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Wondering if you can install yourself?

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

We get this question all the time. Can I really install these blinds myself?
The answer for most applications is YES. Here is the drift: Window Blinds & Shades are quite easy to install. For blinds, we are talking about two box brackets on each side; for wider blinds one or more L-shaped brackets to support that headrail, snap the rail in. Voila… done. For window shades we have L-shaped brackets only. Two or more will be needed depending on the width of your new shade. They need to be lined up next to each other, and that’s it. Snap your headrail in and …. Done!

Installation instructions come with each shipment as well as all necessary hardware (self tapping screws / anchors not included and are usually not needed). The instructions go step by step. But should anybody get stomped, call us, we can always help or put you in touch with the manufacturer where your product was shipped from.

However, should you be the person that never feels comfortable with a screwdriver or drill in hand, a third party installation would be the thing to consider. For you we have a place online that helps find local handymen and contractors. We utilize the ServiceMagic network, that lists contractors and handymen with ratings and reviews. We want to support the smart shopper, that wants a quality product, custom made for the perfect fit, but needs the help when putting them up. Here is our link:

More cumbersome (but not much) are the motorized shades. Now most of them are just as easy to install if they were ordered with a battery wand. The hardwired ones however, could be more tricky. A professional installer for these instances might be what’s needed. Here you can always contact us and we will get you names and numbers of certified installers in this industry.

Hope this helped 😉

Ace of Shades has a new Look!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Welcome back to Ace of Shades! We have given our site a newer , fresher and more updated look. We hope you like it.

We frequently hear from visitors that they really like how our site is easy to navigate and that they are easily able to find what it is they are looking for when shopping for window shades and blinds. With this in mind, we actually have not changed much about the overall navigation of our site. We still have our shop by product, and shop by brand always easily accessable from every page. So if you are browsing for Bali Blinds or Cellular shades, our product links are clearly marked. When following them, every product has it’s own image, along with a product description. This is also the page that where you can view the available colors for the prdocut line. By hovering over the product a larger image pops up, displaying image, color name and number. This page also shows images of possible options, like different lift options, headrail options etc. It also gives charts of pricing and necessary mounting requirements.  From there you can go to a customization page, where sizes and specifics can be entered for complete pricing and ordering.

We hope this new look with rich colors, the wider web design is enjoyable to you. For anybody who has suggestions on how to make our site better, please contact us, we love to hear what you think!

What to expect in 2011

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Wow, the New Year is here. We wish everyone who stops by regularly, or from time to time, or who simply stumbled across our site a prosperous and healthy 2011! So, what’s on the agenda for Ace Of Shades for the New Year? 

You can expect us to increase our offering of quality name brand window coverings. We will offer more products, give more options and have more fabrics along with colors to dress your home. We are also looking to expand our private label “Naturelle” line, add to our popular Comfortex line and much more.  

We will be working on getting the best deals, to pass on best prices to you. We know price matters and we are always on the look out to be competitive. We take time to shop the internet for you and offer our bottom line price. We will continue to do that. And we will still offer our best price guarantee. So, should we have missed a better price, hit us up. We will beat the competition by 10% of the price difference.  

But besides pricing, we will continue to take care of the service you deserve. You can expect us to KNOW the product, so you can actually have somebody help you with your questions. We will get back to your emails QUICKLY, work on your orders and issues efficiently so you can have peace of mind. We know purchasing window coverings is a big project and you deserve just that. 

And lastly, we will take your feedback and listen. In 2010 you asked for no more handling fees, and we took them off. You asked for some restructuring of the site, and we did. We always love to hear from you and get feedback. And we certainly appreciate ALL the wonderful feedback and praise we have received in 2010. We will strive to receive that praise again! THANKS! 

Introducing: Naturelle Sheer Shades

Monday, November 15th, 2010

The time is here. Ace of Shades has taken on a new Label: Naturelle Blinds & Shades. The first product line we have added to our online selection: Naturelle Sheer Shades. The Sheer Horizontal product line is one of our most popular one; a beautiful product, with functionality, versatility and style.

