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Window Covering Ideas – Neutral Colors

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Window blinds or window shades in neutral colors create a peaceful, light and sophisticated environment. When going neutral, there isn’t any worry if colors are going to clash or if you will get tired of a certain color scheme. Neutral colors don’t show up on the color wheel and include white, off white, gray, black and sometimes brown. Some also refer to them as earth tones, even though that is night quite correct. In window coverings, when we talk about neutral colors, we usually think of whites, off whites and maybe gray. Here are some window treatment ideas that are neutral, but will still bring a breath of fresh air and life into your home.

  1. Sheer Horizontal Shades, better known under the term of Silhouette Shades are a blend of a blind and a shade. Fabric vanes offer the functionality of a blind while the sheer fabric gives the feel of a shade. Available in many soft whites and off whites they are a popular window treatment when aiming for a sophisticated and soft look.
  2. Cellular Shades come in many different colors and off course also in neutrals. They are an excellent choice for bedrooms and living areas where insulation is helpful. The honeycomb cell design traps air inside its pocket and create an insulating barrier protecting from the hot or cold outdoors.
  3. Wood Blinds are and Eco-friendly product made primarily from North American hardwood. They add an earthy element along with clean symmetrical lines providing functionality and beauty in one. The array of whites and neutrals is surely going to allow you to find the right shade for your home.
  4. The same classic look can be achieved with faux wood blinds and composite blinds. They look almost identical to wood blinds but are lower priced and an ideal solution where humidity, direct sunlight or weather exposure is a consideration.
  5. Roller Shades are an old classic in our modern world. Today they are available with cassettes and valances for a more modern look. The fabrics range from linen look to silky sheen and pretty much any material is available in neutral colors. Depending on fabric, the shade can be room-darkening or light-filtering to meet your needs in bedrooms and living areas.
  6. Woven Wood Shades have come back in a big way. The organic materials offer texture and dimension, creating a focal point in any room. Shades are usually constructed from reeds, bamboos or woods and are therefore Eco-friendly.

How To Cover the Window Behind The Kitchen Sink

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

This week we’ll be talking “tricky” windows. We often get phone calls because people aren’t quite sure how to cover the window behind the sink. What is practical, what is reachable and what looks nice?

First of all, cover it with the same window treatment you are using in the breakfast area nearby. You usually don’t want to break the flow and have Silhouette Window Shades in your breakfast area and a completely different type of shade in the kitchen. Here are some products that are functional, beautiful and practical at the same time:

Solar Window Shades
Solar shades are great because they offer a view out and plenty of light in. They are super practical; because the material is coated and can easily take some splashes of water when washing your dishes. A little dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth, no problem!

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux woods look like wood blinds, but are made of a PVC or composite material which cuts down on the risk of warpage. The material can be wiped off and withstand humidity and water without the risk of swelling like a real wood blind would do. The look however is almost identical to a wood blind with the added bonus of a lower price point.


The above 2 products are our favorite choices, because of their practical aspect handling water near the sink. The following will also work well above the sink though:

Cellular Shades
This honeycomb inspired window treatment is made out of Polyester. Certain brands like the Comfortex brand can actually be washed off when following specific procedure. This beautiful shade comes in many colors and prints and allows a lot of light in during the day. Decorative and practical all in one!

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds will also work really well above a sink, as long as they are always wiped right away should they be exposed to water. A finishing coat will protect them but they should be handled with care.

And here a little tip:

Ask for longer strings and pull cords when having to reach over the sink to lower and raise your blinds. For no additional charge the cords can be ordered at a length that is convenient to you!

Decorating A Small Bathroom

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Wondering how to best decorate your small bathroom? There is little room to work with but so much to fit into it. And on top of it, it is supposed to look good. So here we go with some decorating ideas that might work for you:

Use Light Colors
In a small space, whites, off whites or soft cream colors are soothing. They create a feeling of clean and open up a small area.

Window Shades that can endure Moisture

In a bathroom where lots of moisture is accumulated it is important to use window coverings that will last. Good products are cellular honeycomb shades or faux wood blinds. They won’t lose their shape or warp and stay beautiful for years to come.

Use colorful Displays

Use color in displays, like towels, pictures or a shower curtain. These are the items where the unexpected can bring a room to life without being overwhelming.

Add Texture

Another area to make your little bathroom interesting and different is texture. For example a small space behind your mirror can show off 3D tiles and add that special something.

Pops of Color

As in any space of your home, large or small, a vase with flowers can bring it to life. When mostly everything is in soft clean whites, be sure to add that pop of color.

On the Window Sill

Should you have that window sill that gives you that additional space, use it for some pretty glassware with colorful bath salts, necessities or other decorative items on it.

Add Personality

Found those quirky decorational items like below displayed towel holders or that different looking light fixture? Have that one item that makes the bathroom unique to you.


And as always, follow your sense as to what feels right and pretty to you. Make it yours!

