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Wall Decor – Plates

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

I thought we keep going with inexpensive wall decor ideas this week. Yesterday’s topic was the fabric covered canvas and today we are going for plates. Plates don’t have to cost a lot of money and can be arranged in many different ways.

Plates are one of my favorite ways to fill up a large area of wall space. Wall plates go with almost any decorating style, from traditional to Victorian, from contemporary to modern. While the colors can be monochromatic, they can also be full of color and expression. You always want to make sure that there are items in the room that pull things together. It could be the color in the plates and other decor items, matching color in your window shades like cellular shades, or cushions and pillows.

The great thing is that they don’t even have to match. Stacking plates together that are from yard sales or discount stores will work just as well as finding a collection of plates. Plates can even have a message (pictures will follow below), where every plate has a word, adding up to a sentence.

While one might prefer the symmetrical look, your wall space can also contour other items and be a-symmetrical. There are simply no rules or what you have to or can’t do. Anything goes, just let the imagination be your guide!

Here are some examples we liked:PL1






Wall Deco Idea

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Looking for a low cost wall deco idea to spoof up your room? Here is one we love, along with instructions on how to make it.


Adding a piece of deco or art doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Instead of running to the art gallery or breaking your bank, how about a fabric covered canvas? With a few simple steps you can create a real eye catcher and have the perfect color coordinated decor piece. Here is how you do it:

  1. First you want to decide what your color(s) should be. Are you picking up on other accents like pillows, custom window shades, or comforter set or are you adding new color?
  2. Then it is off to the store to get a nice size blank canvas that will fit your wall space. You also want to now find the right piece of fabric that will fit in size and look the canvas. It can have a linen texture, felt texture, sheen or whatever works for you.
  3. Now you want to cover the canvas. Lay the material right side down and place the canvas according to your pattern or image. Cut off excess fabric and leave about 2” overlap around the canvas.
  4. Now pull the fabric back tightly and tape it with strong tape or masking tape and put everything in position where it can be stapled down.
  5. In this step you want to staple the fabric to the wooden frame on back. It is best to staple opposing sides after start, to avoid that the material will get pull out of shape.
  6. Lastly a hook needs to be nailed or taped to the back of the canvas. And voila! A beautiful, one of a kind deco piece has been created. Hang & Enjoy!!

Interior Decorating Rules

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

10 more rule of thumb measurements finalWhat makes a room the perfectly decorated room? Is it the beautiful furniture or the beautiful Sheer Window Shades? Is it the original artwork or the fireplace that has become the focal point?

We believe there isn’t one recipe to creating the perfectly designed room. Many things depend on personal taste as well as the space you have to work with. The key in a beautiful home isn’t spending a lot of money and having expensive artwork or designer furniture. It is about creating a space where things work together as well as for you. Doing things right and creating harmony doesn’t mean you have to break your bank account, it means to create balance and finding a style that is pleasing to you.

Here are a few rules that can help to get to that point:

Try things first
When possible, it is helpful to live with choices you are going to make first, to get a feel for things before making a final decision. Whether it is wall paint that could be put on part of the wall to try out, move furniture around and sit with it for a while or if it is a picture you hold up numerous times before hanging it permanently. You should ask yourself: Will this be functional in my space? Will I love the way it makes me feel?

Don’t Over-Theme
Rooms that have a theme, whether it’s a color theme, pattern or kids room theme, can become annoying when every detail is overstated. Going overboard will create a forced look, instead of a fun and relaxing environment.

Consider Your Space
When creating and decorating your living space you want to take into consideration what you have to work with and what is there. Fighting the architecture of a room can get you into trouble. Realizing if you have a square space, tight space, rounded area or whatever it might be, is essential to create an environment of functionality and comfort.

Start With The Big Stuff
When starting to fill out a room, you might want to think of it as a box first. Lay out the big things. Where do I need sitting space, work space, open space and so on? From there you can move to the actual items and smaller items like side stands, coffee table and then the decorational items. How can the décor help to further create balance or symmetry?

Trust Your Instincts
At the end of the day this is your home and you are the one that wants to feel comfortable in it. We have all seen in home décor magazines these beautiful homes on display that we could never feel at home in. While one can live in a home where busy florals and loud colors are the thing, another needs soft whites and calming neutrals. It is about you. Make your home the space that says: This is me!

Basic Styles in Interior Design

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Are you thinking about the theme and style you would like to use in your new home? Or have you seen decorated rooms you really liked but aren’t sure what style they are. Here are the basics when it comes to the classifications of styles in interior design:

The Classic Style
This style is refined and it is all in the details. Details are rich and will be found in lighting, the structure of furniture as well as in prints and sets. Furniture becomes pieces of art with their carved or inlaid details. Deco pieces can be scenes drawn from legends, rich florals which can be found in wallpaper, window shades or other pieces. Roman shades, with their rich panels and classic prints lend themselves to be utilized when going for the classic style.


