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Shangri-La Sale – For A Short Time Only!

Sunday, February 8th, 2015

It’s been a while since we had our Shangri-La Sheer Horizontal Super Sale on, actually quite a while. So this month we are running the sale again. 15% off, which is a great deal!! Since Ace of Shades isn’t a company that largely inflates sales to then give big discounts, we always offer competitive value driven prices. So when those additional 10% or 15% are offered, they really mean bottom line pricing.

Sheer Shades are our most popular shades by far. The Silhouette like shades offers a soft sheer look, but offers great functionality. Two layers of sheer fabric are providing a screened view outdoors, while the light-filtering or room darkening fabric vanes are suspended in-between them. The vanes can be tilted into the closed position for privacy and light control. The modern Ultra-Sleek headrail is a cassette like headrail that the entire shade rolls up into when in the raised position, giving it a sleek finish.

Shangri-La Shades are high end window shades that dress up any formal, living or bedroom with elegance. Available in the traditional 2” vane size as well as the modern 3” vane size it turns into a practical window treatment that adds style to your home.

Take advantage of this big sale, it won’t last long!


October is Window Covering Safety Month

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014


October has started, and that means it is window covering safety month. Many people might not realize how important this month is to advocate for the safety of our children. Even though the window covering industry has made a big push in the last few years to create awareness and promote window shades with child safety features it doesn’t seem to do quite enough. Here are some sad statistics that we want to point out today. It is so important for us to have products in our home that will keep out children safe. Cordless blinds and shades… all the way!

  • Children strangle every 2 weeks in the US on window covering cords
  • Children between the ages of 8 months to 2 years have strangled on cords
  • Injuries can be catastrophic, some never walk, talk or play again
  • Since 1996 355 children have strangled on window covering products
  • Over 40% of these accidents were around products that are compliant with the national safety standard
  • Strangulation is a silent killer; many of the accidents occurred while a caregiver was close by; even in the same room

These statistics are devastating and have unfortunately not gotten much better over the years. With window covering safety month in mind, we are offering free cordless upgrades on many of our products. All Good Housekeeping Roller Shades & Cellular Shades are includes, Comfortex Roller Shades & Comfortex Cellular Shades feature the free upgrade as well. Please, be safe and buy cordless!

Cordless Upgrade Promotion Is Here

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Yeap, it’s that time of year again. During fall we like to come up with goodies, and here we have a great one for you. Good Housekeeping cellular shades and roller shades will be available with the free cordless upgrade. This child safety feature is a must for households with young children and pets.

When to upgrade to cordless shades is a good idea:

Any area in your house where you young child sleeps, stays or plays in should be equipped with a cordless shade. That means a nursery is a must! We see too many news reports where little ones have their crib too close to a window shade with cords and terrible accidents happen. Furniture items where a toddler can’t get on to reach the shade aren’t any guarantee. One day they will be able to climb and it is just a risk no one should take. Curiosity and the eagerness to play, paired with cords can mean life or death. So if possible, just get this upgrade in all your rooms!

Cordless shades are also a great option in any area where you simply don’t want to see dangling cords. Besides the safety issue, cordless shades are neater in appearance. An 84” cellular shade that has been raised all the way to the top has a cord of over 100 inches dangling on your floor. Not pretty! Yes, cord cleats are available to wind up your cord, but that doesn’t make the appearance any less cluttered or cleaner.

This is a great time to save a lot of money. Through the end of this month we will be offering the free upgrade on all cellular and roller shades. Even the cellular cordless top down / bottom up shades will have the free upgrade. Make sure to take advantage of it. :-)

Naturelle Sheer Shades – FREE Upgrade!!

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014


What a sale!! Let’s just say it’s 4th of July 😉 Don’t miss this fantastic promotion we are offering right now on our Naturelle Sheer shades. Naturelle Sheers are similar to the Silhouette Window Shadings. This popular shade is functional while beautiful. Two layers of sheer materials create a soft, dreamy atmosphere while the light-filtering or room darkening fabric vanes provide privacy and light control.

