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Hunter Douglas stops all internet sales as of June 1

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

We are all still shocked!
Hunter Douglas has ceased all internet sales as of June 1st. Hunter Douglas has taken a big step in the opposite direction of most companies that sell products today. Instead of adding products to the online offering (some of them were restricted all along), like most companies do at this day and age, they have decided to keep their products in the hand of locals that can come out to the customer, measure and install. They feel their product is best represented this way.

So what does that mean for us? Number one: a ton of work L We cannot offer Hunter Douglas as of June 1 any longer, so all products have to be removed and taken down. What does that mean for existing customers that have order Hunter Douglas in the past? Not much. They will be taken care of through us or Hunter Douglas directly, should they have an issue.

So many people ask us why Hunter Douglas would remove a solid portion of their sales and wonder what is in it for them. We can only speculate, and trust us, we have. The local committed dealers are supposed to be supported, that’s for sure. But at the end of the day, we can all just speculated what lead them to make such a big decision. And will such opposite direction from everyone else pay off? Only time will tell. We certainly would have loved to continue selling the brand, since we believe in the offering, the product, the quality and what Hunter Douglas stood for.

For now… keep buying. There is one and one half month left 😉

New Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Materials

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Hunter Douglas has added new materials to their line of solar shades for even more decorating choices for your home. There are lots of exciting new textures and colors to choose from making it even easier to find just the right shade for any room of your home.


The Solar Screen Roller Shades are the perfect choice when you want to reduce some light and glare as well as harmful UV rays but still maintain an outward view. These shades have a screen material that you can see through while it still provides moderate privacy and protection from the sun, protecting your furniture and rugs. Most materials are made of easy to clean PVC and fiberglass blends, but can also be made Polyester and other materials. Some designer screens are fire retardant and therefore ideal for office buildings.


New collections include the Catalina, Orion, Ottomon Stripe, Gemini, Grass Hut, Del Sol & more, introducing new textures, grass inspired looks and colors to this product line. The standard screened look has been brought to life with lots of texture weaves and warm colors.


Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades are a great choice when privacy is not necessarily an issue and a view wants to be preserved. Openness factors range from 3% to 14%, giving more or less of a view out depending on openness. Any shade can have a standard roller shade look, with exposed tube on top or can be paired with a cassette system, to conceal the role. The standard beaded chain is made of plastic or a stainless steel chain can be ordered at no additional cost. A new feature is the cordless lift, also available for added convenience is the motorized lift, eliminating all cords.


Enjoy browsing our new collections!

Hunter Douglas Chalet Woods Wood Blinds revamped!

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

The new Chalet Woods Wood Blinds collection is more beautiful than ever. Hunter Doulas Chalet Wood Blinds are offered and designed for consumers who want Hunter Douglas quality at an affordable price point. The expanded versatile color selection is amazing, ranging from painted to stained, antique specialty finishes to distressed finishes with special markings. The line has been enhanced with added functionality on the 2 ½” slat, now available in a cordless lift option, for your convenience.  


Chalet Woods are offered in two slat sizes, the 2” standard and more common size or the 2 ½” slat size for a bold look and increased view through. An extensive color palette of painted, stained and specialty finishes including distressed, antique and enhance grain are available in the 2” or 2 ½” slat sizes. The LiteRise cordless system is an enhanced safety operating system that eliminates pull cords which has been available in the 2” slat only in the past. It is now also available in the 2 ½” slat size as well. With this system blinds are raised and lowered by moving the bottom rail with the touch of a finger. Select the optional wand tilt control to eliminate tilt cord for a truly cordless wood blind.


Design options are the standard traditional routed blinds or the optional de-Light Feature which eliminates any routeholes for a clean stream-lined look. Any light gaps or privacy wholes are now eliminated. Another option is decorative tapes which run vertically across the blind and give a finishing accent to match or contrast your décor. Each Chalet Woods Wood blind is finished off with a decorative Wood Valance. The choices are a 3” standard valance, which is available on all standard colors or the 3 ¼” Chancellor Valance which can be added at no additional charge and comes standard on the some of the specialty finishes.


The new Hunter Douglas Wood blinds collection has been GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified and GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified. Every product comes with a Hunter Douglas Lifetime Guarantee.


Hunter Douglas Duette – the Headrail(s)

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

The best known honeycomb shade on the market is undoubtedly the Duette honeycomb shade by Hunter Douglas. Hunter Douglas is the innovator of the cellular shade products and has been a leader in the window covering industry for many years.


