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Uplifting Floral Patterns from Hunter Douglas

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

All the most beautiful design ideas come from Mother Nature and this year designers have turned to her once again and chosen uplifting floral patterns as the hot new trend. You will find them on apparel, dishes, and linens and now even window coverings thanks to top innovative blind manufacturers like Hunter Douglas. They now offer a large selection of floral patterns in their roller shades and roman shades pleated shades. So you are sure to find one to complement the style of your home.


Gone are the days of plain boring shades. Window shades are designed to be functional elements in the room but they can also add beauty and style. New floral patterns from Hunter Douglas make these shades extremely elegant as well as useful. You work hard to make your home nice and these shades can be the perfect finishing touch for any room.


Whether you choose to put floral patterned shades in the living room or the dining room, guests at your house will be sure to notice. And more importantly, you will notice. These great looking shades will make you happy every time you lower or raise them.


Make your shades more than functional. Pick floral pattern shades from Hunter Douglas and add style and eye catching excitement to the design of any room in your house. Mother Nature’s designs are the perfect complement to a range of styles and are sure to be a hit. And with roller shades and roman shades pleated shades to choose from you have plenty of options to choose from.

Update Your Home with Modern Window Treatments

Monday, January 4th, 2010

In many newer, modern style homes it is hard to find the right window treatments to complement the style. Window treatments have such a major impact on the style and feel of a room that they can totally alter the intended effect if they are of a different style. While traditional styles are abundant, more modern designs are a bit harder to find. But even with more limited options there are some great styles to choose from.


One option that is sometimes overlooked is aluminum or vinyl mini blinds. Since these are often the least expensive option, they are sometimes ignored or not even considered for higher end homes. But their minimalist style can actually be a very effective match to a modern decor. And especially when used on a large window the stark contrasts of light and dark, sun and shade, they create can be very striking. And of course, the fact that they are inexpensive is not likely to hurt anyone’s feelings.


Another type of window covering that works well in a modern setting is sheer shades. These are simple and elegant window coverings that are minimalist by design so they fit well with the themes of a modern room. Sheer shades are essentially like fabric covered mini blinds. When closed they can be light filtering or light blocking but when in the open position they filter in light through the sheer outer fabric that gives them their name. And of course they can be raised for an unobstructed view. In either down position the simple appearance of the sheer covers makes them easy to coordinate with the style of almost any room. It is just a matter of selecting the vane size and preferred color.

When to Consider Motorized Shades

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

A new set of blinds can really transform a room, but for the ultimate shade experience, consider a motorized set. Motorized shades can be used with honeycomb shades or sheer horizontal shades to lift and lower them. This is a major convenience to have control over the light in the room or your level of privacy just by pushing a button. And you can have all the shades synced together so instead of pulling all those cords, you can just use one button. No need to get up from the couch!


And speaking of cords – motorized shades make it much safer if you have kids or small pets because it eliminates the potential hazard of the cords. Kids can get wrapped up and strangle in a long loose cord or can choke on the ends if they chew on them. And the same is true for small pets. But motorized shades solve these problems simply. And they give your window coverings an ultra sleek and clean look without the extra clutter of the cords. In today’s market most motorization utilizes radio frequent technology. This means you do not have to do the “point and receive” motion to operate your blind and shade. When using radio frequent technology the shade can be reached from far away, even the room next door to be operated.


Motorized shades can also be used for the tilting mechanism on faux and wood blinds so you are not limited to any one style. If you have windows that are hard to reach then the motorized shades make perfect sense. Don’t mess with long handles or cranks to try to adjust your skylight shades when you could do it all with the push of a button. Take your shades from great to fantastic by adding the motorized shade option. Then sit back and enjoy the convenience.

New Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Materials

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Hunter Douglas has added new materials to their line of solar shades for even more decorating choices for your home. There are lots of exciting new textures and colors to choose from making it even easier to find just the right shade for any room of your home.