Considerations When Combining Wood Colors

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

wood-blindsOne of the most enjoyable aspects of decorating is picking out individual furniture pieces and decor items. And then the challenge begins, will the individual pieces you love tie together and seem like a composed arrangement? When trying to coordinate wood tones this can be especially challenging. From dark mahogany or golden oak colors to light birch tones the array seems endless. So here are some things to consider in order to achieve a cohesive and harmonious look:

Main Pieces of Furniture
Large furniture items like tables, armchairs or wood blinds should all be in the same wood tone. Smaller decorating pieces like picture frames and lambs could be in accenting lighter or darker stain.

Different Rooms
In adjoining rooms you might not want to have the same color wood in every area. For example your family room could feature cherry furniture while the adjoining dining room has lighter natural wood tone furniture pieces. In this case the smaller decor items should tie the rooms together by featuring the other rooms wood stain color.

Balancing Wood Tones
In case your larger furniture items for a specific room are not in the same wood color, place them strategically and balance them with your décor. When you place all the light items on one side and the dark items on the other it will throw off the balance off that room.

Keep It Simple
In general you don’t want to mix too many different wooden colors on top of a very busy color scheme. The look will be messy and busy. So in case you have lots of colors you are working with in a room, keep the wood tones in furniture and blinds the same. On the other hand in case you have lot of wooden tones you are working with, keep your colors down to a minimum.

Contrast Woods When Necessary
In certain areas you want to contrast wood items so they don’t appear washed out. This is the case with wooden floors. On a beautiful dark wood floor, you don’t want to see a dark table, here a contrasting lighter wooden piece would be ideal.

Add Style And Save Money!

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Are you tired of sitting in a fishbowl? Have you been looking at those bare windows but the budget is tight after getting into your new home? There are solutions for you that add style without draining your pocketbook.

We aren’t talking ready-made blinds. Even though you can save money with standard sized off the shelf products, the ill-fitted look is something you might regret later. Why not go with the popular wood blind look for a little less money? Faux wood blinds might be the perfect solution! Made of durable PVC or composite materials, faux wood blinds look almost identical to popular wood blinds. Light control and privacy are excellent. Just rotate the slats into an open or close position or lower and raise the blind altogether for an unobstructed view outside. Versatility and practicality is what’s important. Faux wood blinds work well with almost any decor. The sleek lines are great in a contemporary setting but also work very well in a traditionally designed home. Choose from the cooler white and off-whites or warmer tans, to inspiring stains like golden oak, walnut or warm cherry. These sturdy blinds have a steel headrail that can accommodate heavy products for very large applications. This headrail is finished off with the decorative valance.

This cost-effective product also offers great upgrades. The traditional route holes can be completely eliminated. The no-route option allows for a sleek look and no sun leaking through those latter holes. Decorative cotton tapes can set that special accent and either contrast the slat or blend with it. Faux woods can give you that seamless polished and refined luck no matter what color you choose.


Not all faux blinds are created equal… Hunter Douglas EverWood Collection

Friday, May 1st, 2009

In today’s window blind market, one of the top selling products is the faux wood blind. They resemble the real wood blinds, but are made of composite materials or PVC. Their colors, as the real wood blinds, are whites and off whites or resemble wooden tones. The higher the quality of the faux wood blind, the closer the look and feel to a wood blind, including wood grain imitation. One of the top notch faux woods? The Hunter Douglas EverWood blinds. Here is what sets them apart: This is from the Hunter Douglas literature and one might say somewhat bias, but we 😉




  • EverWood blinds are made of PVC-free, food-grade and lab-grade polymers, which are exclusive to Hunter Douglas and not sold or available to any other manufacturer.
  • They are certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute for Indoor Air Quality, as well as GREENGUARD Children & Schools certified.
  • They are extruded and crafted with pride in North America: not mass produced imports




  • Every blind is designed and guaranteed to stay as vibrant as the day you installed them.
  • They are formulated against yellowing; slats resist fading and discoloration from the sun as other PVC blinds will
  • Blinds are tested to 1,500 UV hours, exceeding the most stringent standards




  • All blinds are designed to maintain their shape when exposed to sun.
  • Slats can easily heat up to well over 150°F, even in air conditioning or if it’s cool outside. Slats are formulated and tested to withstand these extreme conditions
  • Hunter Douglas reports that they will withstand higher temperatures than other brands




  • EverWoods are designed with exceptionally stable slats and therefore require fewer tapes for a cleaner view.
  • The widest tape spacing in the industry:
    EverWood & EverWood X-tra:                15” maximum
    WoodMates:                                         16” maximum
    Other Brands Average:                           9”-14”
  • EverWood blinds can be built up to 30” wide with only 2 ladders; on a 48” x 60” blind, EverWood products only require 3 ladders – other brands need up to 5




  • EverWood products are designed to be the most realistic stain look available in the alternative wood blinds category.
  • Color and grain are custom-designed, creating a natural look, without repeating patterns
  • A unique finishing process covers entire slat, not just top and bottom; all colors are rich and vivid versus dull

Lastly, Hunter Douglas gives on this product a Satisfaction Guarantee commitment. Your product is guaranteed against fading, yellowing, warping or bowing – or the blinds will be replaced J


Hunter Douglas Faux Wood Blinds Sale

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Hunter Douglas is one of the most popular window coverings manufacturers in the world. They offer trendsetting product lines, leading the way on design and technology. This is also the true for their faux wood blinds. Hunter Douglas Everwood Blinds come in an array of painted-like and stained-like finishes. The whites include textured finishes, while their TrueGrain line is unbelievably close in the look of a real hardwood blind, also including distressed “stains”.  