Sheer Shades feature two layers of sheers with 2” or 3” fabric vanes “floating” in-between them. The fabric vanes can be closed for privacy and light control, tilted into the open position for a sheer view out or the entire shade can be raised up for an unobstructed view outside. The product rolls neatly into the headrail, so when raised no stack is visible. Sheer Shades are soft window treatments that suit almost any décor. From the modern look with clean lines to the traditional look, Sheer shades add elegance and class to your home.

Our fabric selections are light-filtering for living areas or room –darkening for bedrooms. The vane sizes are 2” for the traditional look or 3” for a more bold and modern look. Naturelle Shades are more competitively priced, but offer the same quality and craftsmanship as our other brands do. Our manufacturer has over 26 years of experience and every product is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. As always, contact us for color samples to get a feel for fabric and colors 😉 You’ll like what you see!

Cordless Lift now available on Comfortex Roller & Solar Shades

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

It’s finally here. We had been waiting for a while to see a cordless lift option on the popular Envision Roller Shades. While the continuous beaded cord is great, for a clean, streamlined look the cordless is the way to go.

The new cordless lift is one of the smoothest roller systems in the industry. This featured slow rise system controls the shade as it lifts to the top, leaving the shade safely in position. The shade with this lift is available up to 92” in width (depending on fabric) and is therefore also great for large windows. At the moment this feature is available with the standard headrail / roller tube only. But it won’t be long, and it will be available with the cassette headrail as well.

Most important thing about the cordless shades is that they are safe for children’s areas or households with pets. This month is October, safety awareness month for the window covering industry! We are reminded of how many accidents have happened that lead to injury or even death. Cords can be the worst health hazard in your home, it is so important to eliminate cords where one can.

To start this introduction of cordless roller shades with a bang, we have decided to practically give it away for $9.75 per upgrade. So hurry, this price won’t last long 😉

New! Facebook & Twitter

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Ace of Shades has taken the leap! We can now also be found on Facebook as well as Twitter. We believe this is a great time to find ways to get more savings as well as product information to you, so here we are. 

On our homepage we now have two big buttons that can take you straight to our Facebook and Twitter page. We would like to invite you to “Like us” or “Follow us”. Simply click on the one of the links you have an account with and it will take us to our page where you can connect with us.

What type of information can you expect to get updated on when doing so? First, we will be sending out specials J So, for joining you will have access to coupons that you can use during checkout at times. We will also be doing short little updates on new products that have been added online or just give little tips that might help with ordering.  One to come is the newly added Comfortex No Holes pleated shades. We will be adding 2 fabrics and send a quick shout out.

No worries, we will not be bombarding your accounts with constant information, we know your time is valuable.  We will send out information you can actually use. You will also be able to communicate to us what you would like to see go on sale, have a coupon for or give feedback that could be helpful to us.

We certainly always like to hear from you. After all, we can only give you what you are looking for if we know what it is. So please join us!

Price Increase Hitting on May 1st

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Just a few days left!
All the big manufacturers usually have an annual price increase that hits around May or June. This year it is set for May 1. After being generous last year, considering the economy and difficulties associated with the housing and related industries, most manufactures didn’t increase pricing last year. This year no such luck. The price increase is here.

So where can we see increases and which products will be affected by it? We can say, pretty much across the board.  We will see increases with all brands, including Hunter Douglas, Bali & Comfortex. Every brand will go up with most of their product lines. This will include cellular shades, wood blinds, faux wood blinds and our popular sheer shades line.

And how much will these products increase? Up to 7%. Ouch! We know… painful. The majority of shades, cellular shades etc will be around 4-5%. As always we have plenty of quotes and proposals out on the Shangri-La Sheer Shades. On a product like this, which is on the upper end in regards to overall pricing, 5% can make quite a difference.  So, with that in mind, here is our blog to inform and help you beat new pricing which is just around the corner.


