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Cozy Decorating Ideas

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

A cold front is sweeping over big parts in the US, even our state of Texas is enjoying the colder temperatures. There is no nicer place than home when it is gray and chilly outdoors.
This is the time to cozy your place up, create some warmth and welcome yourself and friends into a cluster of hominess. We thought we’d present some ideas on how to create it:

  1. Fireplace
    With low temperatures outside, turn your focus towards your fireplace. While it adds warmth, it also offers the soothing sound of crackling wood and lends itself to get lost in the sight of the flames. A fireplace creates harmony and a feeling of well-being.fireplace
  2. Infuse Color
    Fight the winter blues and gray days with color. Find a few decorating items that bring you room to life. A throw blanket or pillows with bold prints or bright colors can bring cheer and life into a gray day.
  3. Mirrors
    During the winter time our days and natural time of daylight are shorter. To maximize the light during this time can help our mood. When placing mirrors across from windows, our rooms are illuminated further, reflecting natural light into the room. Natural light is key to our well-being.
  4. Light-Filtering Window Shades
    Even when we have to have shades to cover up our windows for added privacy, a light-filtering shade can filter natural light into the room. Perfect shades to allow daylight in are Comfortex Shangri-La Sheer Shades (Silhouette like shades), light-filtering cellular shades or pleated shades. Just because you want to keep your neighbors preying eye out, doesn’t mean you have to keep the sun out.
  5. Throw Blankets
    While throw blankets are decorative, they also add to a layered look as well as texture. Regardless of room, a bedroom or living area is always a great place for an additional throw blanket. It turns any area into a great refuge from the cold winter winds outside.
  6. Textured Rugs
    The nicest wooden floor and the most sophisticated tile can be too cold during the winter month. Help to bring the cozy factor indoors by adding a textured fluffy rug. It feels nice on your feet and adds warmth to the atmosphere.
  7. Extra Pillows
    Just like the additional blanket, more pillows is cozier. During the cold month add additional pillows where it makes sense. They look nice and are something to grab when feeling chilly.
  8. Seasonal Scents
    The seasonal scents in wax cubes or candles are amazing and create atmosphere. From Spiced Apple Punch, to Gingerbread Cookie Crunch the aromas are plentiful. Potpourri with huge pine cones and added color will be great eye candy as well. Activate your senses and enjoy this time of year!

Window Covering Ideas – Neutral Colors

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Window blinds or window shades in neutral colors create a peaceful, light and sophisticated environment. When going neutral, there isn’t any worry if colors are going to clash or if you will get tired of a certain color scheme. Neutral colors don’t show up on the color wheel and include white, off white, gray, black and sometimes brown. Some also refer to them as earth tones, even though that is night quite correct. In window coverings, when we talk about neutral colors, we usually think of whites, off whites and maybe gray. Here are some window treatment ideas that are neutral, but will still bring a breath of fresh air and life into your home.

  1. Sheer Horizontal Shades, better known under the term of Silhouette Shades are a blend of a blind and a shade. Fabric vanes offer the functionality of a blind while the sheer fabric gives the feel of a shade. Available in many soft whites and off whites they are a popular window treatment when aiming for a sophisticated and soft look.
  2. Cellular Shades come in many different colors and off course also in neutrals. They are an excellent choice for bedrooms and living areas where insulation is helpful. The honeycomb cell design traps air inside its pocket and create an insulating barrier protecting from the hot or cold outdoors.
  3. Wood Blinds are and Eco-friendly product made primarily from North American hardwood. They add an earthy element along with clean symmetrical lines providing functionality and beauty in one. The array of whites and neutrals is surely going to allow you to find the right shade for your home.
  4. The same classic look can be achieved with faux wood blinds and composite blinds. They look almost identical to wood blinds but are lower priced and an ideal solution where humidity, direct sunlight or weather exposure is a consideration.
  5. Roller Shades are an old classic in our modern world. Today they are available with cassettes and valances for a more modern look. The fabrics range from linen look to silky sheen and pretty much any material is available in neutral colors. Depending on fabric, the shade can be room-darkening or light-filtering to meet your needs in bedrooms and living areas.
  6. Woven Wood Shades have come back in a big way. The organic materials offer texture and dimension, creating a focal point in any room. Shades are usually constructed from reeds, bamboos or woods and are therefore Eco-friendly.

How To Cover Hard To Reach Windows

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Let’s keep talking “tricky” windows.
What do you do with those hard to reach windows that are high up? Or the type that his behind the bulky couch? What about the deep sink and you can’t quite reach the cord? Here are some options for you when it comes to operating blinds and shades that are hard to reach:

Motorized Shades
Here is a solution that is the most convenient of all. Great products that lend its operation to motorization are Sheer Silhouette like blinds, cellular shades and all other type shades. Also wood blinds can be motorized, however the lowering and raising of the blind would still be corded. The motorization simply takes care of the tilting of the slats.
Most of our products offer radiofrequency technology. This means a remote control, timer or wall switch can operate one or several shades with the simple click of a button. So convenient!

