Woven Wood Shades have come back in a big way. The organic materials offer texture and dimension, creating a focal point in any room. Shades are usually constructed from reeds, bamboos or woods and are therefore Eco-friendly.

Design Ideas – Living Room

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Here are some ideas and things to consider when decorating your living room. Color scheme, focal points and accessories will make the difference. Take a look!

Focal Point – Fireplace
In this living room the fireplace takes center stage. Accentuated with a mirror above and a set of candles that can again be found throughout the room everything is set to promote the center piece, the fireplace. The candles and warm colors create warmth and make it an inviting space.

Focal Point – Window Shades
In this room the windows are the point of interest. The woven wood shades made of natural bamboos pop and stand out while creating relaxed comfort. The rest of the room complements the natural shades by utilizing earthy tones and naturals. A splash of color is added with a few throw pillows to complete the look.

Focal Point – Color
Here the color talks the talk. Using bright strong yellow in several areas like furniture and accent pieces in contrast to the white walls and flooring, an energized, young atmosphere is created. This room comes to live with its vibrancy and is complemented by a soft plush carpet to soften the look. The yellow parts are in balance and frame the room nicely.

Focal Point – Lighting
The detail is in the lighting. While the color scheme is kept neutral and with two tones only, the room comes to live through lighting. Using lot’s of overhead lights and an interesting oversized glowing light stand, the room gets its soft and inviting character. It transforms the walls and sitting area into an piece of art.

The main point of all these living rooms is that somebody took one idea and then worked the rest of the room around that thought. So… what’s your idea?

Decor – Natural Elements

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

We used to see some random decor items like shell arrangements, pine cone potpourri or flower arrangement. Not anymore, the emphasis on natural elements has grown steadily. Natural elements feel comfortable, organic and can bring a room to life. Here are some natural decor items to transform your home:

Blinds & Shades
While there are the more traditional wood blinds that are nature inspired, the true newcomer are bamboo shades or woven wood shades. Made of woods, reeds, bamboos and grasses, these natural shades are simplistic yet stunning and a true focal point in any room.

Decorating with bamboo rugs or woven inspired materials can bring nature right into your home. While warm and inviting they are also easy to maintain and beautiful.

There are choices over choices when it comes to wall art made of nature. For wall art with dimension chose a twisty branch spray painted in your choice of color. Candle holders, vases and many more decor items can be found of branches and similar items. They are always unique and interesting to look at.

Woven sea grass furniture is durable and stunningly beautiful. With its tonal variations and relaxed style woven sea grass creates a relaxed look in pretty much any area of a home. A sitting area, bar stools, or sun room will come to live with this piece of nature.

More ways to get the natural look are any decor items that are made of natural elements. Anything that looks like a relic from vacation or past can make a stunning item to liven up your home.

What to Consider When Purchasing Woven Wood Shades

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

In today’s market, many window shades are available, ranging from cellular shades, pleated shades to roller shades. One of the products that have gained a tremendous amount of popularity are the Woven Wood Shades, also referred to as Bamboo Shades.

Since more and more people are trending towards products that are ecologically friendly and back to nature’s own, the Woven Wood are the perfect fit to meet this desire. Natural Shades are crafted from bamboos, reeds, grasses and jutes. They add natural color, texture and dimension to any window, creating simple sophistication and relaxed elegance.

Let’s talk about some of the Woven Wood Shade’s features. The standard Bamboo Shade lays flat when lowered, once raised the shade gathers rich overlapping folds. This shade can be ordered with a “looped option” or “tear-drop option”. Here the shade has soft looped folds that create dimension and drama. Shades are usually opened from the bottom up, but can have the popular top down feature as well. This will expose the upper half of the window for an open feel and view out the top, while providing closure and privacy at the bottom. Since a lot of materials do not provide a solid degree of privacy, most fabrics can be paired with a privacy or room-darkening liner. This liner is tacked on flat behind the shade and offers additional light control and privacy.

Now here are some important things to consider and understand about Natural Shades before deciding that it is the right product for you. With the character of Natural Shades come inherent natural properties that may influence the look and appearance of a finished shade. Understanding and recognizing these characteristic traits of nature’s materials will provide more enjoyment and satisfaction by knowing why each shade is truly unique!

What are some of these characteristics?
Materials used in Woven Wood Shades are grown and harvested naturally. Therefore thickness, shape and texture can vary, creating asymmetry in the weave. To be more concrete you can have Woven Wood Shades that have uneven spacing or gaps, resulting from the differences in bamboo or reed shapes and their thickness. Also, variations in bamboo thickness, bamboo joints or reed sizes can result in length differences from one side of the blind to the other.   And yet another characteristic is bowing or arching. The different drying rates of bamboo skin on one side and bamboo fiber on the other of the bamboo slat can create an arching or bowing effect in the finished product.

