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Colors That Can Help You Sleep At Night

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Having trouble sleeping at night? Most of us have heard about factors that can keep us from sleeping well at night. There is the TV that keeps us up, the incorrect window shades not offering proper light control, too much clutter, room temperature is too high and so on. And now there is another factor that a study addressed which is the color scheme in a bedroom. A study conducted by Travelodge has some interesting finds.

In this study it was documented how much sleep people got on average depending on color. By far the best rest was reported for people that slept in blue rooms. To be exact on average people slept 7 hours and 52 minutes. Not too surprisingly, the worst color for a room was purple. In a purple environment less than 6 hours of sleep were recorded on average.

While we can reserve some skepticism, we couldn’t agree more that color has much to do with atmosphere and how we feel in our surrounding. Certainly calming and soothing colors will help in a place of rest and sleep. How we decorate a room depends a lot on personal preference though. One can certainly agree though that soft colors, pastel tones and neutral hues are choices that seem to make good sense in a bedroom.

Below are some images that might inspire you when working with blue and soft colors:
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Following are results of the study regarding colors and average amount of sleep:











Building Your First Home

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

first-homeOnce you make a decision to have your new dream home built, the work begins. This home of our dreams is supposed to bring us years of happiness to come, but once the project is done, regrets can set in. Here are some tips of what should be considered beforehand:

  • Always battling being too hot or too cold? Be sure to have your insulation inspected before everything is covered up. Having your home properly insulated can save serious headaches later on in regards to high electricity bills, uncomfortable temperatures and money wasted. Additional steps to help keeping rooms cool like covering your windows with blinds and shades will be another step you will take closer to the completion of construction.
  • Plan your electric outlets and overt conduits early on. You want to be flexible where you computer might be placed, your flat screen TV or sound system will be installed. Plan this out early to save yourself from clutter of cables at a later time.
  • Where will your laundry room be? More and more people place the laundry room closer to bedrooms where most of the laundry actually piles up.
  • Which way will your doors open? Consider getting quality doors which will again help in the energy department and be sure to have them hung correctly the first time around. Having to change how a door swings open will increase unnecessary costs.
  • Quality heating and cooling will help your wallet for years to come. Making sure ventilation and air conditioning are built with energy efficiency in mind will keep you more comfortable in your home as well.
  • Drains should actually drain. Slow flow of water, backed up systems and incorrect drainage could give you a headache that no one needs. These things should be planned out early on.
  • Storage, storage, storage! We never have enough. Plan on having big walk in pantries, bathroom closets and shelf space in many areas. Years of purchases always make us bust out of our seams. There is no need to feel cluttered, with ample space to stow items away it will be a breeze to stay organized.
  • Lastly, consider a bathroom close to your door. All who have kids or pets know this problem especially well. Coming in and needing to head straight to the shower. But does this mean through the living area first? Having a bathroom close to the outside will help to stop the dirt there without bringing it inside.

There are many more things to consider when building a home, but these might get you started.

Fighting Afternoon Sun

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

ROLL-027-EcoGrBrnzLRHorClsNow that it’s spring the afternoon sun feels nice. But I know down here in Texas the temperatures are about to skyrocket and that means the afternoon sun can become brutal. What are good solutions to keep the heat and sun out to get some relief?

First you want to think what your main goal is. Do you need to keep the heat out? Or is it more pressing to keep the light and glare out? In case privacy is not an issue, solar shades could be a wonderful solution. Solar shades will cut the heat, reduce UV rays and help to protect furniture and decor from sun damage. With solar shade you the view can be preserved when the shade is lowered. That’s why solar shades are perfect for an area where privacy is not needed. And yet the glare will be cut down and the heat will be kept at bay.

What would be a good product if privacy is an issue? Cellular shades are fantastic for insulation and privacy control as well.  Designed like a honeycomb cell the heat is trapped inside the comb, keeping rooms cooler. Cellular shades are available in light filtering of room darkening fabrics. The darkening material is often lined on the inside with an aluminum lining, which makes for a top-of-the-line insulator. Light filtering materials allows lots of light in which is welcome in living areas. Even though light filters through the shade, privacy is insured while insulating the room. Blackout materials are typically used in bedrooms or media room they darken considerably when lowered.

One product that isn’t often considered when looking for insulation is wood blinds. Painted white or off white wood blinds actually insulate very well, while a wood blind with a stained finish wouldn’t be such a good choice for a window with afternoon sun. I would recommend a wood blind with routeless upgrade to eliminate light gaps.

Any of these products will greatly help with afternoon sun, which will make a big difference to increase comfort in your home and help with energy efficiency.

The Beauty of Blinds

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

There is a very wide range of attractive ways to decorate window spaces and scores of different products on the market. Blinds are one of the most popular options, and within this category there is a great deal of choice, depending on personal taste and design requirements of the home.