Now we have added a new lift option to the Naturelle sheer shades. The motorized lift wand allows for a shade free of dangling cords. Any household with young children and pets should consider a cordless shade for added child and pet safety. The motorized wand has a pendant at the bottom with an up and down button to open and close your sheer shade. Simply hold one of the buttons to adjust the shadings position. By releasing the button it stops. A battery wand inside the headrail powers the shade.

The wand is available in white or black to coordinate with light fabrics or dark materials. By having a motorized control attached at the bottom of the wand, one never has to search of a misplaced remote control either.

For the month of July we will offer this upgrade at no additional charge to introduce this new feature. Be sure to take advantage of this free cordless upgrade. There is no limit as to how many shades can be ordered with the Motorized Wand upgrade. Happy 4th of July!!

Easter Sales!!

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

happy_easterEaster is just about here. This hopefully means a three day weekend, with good food, family and possibly some friends. Kids are looking forward to their Easter Egg hunt and this means we will put out a couple of goodies for our customers too.

Be on the lookout for some sales to drop on Bali blinds and Bali shades. Cellular shades will have an additional discount as well as Bali’s wood blinds. This is a great time to purchase some shades in spring colors. Cellular shades are a great product where color is available. A spring green for the bedroom or breakfast area? Or a lemon yellow? For wood blinds cotton tapes will always provide that additional touch or splash of color.

We will also have on sale our Shangri-La Sheer shades, soft, elegant and beautiful. Sheer shades come in 2” or 3” vane size and can be ordered in light-filtering or room-darkening materials.

We hope you take advantage of the sales that will start tomorrow and go through Monday.

We wish you a Happy Easter!

Kids…. Cords…. Caution!

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

National Window Coverings Safety Month

October is here again, National Window Covering Safety Month. And like every year, we are writing about the safety in your home again. Unfortunately we do get updates about the accidents that happen around the country regarding window coverings and it is devastating every time. It’s mostly and sadly the same, dangling cords are a safety hazard to our precious children. Children love to play with anything, and that includes cords of window blinds and shades. So we encourage anyone with small children: Please get rid of your old window coverings that have strings and cords, especially in kids rooms or play areas.

All shades, including popular cellular shades, roller shades, roman shades can be ordered with a cordless lifting system. Most of the time a clear plastic handle or tassel on the bottomrail will allow you to lower and raise your shade, eliminating traditional strings. An additional bonus besides safety? A clutter free look! What about blinds? Also here, you can find wood blinds and mini blinds that have a cordless lift option along with a tilt want, eliminating cords. Even vertical blinds come with wand operated mechanisms now to avoid chains that could be a hazard. So by spending a little extra money you can protect your curious and playful children from harm, and let’s not forget our dear 4 legged critters, they will be protected as well.

To participate and bring awareness to the National Window Coverings Safety Month we are offering many of our Roller and Cellular shades with free cordless upgrades look in particular at the Good Housekeeping and Comfortex brand. So this month, not one extra dime to upgrade! Make the Right Choice:  Kids…. Cords… Caution

Holiday Dress Up Event

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

The holidays are right around the corner. More than likely you will have family and friends gathering at your house and come together. So if you are in business for new blinds and shades, why not take advantage of the holiday sales as well as rebates right now?

To celebrate the holidays in style with the right window covering we always come back to our sheer window shadings. These shades are the embodiment of class and style. Comfortex Shangri-La Sheer Shades combine functionality and beauty. This sophisticated product mostly known under the term Silhouette Shades, a sheer shade combining the function of a blind and the beauty of a shade. Our sheers offer vane rotation, they can be opened or closed for varying degrees of privacy or your shade can be raised and completely be tucked away into the headrail / cassette system. We offer the two inch and three inch vane size depending on preference and size of your windows. Our holiday savings event for sheer shades will last through December and does include Vertical Sheers. At this special time of your you can enjoy 15% off discount as well as a 25 dollar mail in rebate per shade ordered.

