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Beauty Is In The Details

Thursday, October 9th, 2014


Don’t they say, it’s the little things that matter? Comfortex cellular shades are enjoying a small change to construction that has a nice impact on how finished their look is. Comfortex cell shades are a great seller at Ace of Shades, providing superior installation while adding chic and elegance to interior decor.

In the past, cellular shades were offered with a white headrail and a matching fabric insert strip. This type of headrail was included for shades that were ordered with the continuous cord loop feature, cordless lift as well as the motorized lift operated shade.

Starting now all of these shades will have a color coordinated headrail, slightly curved to finish the shade off to perfection. The new headrail has a sleeker appearance and can be described as more modern in appearance. The end caps will match the color of the headrail as well. Cellular shades offer now a stylish seamless look from top to bottom. The white headrail always used to stand out when ordering darker colors. Even though the matching fabric strip helped to conceal the headrail somewhat, it just never was quite the match it is now. A taupe shade is going to have a taupe headrail and a brown shade will have a brown headrail. 29 coordinating rail colors and end caps will be used to for available fabrics. For special customization of rails and fabrics, you are always welcome to contact us. We will be glad to assist you.

As they say… beauty is in the details.


COMFORTEX – Announcing the Smoothy Continuous Cord Loop System!

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Comfortex Window Fashions has just announced a new and improved clutch continuous cord loop system. The new Smoothy clutch features amazingly smooth and quiet operation. With this new system it is now easier to lower and raise the shade, using less pull force than before. Clutch operated shades can now be lowered and raised faster and with fewer strokes due to an improved gear mechanism. You will immediately notice the improved quality and ease of use the very first time you try it.

The Smoothy System has replaced the Omni-Rise™ System on all Comfortex fabricated continuous cord loop cellular shades as of May 1, 2009. The Smoothy system will be implemented on Serenade® Roman Shades, Fusion™ Insulating Roman Panel Shades and Ensemble Designer Series™ Pleated Shades during June 2009.

Clutch operated shades with continuous cord loop are of tremendous value when ordering larger shades as the weight will eventually wear out cords when using a regular lifting system. The continuous cord also has the added benefit of staying at a constant length, whereas a standard lift cord will start pooling on the floor when the shade is being raised. The new and improved continuous cords lifting system are available on the popular Comfortex Cellular Shades at this time!

Enjoy the view with ClearVu!

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Comfortex has just come out with a new and improved cord-system on cellular honeycomb shades with top down-bottom up feature. This changes how the cords are placed on a top down / bottom up shade, giving you an up to 45% wider unobstructed view! This new Comfortex innovation is standard on all top down / bottom up cellular shades with a maximum width of 48” and length of 72″. Shades wider than 48” will be built with traditional top down-bottom up cord placement.


Shades with the new ClearVu feature, have lift cords positioned closer to the outer edge of the rails to provide maximum view through. This means no distracting lift cords in the middle of your view. This feature is now available on all cellular honeycomb fabrics:


·         Symphony Double Honeycomb

·         Acoustics Soft Touch Double Honeycomb

·         Matinee Room Darkening Double Honeycomb

·         Metro Flame Resistant Double Honeycomb

·         Virtuoso 1/2” Honeycomb

·         Fanfare 3/8” Blackout Single Cell Honeycomb

·         Baritone 3/4” Single Cell Honeycomb


Comfortex helps you enjoy the light control, energy efficiency and maintain privacy with all top down-bottom up shades. As always… every shade is backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty J



Hunter Douglas Duette product change – Top Down / Bottom Up UltraGlide

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Hunter Douglas just announced changes they have made to the popular Duette honeycomb shades with UltraGlide (retractable cord) and top down/ bottom up feature. A 3-cell gasket is now being added to the headrail of these honeycomb shades. It is a small three cell flap that attaches and hangs beneath the headrail on top down/bottom up shades. This change is consistent with the top down/ bottom up system already in place for the standard cordlock or cordless operated systems.


What is the added benefit?

All Hunter Douglas Duette cellular shades with “top down” feature have a headrail, which is mounted to the casing, wall, or whatever the mounting surface might be, and an intermediate rail that touches this headrail when in the raised position. Between these two rails was a small gap that allowed light to leak through in the past. By adding a 3-cell gasket, this gap is closed and light leakage is eliminated.


The standard and cordless Duette already featured this gasket, and now the retractable Hunter Douglas Duette does as well J


New enhancements – Duette and Applause Vertiglide honeycomb shades

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

In the most popular product category, the cellular shades, new improvements have been made to the Hunter Douglas Duette and Applause Vertiglide. For the one who is not yet familiar with this product, it is the vertical counterpart of a cellular honeycomb Duette and Applause shades, which is great when covering sliding glass doors or walls of windows.


Hunter Douglas has now changed the moving brackets assemblies on all Vertiglide shades to new urethane-coated wheels to ensure a smoother and quieter operation. Also new is the stronger magnet that is being used for all split stacked shades to ensure secure closure of the shade with minimized light gaps. These two improvements certainly are increasing customer satisfaction.


Also worth mentioning is that in 2008 Hunter Douglas introduced nine rail colors, offering more color choices than any other window covering manufacturer. This means better color coordination of rails and fabric color of your choice. Also superior is the stacking width, which is the smallest within the industry.


At this time we do not offer the Hunter Douglas Vertiglide online, but off course do carry it. Simply call or email us for ordering, pricing, color samples or any questions you might have regarding this product.

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