The Modern Style
This style utilizes simplistic lines and forms, clutter or heavy backgrounds are a “no no”. Furniture pieces are often geometric shapes like rectangles, circles or squares. Surfaces are clean, avoiding scenery, detail or anything busy. Colors can be bright or clean, even dull. This style embraces accuracy and an uncluttered look.


The Rustic Style
The rustic style is often found in rural areas, vacation homes, but can be used anywhere. Thick furniture pieces, rough details and nature inspired items are essentials. Lighting and deco pieces can be jute, tree trunks or branches. Colors are mostly neutrals, warm as well as earth tones.


The Contemporary Style
Here less is more. The contemporary style works with smooth finishes and polished pieces instead of ornamentation and colorful prints. Minimal accessories can be found instead of big collections. While this style doesn’t have obvious warmth, it isn’t going to give you the chills either. Loud color or dark woods can easily be found.


The Elegant Country Style
The country style uses elements from French, English and Scandinavian elements. Lots of floral prints, swirls and light colors as well as pastels are encompassed. Surfaces are often painted and while detail is welcome, clutter should be avoided.

Black And White

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

We are back to colors 😉
When you are in the process of deciding how to design or decorate a room, one of the first questions you want to ask yourself is how you want the room to feel? Great descriptive words could be cozy, dramatic, inviting, warm, sophisticated. Once you have made a decision on what your statement is supposed to be, you can start the process. Working with black and white can create a sophisticated, bold, edgy or modern look. Then it is time to find inspiration in magazines, look at fabrics or blogs like ours. Here are some ideas when decorating with black and white color:

Black and White Accent
An easy way to bring some black and white into a room is to work with accents. In the image below are Good Housekeeping cellular shades that create a splash with the black floral design on the white background. Here the shades become center of attention.

Refined Contrast
The almost black wooden floor gives a contemporary feel to the kitchen. The otherwise feminine white feel of the kitchen is in stark contrast to the more masculine black floors.

Checkerboard Tile
This kitchen with the checkerboard tile lends classic personality. The otherwise modern white kitchen allows for a splash of colors to bring the look to live. Here the splash is in form of flowers, but it could be a window shade or top treatment, a plant, tea pot or even small furniture piece. This kitchen pops!

In this kitchen black and white wallpaper with a floral design is used to add to the traditional flair. Soft off whites on the floor and rest of the wall softens the room. A splash of color in the middle of the island helps to avoid a dull look.

Mixed Patterns
When working with black and white you generally stick to few colors. And when working with few colors you can mix patterns! Look at this room with striped curtains, lines on the comforter and traditional wallpaper. A little bright color on a pillow and a small accent wall make it all work.

Not Overpowering
In this bedroom the black on the bedspread and walls is delicate and inspired by fine lines. The fine lines create a soft, feminine look.

Window Shade Options For Kids Rooms

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014


Are you getting ready to redesign or decorate your child’s bedroom? The question will come up, how can the window shades work with your theme? What are your options in regards to window treatments finding something a bit more playful and suitable for your child’s room?

When decorating with blinds and shades a neutral product never interferes with a general decorating idea. For example white or off-white wood blinds or cellular shades or any other shade for that matter matching the trim will be neutral and work well in any room without distracting from the overall theme. When working with neutral window treatments the décor to bring out the theme could be top treatments pillows, boarders, wall etc.

However, when trying to utilize the shade to add to a theme, a bolder choice would be available. Generally the more decorative products can be found in the window shade lines like honeycomb shades and roller shades. Looking for a dark navy blues or playful red for your boy’s room? Cellular shades would be your go to product. When trying to decorate a nursery, soft pastel colors again can be found cellular or roller shade products. In case you are very specific as to what you would like your shade to look like, one can design it. Roller shades are totally customizable in regards to print and look. Comfortex Persona shades offer the mail in of a print, photo image and colors. Whether you have a cartoon character, image or certain pattern in mind, it can be made. All you need is a high quality digital image to mail in to the manufacturer and voila… Sponge Bob or Princess Aurora can come to live.

All in all you want to have fun with a kid’s bedroom. This is a great room to take some risks and be playful. After all, in a few years you can chuck the theme and do it all again :-)

Covering French Doors

Thursday, July 10th, 2014


You have the beautiful master suite with grand open windows followed by the French Doors that lead to your patio. Or the row of windows in your Family room is center stage accompanied by the French Doors to the outdoors. The question always follows, should I follow through on my window treatments or will they be too bulky on the doors?

The answer is, stay uniform! It doesn’t matter what kind of window treatment you have. Cellular shades, roman shades, even the bigger 2” wood blinds or sheer horizontal shades can all be a great window treatment for French doors. They will compliment your windows much more compared to breaking away from your current window treatment and switching to sheers. Or some people also think if they have 2” wood blinds, they should switch to the smaller 1” wood blinds on the doors. Please don’t. By switching you break the flow and things will appear busy and as if they just don’t quite fit. Balance and flow is created by sticking with the same product.