Hunter Douglas stops all internet sales as of June 1

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

We are all still shocked!
Hunter Douglas has ceased all internet sales as of June 1st. Hunter Douglas has taken a big step in the opposite direction of most companies that sell products today. Instead of adding products to the online offering (some of them were restricted all along), like most companies do at this day and age, they have decided to keep their products in the hand of locals that can come out to the customer, measure and install. They feel their product is best represented this way.

So what does that mean for us? Number one: a ton of work L We cannot offer Hunter Douglas as of June 1 any longer, so all products have to be removed and taken down. What does that mean for existing customers that have order Hunter Douglas in the past? Not much. They will be taken care of through us or Hunter Douglas directly, should they have an issue.

So many people ask us why Hunter Douglas would remove a solid portion of their sales and wonder what is in it for them. We can only speculate, and trust us, we have. The local committed dealers are supposed to be supported, that’s for sure. But at the end of the day, we can all just speculated what lead them to make such a big decision. And will such opposite direction from everyone else pay off? Only time will tell. We certainly would have loved to continue selling the brand, since we believe in the offering, the product, the quality and what Hunter Douglas stood for.

For now… keep buying. There is one and one half month left 😉

Go Green and Save Energy with up to date Blinds

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Everybody is going green because it is good for the environment and good for your wallet too. And Hunter Douglas always gives information and wants to help with some useful tips. These are small things that you can do that will make a big difference.


1. Insulate Your House


The easiest and most cost effective way to save on your utilities is to make sure that your home is well insulated. Start with the attic since heat rises. This is where you have your biggest heat losses and the attic is easy to get access to. Insulation can be blown in or rolled out depending on the design of your attic. It is a one time cost that will start paying for itself right away in lower utility costs.


Doors and windows are another major source of heat loss for your home. For doors make sure the door panel fits the frame well. If not adjust the hinges as necessary. Also check that the weather stripping around the door is in good shape so that it creates a good seal. For windows, storm windows on the outside can help and heavy blinds or shades can be a help.


2. Unplug Unused Appliances


Even when you are not using them, your major appliances use a lot of electricity. So unplug the biggest offenders like computers, stereos and televisions whenever you are going to be away for awhile. As an added benefit, you will know that your electronics will be safe from power surges or lightning damage.


3. Update your window coverings


By using window shades that are “eco green” or help to insulate your house, you can make a big contribution to be environmentally friendly. At Ace of Shades you can always get the latest information as to which products have the highest R-value and help insulate your house as well as which products were made of eco-friendly products.


At the end of the day, it’s all of us who can make a difference. It might be little steps here and there, but with many people taking little steps here and there, we can make a big difference.

When to Consider Motorized Shades

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

A new set of blinds can really transform a room, but for the ultimate shade experience, consider a motorized set. Motorized shades can be used with honeycomb shades or sheer horizontal shades to lift and lower them. This is a major convenience to have control over the light in the room or your level of privacy just by pushing a button. And you can have all the shades synced together so instead of pulling all those cords, you can just use one button. No need to get up from the couch!


And speaking of cords – motorized shades make it much safer if you have kids or small pets because it eliminates the potential hazard of the cords. Kids can get wrapped up and strangle in a long loose cord or can choke on the ends if they chew on them. And the same is true for small pets. But motorized shades solve these problems simply. And they give your window coverings an ultra sleek and clean look without the extra clutter of the cords. In today’s market most motorization utilizes radio frequent technology. This means you do not have to do the “point and receive” motion to operate your blind and shade. When using radio frequent technology the shade can be reached from far away, even the room next door to be operated.


Motorized shades can also be used for the tilting mechanism on faux and wood blinds so you are not limited to any one style. If you have windows that are hard to reach then the motorized shades make perfect sense. Don’t mess with long handles or cranks to try to adjust your skylight shades when you could do it all with the push of a button. Take your shades from great to fantastic by adding the motorized shade option. Then sit back and enjoy the convenience.

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