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Trend Alert – Roman Shades

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Roman shades are gaining in popularity. Panels of fabric lay flat when the shade is lowered. For a dramatic look roman shades can be ordered with “tear drop” style panels which gives the shade dimension and movement. When roman shades are raised the fabric panels softly stack underneath the headrail. Typically roman shades have a 6” fabric valance that attaches to the headrail. However depending on brand the valance can be left off and a fabric insert coordinates with the shades fabric for a modern and sleek look.

The standard lifting system is a pull cord that extends as the shade is being raised. For a more durable clutch operated system the continuous cord can replace the standard lift. It loops itself back into the headrail and stays at a constant length. For a household with children or pets we recommend the cordless lift to eliminate any health hazard all together.

The best part about roman shades is the fabric selection though. From linen look to plain, from woven materials to soft prints, from loud colors to bold prints. There is so much to chose from that it won’t be hard to make a statement in any room. Room-darkening materials will be a great fit in bedrooms, where most living areas should be dressed with light filtering materials. This allows that light can enter the room even while the shades are lowered. Get some inspiration from some of our images below. Great brands to order custom roman shades from? Right here on our site: Good Housekeeping shades, Bali & Comfortex.





Shades with Floral Design

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Here in Texas and many parts of the country everything is in bloom now. Trees, bushes and many garden flowers are popping up giving us beauty and many colors to gaze at. Want to have something in bloom all year around? How about window shades with flowers?

Many manufacturers are offering floral prints. They have come back in a big way! Good Housekeeping shades, Comfortex and Bali offer beautiful flower prints in just about any fabric product line including cellular shades, roller shades and roman shades. We just love how each shade becomes a decor item. See for yourself and decide if this could be something for your home:

The following Good Housekeeping Cellular shade isn’t overpowering but creates just that little something over a standard uni-colored shade.Floral-GH

Here is a floral print on a Comfortex Roller Shade that stands out quite a bit more. It’s clearly the focal point of the room.Floral-CTX

And here is a Bali Roller Shade with some soft floral swirls. This is very dreamy and a great added touch for a bedroom.Floral-BA

One more example of working with floral print, a Good Housekeeping roman shade with a contrasting floral design in black. The shade is the focus of this sitting area.Floral-GH2

Floral is back, it can be quite neutral or stand out and make a statement. It is playful in atmosphere and works in any room.

Roman Shades & Roller Shades

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Many homes are equipped with drapes to cover the windows and while these work to a certain degree, they are not nearly as functional or attractive as new roman shades or roller shades. They offer the warmth of a fabric with the modern convenience of a shade.


Curtains usually give you only two choices, either open or shut. And most of the time, neither of these is what you want. The perfect answer lies somewhere in between open and shut and roman shades or roller shades allow you to find this perfect happy medium so that you can get the perfect balance of light and privacy in any room at any time of the day.


Roman shades have a very elegant, traditional look. When closed, they hang over the window in large pleats. Then you can use the cord to draw them up and they pleats fold up into each other until you are left with an attractive bunching of material at the top of the window. Even open the fabric provides weight and color to the window. When shut the heavy, solid look of the roman shade adds warm and intimacy, as well as privacy, to the room. More functionality can be added with the top down feature, which will allow you to lower the shade from the top down. This way you can have privacy at the bottom while enjoying the openness of you window on top.


Roller shades are great for a versatile, contemporary look. They are easy to use and since they roll up very compactly they make an excellent choice for large windows. They also come in a variety of fabrics that allow you choices in color as well as transparency. So depending on how you use the room, you can find just the right shade for your decor.

The run down on Roman Shades

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Roman shades are becoming more and more popular window treatments in upscale homes and designer magazines because of the beautiful and soft fabric folds that are created when the shade is raised or lowered. Roman shades offer classic and clean lines to maintain a sophisticated look throughout your home. Depending on manufacturer, roman shades are window treatments that utilize a series of fabric tapes, rings and cords that are stitched onto the backside of the fabric for raising and lowering the shades which draws up into horizontal folds when raised.  Pricing is usually in the upper price range of window treatments, as they are more labor intensive. Off course there are many places, especially on the net, where pricing will be more competitive on top name brand products.


Before purchasing a roman shade, there are different design options one can choose from. A flat panel roman shade is perfectly flat when it is fully extended. Next to the contemporary flat panel shade is the hobbled or “tear-drop” style that offers gentle folds for added dimension. Another consideration is what level of light control you will need. Is it a bedroom (darkening material), a living area (light should filter into the room) etc. And then off course the material itself – crinkled, with pattern, shiny etc? Lastly you will have to make a decision on operating system. Standard lift, top down-bottom up (where applicable), motorized lift etc.


While there are places online where one can find cheap roman shades, we certainly recommend sticking with a major brand, where the manufacturer’s experience is paired with a solid warranty. After all, creating a comfortable and inviting living space is one of the most important investments you can make.  