At this point a quick reminder on how to measure for French doors:
For doors custom window treatments are order as outside mounts. On an outside mount the factory doesn’t take a deduction of the ordered width or anything to the ordered length either. Therefore all calculations have to be made by the person that is measuring. First it needs to be determined what size headrail the product has to add appropriate mounting surface above the glass to trim that surrounds the glass. So for a wood blind that might be close to 2 ½” for a cellular shade around 1”. The same should be done for the bottom rail, since the rail is fastened with hold down brackets below the glass or trim.
In the width the main consideration is how wide you would like the fabric to be. Most people decide for it to cover from trim to trim. Since some products that roll up have a deduction in the width taken, these shades have to be ordered a bit wider to accommodate for this deduction.

That pretty much sums up French doors. Keep it flowing!

Ideas For A Modern Living Room

Monday, July 7th, 2014

If you want to focus on one room in your home to put all your heart and soul into, the living room could be the room that makes a whole lot of sense. It is often that space that is open to anyone that comes into your home and where family as well as friends and guests meet and mingle. Here are some ideas to help you put your living room on display and make it stand out:

Light – lot’s of light
Allow lots of light to enter your room and keep colors and this room light and airy. While packing lots of things into a living room, avoid weighing it down with dark colors.

Touch of Color
Update your living room with a touch of color here and there. A few accessories, a canvas can make a room pop and give it that additional pop to bring it to life.

Floral Prints
Use large floral prints on a limited and defined spaces like window shades, accessories ect. You can then use that color and play with it in the rest of the room. Not too much though, you want to avoid getting too busy!

Plus size items
Isn’t a huge sofa great for stretching out and getting comfy? Maybe so, but it can also take up a large space in your living room. To counter balance a large couch, balance it with a large painting or a large ottoman.

Patterns – lots of them
You can use many different patterns in a modern day living room, no problem. The key is to pick one color though! Stick with that green, blue or orange you chose and then follow through on the rest of the items in your room.


Working in pairs
Working with two of the same items (even if they are in different colors) works great in a modern living space. It balances a room and pulls it all together.

Decorating On A Budget

Friday, June 13th, 2014
  1. Window Coverings
    Opt for lower priced custom window coverings like faux wood blinds or cellular shades. They are beautiful and won’t break your bank like higher priced Silhouette-like shades might.
  2. Do it yourself
    Many thing can be done by yourself like your window treatments. Measuring and installing them isn’t rocket science. Even though it might take some attention to detail and the basics like hammer & screw, it can easily done by yourself. All things like painting, sewing throw pillows or maybe even tiling can save you a bundle of money.
  3. Call on Friends and Family
    Friends and family are great way to get feedback on your decorating ideas. Instead of having a decorator that will give solid advice, an additional pair of eyes and ears to bounce ideas off can be great before you get a project off the ground. Friends and family might even be there for you to slap on that extra coat of paint of help with other muscle intensive jobs.
  4. Imperfect Merchandise
    Sometimes the savings for furniture that has some scuffs or marks is amazing. With a little touch up marker you might be able to get a furniture or décor piece that has been greatly reduced and will be the perfect match for your home.
  5. Pre-Owned Pieces
    It is fun to browse yard sales, flea markets or even second hand stores. Browsing on a Saturday you might just run into that special piece that didn’t cost that much and you had a nice outing at the same time.
  6. Reuse old items of yours
    Why not take a fresh look at some old items you have and consider refurnishing, camouflaging them or simply reimagining them? Sometimes a fresh layer of paint can turn an outdated item into a jewel again.


Design Ideas – Living Room

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Here are some ideas and things to consider when decorating your living room. Color scheme, focal points and accessories will make the difference. Take a look!

Focal Point – Fireplace
In this living room the fireplace takes center stage. Accentuated with a mirror above and a set of candles that can again be found throughout the room everything is set to promote the center piece, the fireplace. The candles and warm colors create warmth and make it an inviting space.

Focal Point – Window Shades
In this room the windows are the point of interest. The woven wood shades made of natural bamboos pop and stand out while creating relaxed comfort. The rest of the room complements the natural shades by utilizing earthy tones and naturals. A splash of color is added with a few throw pillows to complete the look.

Focal Point – Color
Here the color talks the talk. Using bright strong yellow in several areas like furniture and accent pieces in contrast to the white walls and flooring, an energized, young atmosphere is created. This room comes to live with its vibrancy and is complemented by a soft plush carpet to soften the look. The yellow parts are in balance and frame the room nicely.

Focal Point – Lighting
The detail is in the lighting. While the color scheme is kept neutral and with two tones only, the room comes to live through lighting. Using lot’s of overhead lights and an interesting oversized glowing light stand, the room gets its soft and inviting character. It transforms the walls and sitting area into an piece of art.

The main point of all these living rooms is that somebody took one idea and then worked the rest of the room around that thought. So… what’s your idea?

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