While being one of the more expensive window coverings, it is still easy to find Hunter Douglas faux wood blinds on sale at one of the many Hunter Douglas retailers. One of the most popular window coverings for the home is the 2” faux wood horizontal window blinds. Faux wood blinds are both functional and energy efficient to save you money while giving your home an elegant classy look.


Faux wood blinds are made of a unique blend of North American Hardwood and specially selected composite materials. The advantages of faux wood as opposed to real wood are that faux wood blinds can endure the heat, moisture and sunlight that real wood blinds cannot. The color of real wood blinds will fade with the summer sun causing your blinds to discolor, the heat will dry them out and the moisture can cause them to bend and warp. Faux wood blinds do not have any of these side effects from the sun and the heat and they are more affordable than real wood.


With this said, be sure to check back on our sale on the Everwood blinds starting on 2/16/2009.

Window Coverings for your Front Door Side Lights

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

For those of you who have small windows on either side of your front door know that providing privacy and cover for these windows can be tricky and hard to find.  Many people do not realize the possibilities available for side windows and resort to sheers or leaving them bare, which will rob you of the often needed privacy in these areas. Another added benefit when covering the thin tall windows on the sides of your front door is the added insulation. Any window treatment will be better than none. When covering your front windows you should consider that all of the window coverings in the front of your house could esthetically match. You don’t want the front of your house to expose three or four different window treatments, which will take away from the outside appearance.


Today, you can easily find custom window blinds or shades for your sidelights. Depending on brand, you can find cellular shades that are made with a width as small as 6” and they provide privacy while still illuminating a soft glow in the room from behind the shade. Hunter Douglas goes even down to 4”, however, this shade wouldn’t be operable. On narrow windows like this you are limited to the standard cord lift option; therefore a cordless lift or retractable cord will not be available. Also wood blinds or faux wood window blinds (for example Hunter Douglas’) can be made as small as 6”. This narrow blind would be made with a center tilt only up to 11”, at which width a tilt AND lift is possible. Same thing with the aluminum mini blinds. Many of the Roller and Roman Shades are starting at 12” or 16” in minimum width and are therefore usually not ideal for most entry-door windows.


Please keep in mind that different manufacturers have different minimum widths and heights, therefore, contact us anytime for specific product information on any window treatment you might be interested in.

Best Window Blinds – Faux Wood Reviews

Monday, January 26th, 2009

A recent customer review has announced that the faux wood window blinds have been ranked number one among the best valued window blinds for your home. Faux wood window blinds are possessed with every positive feature of the real wood horizontal blinds and none of the negative drawbacks a real wood blind might have.


Faux wood blinds are available in many different colors to look like real wood blinds and even embossed to feel like real wood grain. Although they are very similar, the faux wood blinds are different and can not be called real wood blinds. Faux wood blinds are made from PVC like material that will not crack or discolor from the sun and in some cases are made from a wood and PVC composite to better give the look of real wood. Unlike real wood, the faux wood blinds will not warp or fade in the sun and will not dry out from the heat and crack, which makes them the perfect window covering for your bathrooms, kitchen or garage where window blinds would experience the most moisture. Faux wood blinds are popular throughout the home where a wood blind look is desired and can be installed in any room in your house. Their price point is sure to beat a wooden blind’s.


Faux wood blinds are typically managed using strings or hand-wands to rotate the slats or to lift and adjust the blinds. For privacy they even offer hole less which prevents light from coming though the slats and provides ultimate privacy for your home. It is not hard to see why the faux wood blinds have been named the best-value window blinds available.

Perfect Window Coverings for the Bathroom

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Many people have trouble deciding on the perfect window treatment for their bathroom. When considering blinds, you don’t want real wood because the moisture will warp and can ruin them. Vertical blinds, while not an obvious choice, can be a great option as long as the material is made of PVC, where moisture and humidity will not cause any damage to the material. And then there are mini blinds, but why would you want to get mini blinds when you can get faux wood horizontals at the same price. Curtains should always be avoided in bathrooms because the moisture will cause the curtains to mold and begin to smell.


When considering window shades, cellular shades are popular in bathrooms because of the privacy they offer, and the tranquil glow they illuminate in the room. Cellular shades are lightweight easy to control and are available in many different colors. Plantation shutters are the most popular window covering for bathrooms all around the world. Shutters are easy to open and close and they give you the option to open the shutter completely to expose the entire window for the full outdoor view. Plantation shutters are easy to clean and maintain with minimal effort. 

Another bathroom window coverings option is the 2” faux wood blinds. The alternative to real wood the faux wood looks and feels the same as real wood without the disadvantages of warping, cracking and fading. The faux wood will not bend or warp from the sun and moisture exposure. They also offer the holeless or notched option to give ultimate privacy. Remember these tips when hunting for the perfect window blinds for your bathroom and come out on top with the best knowledge available. 



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