As this product has evolved over the years, becoming available with improved and more convenient lifting systems, prettier and more fashionable fabrics, Hunter Douglas again has made changes to better the Duette product line. What’s new? Changes to the headrail(s). In the past, a Duette with cordless lift (LiteRise) had a different headrail than a Duette with a continuous cord (EasyRise), as well as a Duette with retractable cord (UltraGlide). The differences used to be quite noticeable. Whereas the EasyRise had a rather square and white only headrail, the LiteRise had a slimmer, more rounded profile and the UltraGlide had yet another type of headrail. This has now been streamlined. EasyRise, UltraGlide, LiteRise now all have the same headrail for a uniform appearance.


We have had many customers in the past, that were contemplating putting a cordless LiteRise on their French doors, while changing to a different type of lifting system on their large windows right next to it. Or they would be looking to pair a continuous cord shade, which is great for that extra large window, with the cordless lift on the smaller windows in the same room. They usually would shy away from that choice, considering the different looks to the headrails. Not anymore J Now, you can easily switch from one application to another, without worrying about uniformity.


New Arrival – upon popular demand: Hunter Douglas Applause Sunterra Blackout collection

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

We have just added the new cellular Applause fabric line “Sunterra blackout” to our website. Hunter Douglas added last year the new Sunterra light filtering collection to the Applause cellular shades offering which has now become its best selling product in this category. The Sunterra collection comes in the ¾” pleat size and sets itself apart through richer color tones. All 12 colors are earth or nature inspired. Prior to May 2009 the light filtering Sunterra fabric was priced the same as the Legends and Casuelle light filtering fabric line. Since then, Hunter Douglas has given even higher incentives to buy this product by pricing it 15% lower than the Legends and Casuelle fabrics J

Every year around May Hunter Douglas has their yearly pricing increase. But this year, due to the economy and the difficulties in the housing market, pricing has remained the same and some products have even enjoyed a pricing decrease. Sunterra was part of this pricing decrease.


Now, this popular product has been made available in blackout. The exact same beautiful, nature inspired colors have been created with foil technology as a lining on the inside of every cell, providing a blackout product that can be used in every bedroom or any room where complete light control is desired. Also the blackout Sunterra material is priced 15% lower than the Legends and Casuelle blackout material. It is available with all popular features like the top down / bottom up or cordless lifting system as well as motorized. Since the Hunter Douglas launch we have already had numerous sales before even having the product up online. Now, that we have received all necessary product supplies, we have added it and will start putting it on a 5% off sale starting Monday, June 22nd.


As always, for anybody wanting to see a sample of the new material or any color therein, please contact us, we are more than happy to arrange to have some mailed to you. Enjoy learning more about the new product, its colors and specifications here: Hunter Douglas Applause Sunterra Blackout Collection.

Not all faux blinds are created equal… Hunter Douglas EverWood Collection

Friday, May 1st, 2009

In today’s window blind market, one of the top selling products is the faux wood blind. They resemble the real wood blinds, but are made of composite materials or PVC. Their colors, as the real wood blinds, are whites and off whites or resemble wooden tones. The higher the quality of the faux wood blind, the closer the look and feel to a wood blind, including wood grain imitation. One of the top notch faux woods? The Hunter Douglas EverWood blinds. Here is what sets them apart: This is from the Hunter Douglas literature and one might say somewhat bias, but we 😉




  • EverWood blinds are made of PVC-free, food-grade and lab-grade polymers, which are exclusive to Hunter Douglas and not sold or available to any other manufacturer.
  • They are certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute for Indoor Air Quality, as well as GREENGUARD Children & Schools certified.
  • They are extruded and crafted with pride in North America: not mass produced imports




  • Every blind is designed and guaranteed to stay as vibrant as the day you installed them.
  • They are formulated against yellowing; slats resist fading and discoloration from the sun as other PVC blinds will
  • Blinds are tested to 1,500 UV hours, exceeding the most stringent standards




  • All blinds are designed to maintain their shape when exposed to sun.
  • Slats can easily heat up to well over 150°F, even in air conditioning or if it’s cool outside. Slats are formulated and tested to withstand these extreme conditions
  • Hunter Douglas reports that they will withstand higher temperatures than other brands




  • EverWoods are designed with exceptionally stable slats and therefore require fewer tapes for a cleaner view.
  • The widest tape spacing in the industry:
    EverWood & EverWood X-tra:                15” maximum
    WoodMates:                                         16” maximum
    Other Brands Average:                           9”-14”
  • EverWood blinds can be built up to 30” wide with only 2 ladders; on a 48” x 60” blind, EverWood products only require 3 ladders – other brands need up to 5




  • EverWood products are designed to be the most realistic stain look available in the alternative wood blinds category.
  • Color and grain are custom-designed, creating a natural look, without repeating patterns
  • A unique finishing process covers entire slat, not just top and bottom; all colors are rich and vivid versus dull

Lastly, Hunter Douglas gives on this product a Satisfaction Guarantee commitment. Your product is guaranteed against fading, yellowing, warping or bowing – or the blinds will be replaced J


Finding Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Blinds at a Wholesale Price

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Hunter Douglas has been an innovator in the window blinds industry since 1946 when they developed the first lightweight aluminum window blinds that are still used today. Hunter Douglas has continued to pave the way for window blinds manufactures all over the world. Hunter Douglas has excelled at the art of creating beautiful window coverings for the home at affordable prices that all can afford. One of Hunter Douglas’s most popular window shades is their Hunter Douglas Duette honeycomb window blinds because they offer elegance and functionality while providing privacy and warmth.