NEW – Serenade Roman Shades Collection

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

We have just expanded our offering on Roman Shades. Comfortex Serenade Roman Shades is now available online!! The palette of fabrics is ranging from light-filtering to room-darkening materials working well in living areas, bedrooms or any room where a fabric treatment is desired. Materials range from soft silky to natural weaves. The fabrics include solids, linen-look or patterns, soft and neutral to bold hues sure to suit any decorating style.


Serenade Shades combine the look of fabric with the proven technology of window treatment hardware. They are offered in two different styles, the classic tear drop style or the contemporary flat panel style. The tear drop style features voluptuous folds that create added dimension and elegance to your decor. The contemporary flat panel style features sleek even lines, and will look great in the modern clutter-free environment.


Comfortex, who is a window covering leader in the industry, utilizes state of the art craftsmanship when making these shades. Here are some highlight and main features of the Serenade Roman Shades:


  • Wide choice of fabrics and colors
  • Choice of the classic “tear-drop” with full and elegant folds or the contemporary flat panel look
  • A patented support system prevents materials from sagging
  • Universal hardware system that allows for smooth, reliable operation
  • 3” matching fabric valance is standard with all shades
  • Fabric wrapped bottomrail for finished look

Serenade shades can be ordered with the optional Omni-Rise continuous cord loop system. This system is equipped with a clutch and is ideal for the operation of larger and heavier shades; it is standard at no additional charge on the room-darkening shades.

Other options include the popular top down-bottom up feature or the motorized lift using radio frequent technology.


Enjoy browsing our roman shades page and discover which style would be great for your home!

Dressed up in suede… warm…inviting…beautiful….

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

As all window blind manufactures revamp their fabric lines from time to time, one new fabric that is worth mentioning has emerged in every major window covering brand. It is the new Micro suede look. In all actuality the material is made of 100% Polyester, but looks like warm, soft suede. This new material can be found in the Roman Shades line by Bali, Graber and Comfortex, as well as every Roller Shades line, including Hunter Douglas’.


The material is plush and thick, only transmitting limited light and is therefore a great choice for rooms where light control and privacy is an issue. The material itself creates warmth and depth and will complementing any decor, working especially well with rustic or modern interior styles.  The color choices are neutrals, tan and brown.


Below to the left is a room scene of a Graber Roman Shade and to the right a Bali Roller Shade with the micro suede look: 



As a refresher, Roman Shades are offered as flat panel shades or can be ordered with the popular ‘tear-drop’ feature, also called looped panel shade. Roman shades are available as regular bottom up shades, but have the optional top down feature as well, well suited for a darkening material like the suede.


Roller Shades, everybody knows them, are the regular roll up shades. They are available with the beaded chain for precise operation or the cordless lift for added child and pet safety.


Remember to call us for samples, if you are considering the new suede look for your home!

Where to buy roman shades cheap?

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

We have recently received many great compliments from our customers on our competitive pricing in general and on our roman shades in particular. A lot of people really like the roman shades but may not have the budget to buy them in the stores at list price without any discounts.  They then look online for competitive alternatives and find us. As an online dealer we operate with a lower overhead and can hence pass on super cheap prices to you. The roman shades still cost a little more than cellular shades or wood blinds but within reach for most budgets.


Ace of Shades Window Coverings is currently carrying the Bali Blinds roman shades but will soon also add the Comfortex Window Fashion line of roman shades to provide you with more options and choices. This will again be launched with very competitive prices to ensure you have this great product option available at a reasonable cost even from the best known name brands.


Above is a beautiful picture of the Bali Blinds roman shade with the top-down / bottom up feature.


Check out our roman shades online or give us a call at toll free 866 553 6088 to talk to a window coverings specialist or to receive a quote.

Bali Roman Shades – The cure for the ordinary blind

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Bali Blinds are a well known quality manufacturer of Blinds and Shades with an impressive range of products and decades of success. Besides the more traditional range of products such as wood blinds, faux wood blinds and cellular shades, they also offer a beautiful line of Casual Classics Roman Shades.

Bali Roman Shades are for the customer who is looking to create a dramatic and classy design feature in their home. Select either the classic flat shade or the flowing looped shade, whichever best fits your decorating style.

Look at this picture as an example or inspiration of the effect a Bali Roman Shade can create in a room. Very nice and a break from the more traditional look.

We offer Light Filtering Fabrics as well as Room-Darkening Fabrics which will allow you to design your home as needed in regard to light control and privacy.

There are many additional features and options and you can find links and read much more about products on the Ace of Shades Window Coverings website: Bali Blinds

It should also be noted the products are priced rather competitive even though they are more expensive than the traditional options such as Wood blinds and Cellular Shades. However, as illustrated in the picture the result is spectacular and an effect you will enjoy every time you enter the room.

Please feel free to contact us toll free at 866-553-6088 or e-mail for further information, any question you may have or to purchase Bali Roman Shades.

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