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Roman Shades & Roller Shades

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Many homes are equipped with drapes to cover the windows and while these work to a certain degree, they are not nearly as functional or attractive as new roman shades or roller shades. They offer the warmth of a fabric with the modern convenience of a shade.


Curtains usually give you only two choices, either open or shut. And most of the time, neither of these is what you want. The perfect answer lies somewhere in between open and shut and roman shades or roller shades allow you to find this perfect happy medium so that you can get the perfect balance of light and privacy in any room at any time of the day.


Roman shades have a very elegant, traditional look. When closed, they hang over the window in large pleats. Then you can use the cord to draw them up and they pleats fold up into each other until you are left with an attractive bunching of material at the top of the window. Even open the fabric provides weight and color to the window. When shut the heavy, solid look of the roman shade adds warm and intimacy, as well as privacy, to the room. More functionality can be added with the top down feature, which will allow you to lower the shade from the top down. This way you can have privacy at the bottom while enjoying the openness of you window on top.


Roller shades are great for a versatile, contemporary look. They are easy to use and since they roll up very compactly they make an excellent choice for large windows. They also come in a variety of fabrics that allow you choices in color as well as transparency. So depending on how you use the room, you can find just the right shade for your decor.

Roller Shades – and the finished dimensions are…

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Roller Shades are back!

An old favorite has been revamped, and is now offered with options like never before. The fabric choices available today are plentiful, ranging from simple to classy, meeting the most exquisite taste.


Important to point out is the fit of a Roller Shade. Roller Shades are different than any other blind or shade. The deductions taken off the fabric and tube on inside or outside mounts are much bigger than on any other window covering. A Roller Shade mounted on the inside of a window casing, has two little brackets that “grip” around the sides of the shade. The tube has a pin on each side, which rest inside these brackets. The construction of the shades therefore has a tube that has to be quite a bit narrower than the opening of the casing. Same thing with the fabric, it has a deduction taken off the ordered width that is bigger than any other product, in order to properly spool on the tube.


The deduction taken off the fabric ranges from a little over 1” (providing a clearance of +1/2” on each side of your shade) to almost 1 ¾” (clearance is 7/8” on each side). It is not possible to simply order the shade wider than the opening of your window fram, since a fit is not possible, once the pins and brackets are installed. Therefore, for everyone who is looking for a room-darkening product, working with an inside mount application, be aware of the light gap!! The product might not be the right choice, if this gap will bother you. Also, having a gap on very small window applications might not be what your personal preference is. In such a case, please look into other products where small deductions are taken. Cellular shades have minimal deductions taken, Comfortex even makes a system which eliminates this light gap altogether by using a track that is mounted on each side. Another solution is to simply switch to an outside mount application, where the shade can overlap each side by the desired amount.


For anybody interested in the beautiful Roller Shades, we have provided on each product page a “mounting requirements” section, which does display the finished dimensions of every product avoiding any surprises. And as always… give us a ring when uncertain about any technicalities or any issues for that matter. We love to help!

How to Clean Window Roller Shades

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Roller shades are a highly popular window covering that is mostly used in screen rooms and bathrooms because they are durable, easily maintained and simple to clean. Roller shades are window coverings made from vinyl, laminate or fabric and are available in a variety of thicknesses. Roller shades are made up of a single sheet of fabric and are raised by a spring like mechanism that retracts and closes by manually pulling on the bottom corner of the shade. The vinyl and laminate roller shades are fairly easy to clean and can be cleaned using simple house cleaners.


When attempting to clean fabric roller shades you will find that they are not as forgiving when it comes to cleaners as the laminate and vinyl roller shades are. Fabric roller shades require regular maintenance to assure that they do not get damaged from dust and dirt. Fabric roller shades should be regularly vacuumed using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner and dusted. It is possible to clean fabric window roller shades by lightly spot cleaning with a clean cloth and hot water. Vinyl and laminate roller shades are simple to clean because the material is not absorbent but instead repellant. This makes the roller shade a great window covering choice when you need durability and style. The best cleaning solution for vinyl and laminate is a regular all purpose cleaner such as 409 and Mr. Clean. Simple wipe the dirt off with a damp cloth and some all purpose cleaner and they will look like new in no time.

Dressed up in suede… warm…inviting…beautiful….

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

As all window blind manufactures revamp their fabric lines from time to time, one new fabric that is worth mentioning has emerged in every major window covering brand. It is the new Micro suede look. In all actuality the material is made of 100% Polyester, but looks like warm, soft suede. This new material can be found in the Roman Shades line by Bali, Graber and Comfortex, as well as every Roller Shades line, including Hunter Douglas’.


The material is plush and thick, only transmitting limited light and is therefore a great choice for rooms where light control and privacy is an issue. The material itself creates warmth and depth and will complementing any decor, working especially well with rustic or modern interior styles.  The color choices are neutrals, tan and brown.


Below to the left is a room scene of a Graber Roman Shade and to the right a Bali Roller Shade with the micro suede look: 



As a refresher, Roman Shades are offered as flat panel shades or can be ordered with the popular ‘tear-drop’ feature, also called looped panel shade. Roman shades are available as regular bottom up shades, but have the optional top down feature as well, well suited for a darkening material like the suede.


Roller Shades, everybody knows them, are the regular roll up shades. They are available with the beaded chain for precise operation or the cordless lift for added child and pet safety.


Remember to call us for samples, if you are considering the new suede look for your home!

The amazing Bali Blinds Roller Shades collection is now available online

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

There is always something new and exciting going on here at Ace of Shades Window Coverings. We certainly do not let the economy or the Christmas season slow us down, well maybe the Christmas spirit is slowing us down a little 😉

This month we have launched a wonderful new product line on our website and that is the Bali Blinds Roller Shades. This is a great addition to our wide range of products and provides you with a really cool modern alternative for your decorating needs. We have seen a solid increase in the interest in these roller shades and they deliver a clean and decorative appearance to any room in your home or office.

The Bali Blinds Roller Shades are extremely versatile in the sense that you have a wide range of fabrics to choose from
. The fabrics range from sheer to room-darkening and are available in many different styles including smooth or textured looks to prints, woven or solid materials.

There are also numerous colors, hems and trims, cassette options and other fancy bells and whistles. Please read much more about it here on our Roller Shade page.

What would a new product launch be without an introductory sales offer? Right, that is what we thought too so we are starting out with a 10% off for the rest of December 2008 to make this an unbeatable deal.

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