Before the air can pass into your home it must pass through the honeycomb shades which trap the air inside the cellular pocket, insolating it for a more comfortable temperature in your home. Honeycomb shades are fabric folds that are bonded together to form a honeycomb appearance. Cellular shades provide warmth in the winter, and cool in the summer and insolate our home all year round while blocking dangerous UV rays from the sun. Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades are available in many different colors and fabrics and you can decide on the amount of light you would like to see through your window blinds. They are offered in four different opacity level ranging from sheer to light-blocking.


Hunter Douglas has many local retailers and online stores all over America and many provide wholesale prices and discounts. Hunter Douglas Honeycomb blinds at wholesale prices make it easy for anyone to decorate their home with the latest in window covering designs. Please browse our online collection and see our competitive pricing and current promotions for yourself.

Motorized… simple convenience!

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Hard to reach windows? Windows 10’ high? Avoiding dangling cords to ensure child and pet safety? All the big window blind manufactures are now making them… shades with a motorized lifting system. Our bestseller is the Hunter Douglas Duette line. The Duette PowerRise with Platinum Technology is offering the latest technology on the market. Now you can enjoy dual methods of controlling motorized operation:


· Infrared (IR) line-of-sight remote control for operating individual shades

· Radio frequency (RF) out-of-site control for operating groups of shades (up to 100 feet away from shade(s)


On products powered by Hunter Douglas’ Platinum Technology you can use either control method with the same remote control.


Some technical bits of information on this new piece of technology:

The shade has a battery wand that uses 8 AAA batteries which is hidden inside the headrail. Battery life is approximately 1 year depending on usage and should be replaced when the shade begins to operate slowly. With the RF technology, the traditional pointing of the remote control is not necessary any longer. Shades can even be operated from another room. By clicking a simple UP or DOWN button shades can be lowered or raised. A group of shades can be programmed for individual operation or in a group setting, depending on preference.


Its popularity has been on the rise and is now also available with Hunter Douglas’ Applause shades, the honeycomb shade that won’t break your budget. Please browse all Duette or Applause shades on our Hunter Douglas page for more information.

New Sunterra collection – Hunter Douglas Cellular Applause Shades

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Let us tell you a little about the newly updated Hunter Douglas Cellular Honeycomb Applause shades they have just come out with. This is really great news because you can now have the best known cellular shades window coverings brand name Hunter Douglas with amazingly rich, new colors at prices that will not sink your budget.  In addition to this, the value is further enhanced by the fact that cellular honeycomb shades help reduce your summer and winter energy cost. Cellular shades do trap air inside their honeycomb pocket, acting as a great insulator year around. Now, who wouldn’t like that?  J

A second point to consider is the appearance of the shade. The Sunterra collection features a 3/4” cell,
light-filtering material, allowing light in while giving complete privacy. Also exciting are the new rich colors which are all inspired by nature. Color saturation is amazingly rich, translating into warm and intense tones. You can see all the available colors on our web site under Hunter Douglas Applause Sunterra.

The Hunter Douglas Applause cellular shade is available with cordless lift, continuous cord or PowerRise
with Platinum Technology for motorized management.

Hunter Douglas cancels their January 2009 price increase

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

No sooner than we announced 2009 price increases for Hunter Douglas products, here on our blog, did we receive a wonderful message from them. Hunter Douglas has rescinded their scheduled price increase due to the market conditions. It’s a world were just about everything else is getting more expensive it is really nice to be able to hold our prices firm on Hunter Douglas window blinds. Ace of Shades Window Coverings will not raise our prices either so we can continue with the very competitive 2008 pricing in 2009 for Hunter Douglas favorites such as Country Woods and Chalet Woods wood blinds as well as their EverWood and WoodMates faux wood blinds. You can read more about these products on our Hunter Douglas product page.

We certainly hope this great news will allow you a little break in your home upgrade project. Ace of Shades Window Coverings will continue to work hard to provide our customers with the best deal on the best window coverings name brands in the industry. Let us see if we can get others to follow the hunter Douglas example and cancel their announced price increases.

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