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New NoHoles Pleated Shades added to Site

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Great news! We have added a new product to our website which brings and improved design. Pleated shades in general are popular. One of their draw backs however has always been that you have visible cords running through visible holes that hold the shade in place. These holes make for little light leaks as well as compromised privacy. Well, not anymore.

Comfortex has come out with the New Privada NoHoles Pleated shade, also referred to as Privacy Pleated Shade, which eliminates the traditional routeholes.  Strings are routed through an innovative tab in the back of the shade. So once the product is installed, it actually looks like a honeycomb shade without the honeycomb design.

Privada Pleated Shades come in 5 fabrics, 3 light-filtering and 2 room-darkening. They include solid fabrics, a linen inspired material in texture and feel as well as a textured print. Light-filtering materials are always great for open living spaces, where light is welcome; this includes family rooms, kitchen areas, living areas etc. Here there material will give privacy, take the edge of bright light while filtering day light into your room. The room darkening materials are great for bedrooms or living spaces with media centers.

The standard lifting system for a Privada shade is the traditional cord, but continuous cord can be added for larger windows, to give support through a clutch. A cordless lift or top down bottom up are popular features that are available options as well.  

For all the solid colors we currently have fabric samples available to mail out. Please feel free to browse our online selection and call us with any questions you might have.

Happy Shopping!

Top down/Bottom up Upgrade on Pleated Shades

Friday, February 20th, 2009

The top down/bottom up is one of our most popular upgrades ordered on pleated shades adding versatility and functionality. Shades with standard lift only allow for the bottom to be lifted. The top down/ bottom up shades give you the control and the freedom to move your shade to cover or expose any part of your window you prefer. With this feature you don’t have the compromise privacy for natural light. While exposing the upper half of the window, you can keep your privacy by keeping the lower half covered.


This feature is especially popular with light-filtering or room-darkening materials. In bedrooms a blackout or darkening window shades are often used. During the day however, instead of needing to turn on electrical light, the upper half can be exposed without losing the necessary privacy on the bottom.


The way a top down bottom up shade works is with two cord controls (unless combined with the cordless feature). The right side cord lowers the top down, while the left side cord raises the bottom up or vice versa. This type of window shade utilizes an intermediate rail or “second” headrail. The top headrail is mounted to the top of the window, while the intermediate rail lowers down. All rails are connected with slim polyester cords. The polyester cord can vary from 2 to more cords depending on the width of the shade. Pricing for this feature varies depending on brand but is usually within the range of $25 – $50 and can be found as a “free” upgrade at times of a promotion J

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