So be sure to take advantage now and make your home warm and welcoming for your friends and family and of course yourself to enjoy. Happy holidays!

Price Increase Hitting on May 1st

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Just a few days left!
All the big manufacturers usually have an annual price increase that hits around May or June. This year it is set for May 1. After being generous last year, considering the economy and difficulties associated with the housing and related industries, most manufactures didn’t increase pricing last year. This year no such luck. The price increase is here.

So where can we see increases and which products will be affected by it? We can say, pretty much across the board.  We will see increases with all brands, including Hunter Douglas, Bali & Comfortex. Every brand will go up with most of their product lines. This will include cellular shades, wood blinds, faux wood blinds and our popular sheer shades line.

And how much will these products increase? Up to 7%. Ouch! We know… painful. The majority of shades, cellular shades etc will be around 4-5%. As always we have plenty of quotes and proposals out on the Shangri-La Sheer Shades. On a product like this, which is on the upper end in regards to overall pricing, 5% can make quite a difference.  So, with that in mind, here is our blog to inform and help you beat new pricing which is just around the corner.


Shangri-La Super Sale

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Beautiful shades can change the feel of any room and the only thing better than getting new shades is getting them for a great deal. Anybody looking for sheer shades should take a look at our current sale. 3” Shangri-La sheer shades are now a steal at 20% off through the end of the year. This super sale is for a limited time so if you have been considering making changes in your house, now is the time to buy.


Window shades are one of the biggest changes with an impact you can make in a room. Shangri-La’s are one of our top sellers, and for a good reason. They have an elegant and soft experience that adds comfort and functionality to your room. This product features floating fabric vanes between 2 sheers, can be tilted in the open position for a screened and soft view out, closed or raised all the way up. The entire shade does not stack, as it completely disappears inside the headrail. With sheer shades you control the light in your room so that it is always a comfortable and inviting place to be. And they also provide you the privacy you need.


Shangri-La shades have a sophisticated look that works beautifully in a formal living room, dining room or family room. The room darkening material is an excellent choice for bedrooms. Choice of materials allows you to prioritize between light filtering and room darkening, while your choice of vane size allows setting the tone in atmosphere. 2” tends to work well for smaller windows and traditional settings, whereas the 3” is a great choice for large windows and modern settings.


No matter what direction the windows face or what your climate is, having nice quality sheer shades will make your favorite rooms even more lively and livable. So shop now before the New Year comes and take advantage of this excellent sale!

Hunter Douglas Faux Wood Blinds Sale

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Hunter Douglas is one of the most popular window coverings manufacturers in the world. They offer trendsetting product lines, leading the way on design and technology. This is also the true for their faux wood blinds. Hunter Douglas Everwood Blinds come in an array of painted-like and stained-like finishes. The whites include textured finishes, while their TrueGrain line is unbelievably close in the look of a real hardwood blind, also including distressed “stains”.  


While being one of the more expensive window coverings, it is still easy to find Hunter Douglas faux wood blinds on sale at one of the many Hunter Douglas retailers. One of the most popular window coverings for the home is the 2” faux wood horizontal window blinds. Faux wood blinds are both functional and energy efficient to save you money while giving your home an elegant classy look.


Faux wood blinds are made of a unique blend of North American Hardwood and specially selected composite materials. The advantages of faux wood as opposed to real wood are that faux wood blinds can endure the heat, moisture and sunlight that real wood blinds cannot. The color of real wood blinds will fade with the summer sun causing your blinds to discolor, the heat will dry them out and the moisture can cause them to bend and warp. Faux wood blinds do not have any of these side effects from the sun and the heat and they are more affordable than real wood.


With this said, be sure to check back on our sale on the Everwood blinds starting on 2/16/2009.

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