Cordless Shades

In case you want to go for a little more economic solution cordless shades like cellular shades or pleated shades are a great way to go. An additional tool to reach a hard to reach shade is an expandable pole that can be hooked onto the handle of the shade to lower and raise it when necessary.

Long Cords
Here is an option that doesn’t cost an additional dime. Corded shades can always be ordered with longer cords. Some shades allow for additional cord length in increments of feet, others in inches. Simply order you shades or blinds with a comment in the special instructions field or call us to order and we will note the length you need to be able to reach your window shade.

For skylights in general cellular shades are a good solution. Most often they are operated with extension poles. Skylight cellular shades, depending on their degree of slope will have wires built into the shade to avoid sagging. Skylights are always cordless shades.

Modern Style Decorating – How To

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

livingWant to create the modern look, but aren’t quite sure on how to achieve that look? Here is what the modern style is all about along with some examples and tips on how to create it.

The modern look is all about neutrality and minimalism. Simple color schemes, clean lines, no clutter is what it’s all about. Often geometrical shapes are part of that look, everything is very specific and exact.
Here are some ways to make it happen:

Most often the color scheme in a modern style home is neutral. White, beige, grey or black are great base colors to start with. Strong pops of color are welcome, but not necessary. Colors shouldn’t be busy, but as the style suggests simplistic. The accents can be bold as a fiery red, bright orange or grass green.

Keep the overall look sleek with clean lines. As mentioned before, geometrical shapes like circles, squares, rectangles and more can be used. Overall these lines should be large pieces and furniture items to avoid a busy look. Sleek sheer horizontal shades, silhouette like blinds, are perfect to complement the simple lines.

Lighting and incoming light are welcome in the modern design. Large oversized windows, many light fixtures are often used as long as they follow the sleek and simple lines look.

Artwork is a must in a modern living room. Large round mirror, pieces that display a touch of color and are a conversation piece. In the otherwise minimalistic design, artwork creates often a focus point.

Tile, granite or even concrete are all well suited for our look. A glossy and polished look compliments what we are trying to achieve. It then can easily be paired with a textured rug to contrast the flooring.

Other Items
We often see glass coffee tables, black and white zebra prints. Pillows overall have well defined shapes, so square or round are great, just not rectangular with rounded corners. Accents can be in chrome, glossy black or lacquered wood to compliment the look.


Simple Steps To Brighten A Room

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Tired of the same old look and atmosphere in your home? In case you just want to spruce up your home or a particular room instead of doing a complete revamp, here are some steps that will help you brighten it up with just a few tweaks. Here we go:

Get a new Outfit for your Windows
Replace old curtains or dingy shades with new window coverings. Something more modern like cellular shades or soft and sophisticated Sheer Horizontal Shades (similar to Hunter Douglas’ Silhouette Blinds) can completely transform a room. Out with old fashioned venetian blinds and in with new window shades!

Flowers for a fresh Breath of Air

Whether it is a large bouquet of flowers, flowers from your garden or a even a green plant, your room will instantly brighten up and have a focal point with color. Don’t overlook a colorful vase!

Lay a new Rug

A simple area rug can completely change the atmosphere in a room. Add shade, texture, color or whatever works in your setting to bring life into your home.


Here you want to be very selective. Too many accessories can appear cluttered, not enough of them and they seem and feel lost. However, adding just the right amount of accessories like a beautiful vase, well chosen candles holders, baskets, framed pictures or artwork can add that certain something.

Add Color

What a difference a few throw pillows or a colorful window treatment can make. Add a colorful vase or some bright color in form of a painting on your wall. Especially in rooms that have mostly neutral colors this is a wonderful way to add life.

Update your Hardware

Have the doorknobs in gold from 10 years ago? Areas can be transformed by adding new hardware. Switch from gold to a brushed nickel or a dark bronze / almost black. This includes hinges, door stoppers handles as well as lamps; it will bring a clean fresh look while looking more modern at the same time.


Hope these ideas will get you started on adding that little something to your home.

Wall Decor – Stylish Silhouettes

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Here it’s Wednesday, so let’s just keep going with wall art ideas. This might be another do-it-yourself inspiration you enjoy; the one we are showing below will be a great example for your kitchen, but can be applied for many other rooms as long as you change the silhouette scheme.

