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Covering French Doors

Thursday, July 10th, 2014


You have the beautiful master suite with grand open windows followed by the French Doors that lead to your patio. Or the row of windows in your Family room is center stage accompanied by the French Doors to the outdoors. The question always follows, should I follow through on my window treatments or will they be too bulky on the doors?

The answer is, stay uniform! It doesn’t matter what kind of window treatment you have. Cellular shades, roman shades, even the bigger 2” wood blinds or sheer horizontal shades can all be a great window treatment for French doors. They will compliment your windows much more compared to breaking away from your current window treatment and switching to sheers. Or some people also think if they have 2” wood blinds, they should switch to the smaller 1” wood blinds on the doors. Please don’t. By switching you break the flow and things will appear busy and as if they just don’t quite fit. Balance and flow is created by sticking with the same product.

At this point a quick reminder on how to measure for French doors:
For doors custom window treatments are order as outside mounts. On an outside mount the factory doesn’t take a deduction of the ordered width or anything to the ordered length either. Therefore all calculations have to be made by the person that is measuring. First it needs to be determined what size headrail the product has to add appropriate mounting surface above the glass to trim that surrounds the glass. So for a wood blind that might be close to 2 ½” for a cellular shade around 1”. The same should be done for the bottom rail, since the rail is fastened with hold down brackets below the glass or trim.
In the width the main consideration is how wide you would like the fabric to be. Most people decide for it to cover from trim to trim. Since some products that roll up have a deduction in the width taken, these shades have to be ordered a bit wider to accommodate for this deduction.

That pretty much sums up French doors. Keep it flowing!

Interior Decorating with Your Children in Mind

Monday, April 29th, 2013

child holding stop sign

Your children are the most important thing in your life. Because of this, when making decisions, you must factor them into the process. When it comes to the decoration of your home, while you do want to be stylish, safety is paramount. Luckily, you can have both. Here are a few ideas to keeping a safe, stylish home.

  • Get the right type of shades: Shades bring functionality and style to any window in your home, but what kind of shades should you choose if you have young children in your home? Good Housekeeping’s line of shades and blinds is a good place to look because the designers started the line to give parents the option of having shades that were stylish and child-safe. Many Good Housekeeping shades feature cordless options, which will certainly help prevent many accidents.
  • Be careful with wood floors: Wood flooring may be beautiful, but it can also be the source of falls. That’s because wood flooring must be waxed often. If you do decide to get wood flooring, make sure to be mindful of when you wax and where your kids are, so you can prevent an overzealous, running child from falling. The same goes for mopping kitchen tile.
  • Consider rounded countertops: Rounded countertops can mean a huge difference in the number of times you hear your children cry. Toddlers have some sort of a magnetic attraction to the corners of countertops, so a rounded corner will cause much less damage than square-cornered countertop, which is good for everyone. Plus, they tend to look better as well.

If you’re looking for safe, child-friendly window coverings, give us a call: (866) 553-6088.

Tips for Choosing the Best Bathroom Window Coverings

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

When shopping for bathroom window coverings, it’s important to keep the needs of your space in mind. Spacious bathrooms are few and far between, so most bathrooms benefit from window coverings that help make the space feel larger.

Embrace the Light of the Outdoors

The primary purpose of bathroom window coverings is to provide privacy. With that said, a light filtering window covering will still give you privacy while allowing natural light to filter in. Nothing makes a room feel bigger than natural light, so this is an easy, attractive option for small bathrooms. One thing to keep in mind is that sheet and semi-sheer coverings do not provide the highest level of privacy, so be aware of this when using them in a bathroom. However, sheer horizontal shades can be light filtering and will provide privacy when in the closed position or when titled in the open position for a view out.

Choose Colors Wisely

When it comes to bathroom decorating, color matters. A small bathroom can be widened and brightened by choosing to work with a lighter decorating palette. We recommend avoiding deep colors like black and gray in small bathrooms since these larger-than-life colors tend to make bathrooms feel cramped and cave like. Neutrals such as sand, eggshell, and taupe work well with a wide variety of bathroom styles and are easy to live with. Pastels such as lemon, powder blue, and pale green add interest to the bathroom without darkening it.

Sometimes people think that their bathrooms must share the same color scheme as the rest of their home, even if that means using colors that are too bold for a small room. If you feel this way, consider taking your favorite bold colors from the rest of your house and opting for the same color in a lighter shade. The effect will be stunning.

Making your bathroom feel like an open, inviting area by choosing the best bathroom window coverings for your needs is well worth the effort. Enjoy your brighter space!

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