Besides asymmetry, stretching of Natural Shades should be taken into consideration. The natural elasticity of yarns paired with the weight of the bamboo material may result shades to stretch upwards of 1” after installation. Especially on shades that are mounted inside a window casing this can be noticeable, and can be compensated for by ordering them a little bit shorter. A great way to compensate for the stretching of the shade is ordering the blind with edge banding. Not only does edge banding add a personal decorative touch, but also helps to control to keep the shade fitted and from stretching.

Lastly, all natural materials will change slightly in color over time. This is true for all bamboo, reeds, jute, grasses and wooden materials. Depending on material composition, sunlight or other climatic conditions will cause materials to lighten or darken over time. Uncolored bamboo will experience the most color shift. It will change from a green color at the time of harvesting to a yellow/brown color over a three to six months time period. Therefore color matches from shade to shade are not guaranteed as these are normal reactions to aging.

But having all this said, these variations in a quality shade should always be minor. A quality brand like Bali Window Fashions for example hand-selects all materials and adheres to strictest industry standards and specifications. And then again, this is also what makes the Woven Wood Shade so unique and beautiful. Exactly that distinct character of bamboo, reeds, grasses and rattan and its one of a kind look can’t be matched by a shade made of synthetic material. Truly every shade is unique and special, and there is nobody that will have one just like yours!

Natural Beauty

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Natural Woven Wood Shades are a beautiful choice when natural warmth and a nature inspired look is the goal.  We have just added the Bali Natural Shades line, made of nature’s own materials. Crafted from bamboo, reeds, grasses, jutes and straw materials, Natural shades add texture and dimension to your windows, creating simple sophistication.

The standard Natural Shade is made of either the standard roman or looped Roman shade design (also referred to as tear drop style). The collections offer a wide verity of colors, textures and unique weaves. A standard lift cord helps to lower and raise the shade, but continuous cord lift or bottom up / top down features are available as upgrades. A motorized lift is a great option for those hard to reach windows.

A beautiful 6” valance gives the finishing touch, a 9” drop is available as an upgrade and standard when ordering the continuous cord. An optional accent is the edge banding, which finishes off the sides and bottom of your woven wood shade. Since most materials are sheer or semi-sheer, the product can be paired with a privacy or room-darkening liner for added privacy and light control.

Woven wood shades have become very popular in the last few years, since the decorating trend is going back to nature. There simply is no substitute for the beauty created by nature and used in Natural Shades. The colors and textures of bamboos, grasses and jutes have a distinct character and one-of-a-kind look, which cannot be matched by synthetic materials.  

Why Woven Wood Shades?

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Woven wood shades have been revamped and are today again used in many upscale homes as well as corporate offices. The answer to the question “why woven wood shades” is simple: VISUAL DRAMA! Their unique texture, rich colors and unmatched sophistication will transform any room and add a distinct decorating style.


Woven wood blinds are made of natural products. They mostly consist of grasses, reeds, wooden materials or bamboos and are therefore also referred to as bamboo shades. The raw materials woven into each shade make each product truly one of a kind, where one shade will never truly be identical to another.


The product operation is simple, utilizing a left or right cord to lower and raise the shades. The shades lay flat when in the lowered position and create overlapping folds when in the raised position. Most materials, like the grasses, reeds and bamboos create a relaxed look and are usually somewhat see through. However, most fabrics can be paired with a privacy option to provide privacy where needed. Further design options include a valance that usually drops down about 6” (depending on brand), a classic style where the fabric runs of the front of the headrail and eliminates the need for a valance. Also available are the top down/ bottom up feature, providing more versatility or edge banding, giving the shade a finished “frame” with decorative cotton tapes.


When decorating with woven wood shades you will create rich dimension in any casual or traditional setting. The natural materials are warm and inviting and will translate any room into a perfect retreat.

Decorating with woven wood shades / bamboo shades

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Last year trends in interior décor have been bringing back a style that is casual and sophisticated. We find that homeowners are going back to a relaxed look, wanting to add warmth and character to a room. Woven Wood Shades are a great way to do that.


Woven wood blinds, also called bamboo blinds are made of natural materials. They can be made of one or a mix of the following materials:                                                                         


  • Bamboos
  • Grasses
  • Matchsticks / Reeds
  • Wood

Decorating with woven wood shades will add warmth and rich dimension to your living area. Their appearance is relaxing and inviting, adding sophistication to your home.


Bamboo shades usually are raised from the bottom up and are lowered back down but can have many more options and features. The top of the line Provenance woven woods by Hunter Douglas or Bali Roman Shades also offer top down shades, giving privacy at the bottom while exposing the upper have of the window for a view out. While the flat style shade is the standard, now a hoppled style with overlapping folds is available. Shades can be ordered with optional edge banding or privacy lining for complete light control and an added decorative touch.


Here are three names of our favorite and most popular materials:


  • Provenance – Safari Collection (Reeds & some Bamboo)
  • Provenance – Rustica Collection (Grasses)
  • Provenance – Autumn Harvest (Woods)

Please browse our online selection of beautiful fabrics; all displayed with individual room-scene and sample swatch images.


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