This artwork is very neutral and other decor pieces should not interfere with it. Whether you have cellular shades, silhouette shades or any other window treatment in your kitchen windows, the Silhouette art will complement it perfectly. Here is what you need:

Four crisp frames to contrast the color of your kitchen wall, copies of pages of old cookbooks and cutouts of kitchen appliances or cooking utensils. Now simply take the copies, preferably you made the copies with somewhat aged looking paper. It could be an ivory paper or linen finished paper. Now take the cutouts and cut out the center of the paper, one at a time. In the example below a cutout for cooking utensils, pot, tea pot and one for a blender was used. This keeps everything and tied together, perfect for your kitchen. Now put everything together in your frames and arrange it in a balanced symmetrical composition.

Voila, hope you love it as much as we do.


Naturelle Sheer Shades – FREE Upgrade!!

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014


What a sale!! Let’s just say it’s 4th of July 😉 Don’t miss this fantastic promotion we are offering right now on our Naturelle Sheer shades. Naturelle Sheers are similar to the Silhouette Window Shadings. This popular shade is functional while beautiful. Two layers of sheer materials create a soft, dreamy atmosphere while the light-filtering or room darkening fabric vanes provide privacy and light control.

Now we have added a new lift option to the Naturelle sheer shades. The motorized lift wand allows for a shade free of dangling cords. Any household with young children and pets should consider a cordless shade for added child and pet safety. The motorized wand has a pendant at the bottom with an up and down button to open and close your sheer shade. Simply hold one of the buttons to adjust the shadings position. By releasing the button it stops. A battery wand inside the headrail powers the shade.

The wand is available in white or black to coordinate with light fabrics or dark materials. By having a motorized control attached at the bottom of the wand, one never has to search of a misplaced remote control either.

For the month of July we will offer this upgrade at no additional charge to introduce this new feature. Be sure to take advantage of this free cordless upgrade. There is no limit as to how many shades can be ordered with the Motorized Wand upgrade. Happy 4th of July!!

Beat The June Price Increase!

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

price-increaseIt’s that time of year again where prices are going up on some products in the window covering industry. Comfortex Window Fashions usually has their increase June 1st, so now is the time to beat them.

Which products are affected?
One is a customer favorite. The Silhouette shades like product by Comfortex will have an increase of about 3%. All Shangri-La Sheer Shades in 2” and 3” vane size are included in this increase.

Pricing will also go up for Comfortex cellular shades. Also here all categories like the double honeycomb shades, ¾” and 3/8” single honeycomb shades are included.

These increases come from the manufacturers to offset rising manufacturing costs.
At Ace of Shades we always keep increases to a minimum and ensure that our pricing is competitive. That’s why we are giving a heads up; to make sure your money stays in your pocket.

How To Best Clean Sheer Shades

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014


Do you have Silhouette type shades in your home? Then you are familiar with this problem. Flies and little insects like to get caught in-between the vanes and no the problem is how to get them out. Sheer shades like the Comfortex Shangri-La collection are beautiful yet delicate shades. Two layers of sheers have floating center vanes suspended in-between and it is difficult to get into these spaces to get debris or insects out.

Here is what you don’t want to do! You don’t want to use a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner has too much power and will possibly suck the fine sheer up, crinkle the vanes and possibly even tear your sheer. For standard cleaning a feather duster will do fine and get the dust off the front layer. However for anything that gets caught in-between the vanes, a blow dryer is a great tool. Your regular hair dryer on a COOL!! setting will help in this situation. It is very important not to use the hot setting as the Polyester sheer can easily get damaged. On a cool setting you can carefully blow small debris and insects out by holding the dryer sideways into the vane space. It will also help to blow out settled dust that might have built up in the sheer material.

For any major cleaning sheer shades can be taken to professional cleaners that offer Ultra Sonic cleaning services. For the day to day cleaning, the methods described will work fine. Hope this little trick will help you keep your sheer shades beautiful and clean!

Comfortex Shangri-La – NEW Motorization Option Coming Soon

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

We are always excited to show off new options for our products, especially when it is a best seller of ours. This new feature will become available on June 1st and would like to show it off and give a quick preview. Comfortex is coming out with a new cordless PowerTouch. Shangri-La Shades are very similar to the widely Silhouette blinds. The new budget savvy motorized lift is ideal for pet with young children or pets.

The new cordless PowerTouch is similar to a wand and available in white or black, depending on hardware option selected. With the push of a button the vanes can be tilted in the open or closed position, as well as lowered and raised. The cordless PowerTouch operates using a push control. It provides complete convenience adjusting vanes between the open and closed position. By pressing and holding the button on the pendant which is located at the end of the wand, the shade starts to move up or down and tilts vanes as desired. Simply release the button to end motion of the shade. The PowerTouch is available in all fabric collections including 2” and 3” vanes size, all light-filtering and room- darkening fabrics. This lifting system is powered by a battery wand which sits inside the headrail, but can be switched to a DC Plug in transformer as well.

This new motorized option is a great way to avoid dangling cords that can be a health hazard for young children or pets. The wand offers a clean look and appearance. It is also covered by Comfortex’ 5 year warranty and has a fantastic price point.



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