The thoughtful use of blinds can also certainly add value to a property by making its lines more clean and attractive after the Scandinavian fashion, along with natural varnished floorboards. Potential buyers will be delighted by the vendor’s taste and fashion-consciousness and that all-important good first impression will be virtually guaranteed.

Great choice

Even when the decision has already been made to go for blinds rather than curtains or shutters, the homeowner will be faced with a number of choices. There are lots of different blind styles to choose from and some research will be needed before an informed decision can be reached about which blinds are most suitable for the particular window spaces.

Roman shades / blinds

Although Roman shades have been around for a while, they have been modernized and given a fresh look by adding fabrics that suite the home of today. They can be seen as something of a compromise between blinds and curtains, as when they are lowered they resemble attractive drapery. In the lifted position they create horizontal folds which add to the decor of the casement area.

Venetian blinds

These have long been the most popular blinds option simply because they are flexible enough to suit any purpose, fitting in seamlessly with the decor of a room whether this is a converted loft space or the main living area. The horizontal slats are connected to one another by chords which are adjusted to open and close them, as well as to raise and lower the whole unit. As well as being practical, Venetian blinds come in a wide range of versatile and stylish designs and can greatly improve the ambiance of any home.

Roller shades

Roller shades have the virtue of being durable as well as attractive and practical. By fitting these to a window space, the room can be completely darkened (depending on choice of fabric) when they’re closed and flooded with light when they’re raised. Roller blinds when raised roll up above the window space when mounted as an outside mount treatment and from the outside there is no trace of any window treatment being used. This is also very practical in connection with cleaning the windows. Roller blinds used to come in only white and beige varieties but nowadays there are many different patterns and colors to choose from, adding to any décor.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are usually considered the best choice for large window applications or even used as room dividers. They’re in a category of their own in the land of blinds, in that they can be adjusted in such a way that the owner has complete control over the amount of light that enters the room. The only drawback of vertical blinds is that they are rather impractical if a window needs to be opened and closed on a regular basis.

Choosing the right blind

The factors to take into account when choosing window blinds include the window’s location, its size and the mood requirements of the living space involved. Blinds that provide total privacy, such as roller blinds, are a popular choice if the window is a large one and is located where outsiders can easily look in. An example could be a bedroom that looks out over a bus lane. Such privacy blinds allow the householder to precisely control the amount of sunlight that is able to enter the room, and therefore also control privacy and protection of property. With so many colors and textures now on the market, the mood of the room can be complemented by an intelligent choice of these. To create a refreshingly rustic look and feel to a room, for example, a blind made from natural wood could be ideal. If the purpose is to make one large window the room’s central focus then a colorful Venetian blind could be chosen to create contrast and vibrancy. Anyone concerned about aspects of property protection in the home will find useful information on the Department of Housing and Urban Development website.

Blinds as a flexible option in home improvement

This has just been an outline of the many benefits of using blinds for decorating window spaces in a home. The great flexibility of blinds allows subtle control over light levels entering the rooms and also great control over privacy. In terms of decor, too, blinds can be hard to beat, with their multitude of designs, colors, patterns and textures meeting the most stringent requirements in personal taste and physical constraints.

New colors for our popular Sheer Shades!

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

We have just added new colors to one our most popular products. The Comfortex Shangri-La Sheer Shades! We sell a lot of these high end and highly versatile products. Sheer Shades are soft in appearance, sophisticated and give you all the functionality you are looking for when adding a window treatment. Light control, privacy, view & great looks.

Shangri-La Sheer Shades are made of 2 layers of sheer material, with light-filtering or room-darkening fabric vanes floating in between.  Shangri-La shades have a metal housing in which the entire shade rolls up into. When lowering it, it comes down with the vanes in a flat laying closed position, giving privacy and light control. Once the shade is lowered all the way down, the vanes open for a screened, sheer view out.

The Shangri-La has been mostly available in soft and neutral colors. Neutral is often a safe choice when decorating. White and off whites go with just about any décor, and the surroundings can change (as in paint, top treatments etc.) while the shade can remain the same. However, more and more people are looking for bold choices. Comfortex has now added 6 new colors in the 2” & 3” vane size. New is the bold “Cocoa Bean”, as rich as a Hershey’s Chocolate bar.  Then there are warm colors like the rich “Goldenrod & Honey”. Also new is “Black”, a wonderful color when adding drama or making a loud statement. Then there is the delicious Mocha, as well as the nature inspired Sage. These new tones will be a dream for the person that wants to play with color.

Along with the new colors comes an improvement to the sheer material of the shade. In the past the Shangri-La had two coarser sheer layers in front and back. Now, the sheer in the front is a finer, more delicate material, whereas the sheer in the back is still the coarser sheer for a great view out. This is just an additional touch, which improves the quality and chic look. As always, to feel and experience our fabrics, before you buy… please contact us to reqeust a sample!

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