The Solar Screen Roller Shades are the perfect choice when you want to reduce some light and glare as well as harmful UV rays but still maintain an outward view. These shades have a screen material that you can see through while it still provides moderate privacy and protection from the sun, protecting your furniture and rugs. Most materials are made of easy to clean PVC and fiberglass blends, but can also be made Polyester and other materials. Some designer screens are fire retardant and therefore ideal for office buildings.


New collections include the Catalina, Orion, Ottomon Stripe, Gemini, Grass Hut, Del Sol & more, introducing new textures, grass inspired looks and colors to this product line. The standard screened look has been brought to life with lots of texture weaves and warm colors.


Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades are a great choice when privacy is not necessarily an issue and a view wants to be preserved. Openness factors range from 3% to 14%, giving more or less of a view out depending on openness. Any shade can have a standard roller shade look, with exposed tube on top or can be paired with a cassette system, to conceal the role. The standard beaded chain is made of plastic or a stainless steel chain can be ordered at no additional cost. A new feature is the cordless lift, also available for added convenience is the motorized lift, eliminating all cords.


Enjoy browsing our new collections!

Shangri-La Super Sale

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Beautiful shades can change the feel of any room and the only thing better than getting new shades is getting them for a great deal. Anybody looking for sheer shades should take a look at our current sale. 3” Shangri-La sheer shades are now a steal at 20% off through the end of the year. This super sale is for a limited time so if you have been considering making changes in your house, now is the time to buy.


Window shades are one of the biggest changes with an impact you can make in a room. Shangri-La’s are one of our top sellers, and for a good reason. They have an elegant and soft experience that adds comfort and functionality to your room. This product features floating fabric vanes between 2 sheers, can be tilted in the open position for a screened and soft view out, closed or raised all the way up. The entire shade does not stack, as it completely disappears inside the headrail. With sheer shades you control the light in your room so that it is always a comfortable and inviting place to be. And they also provide you the privacy you need.


Shangri-La shades have a sophisticated look that works beautifully in a formal living room, dining room or family room. The room darkening material is an excellent choice for bedrooms. Choice of materials allows you to prioritize between light filtering and room darkening, while your choice of vane size allows setting the tone in atmosphere. 2” tends to work well for smaller windows and traditional settings, whereas the 3” is a great choice for large windows and modern settings.


No matter what direction the windows face or what your climate is, having nice quality sheer shades will make your favorite rooms even more lively and livable. So shop now before the New Year comes and take advantage of this excellent sale!

When needing new window coverings – are blinds or shades right for you?

Monday, November 16th, 2009

In the window covering industry, the terms blind and shades are used and actually often used incorrectly. Most people are not even aware that there is a difference between the two of them. So, what are the differences and which one is right for you and your window covering needs?



Window Blinds actually offer a dual functionality. They are usually made of slats or vanes, which can be made of PVC, wood, composite materials or even fabrics. Blinds are often horizontal products, like the wood blinds, faux wood blinds, mini blinds but can also be Verticals, most common ones being fabric or PVC verticals often used for patio doors. One function on blinds is to lower and raise (for horizontal blinds) or draw to the side(s) (for vertical blinds). This means the entire product is pulled up or to the side to provide an unobstructed view to the outside. The lowering or raising is usually done with a pull cord. In today’s window covering market there is also the cordless lift system, providing a child safety advantage, eliminating dangling cords that can be a hazard. The second function on a window blind is the tilting function. This allows for the blind to be open and closed when in the lowered position. The slats or vanes stay in its place, but are rotated for an open view out, slanted at an angle or closed for complete privacy. Tilting is usually done with a wand, a cord tilt or on vertical blinds with a chain. The very upscale product can even be tilted with a “click of a button” using a motorized tilt for your convenience. Most blinds provide excellent light control.



Window Shades are products that are usually made of a “fabric” or material that can be lowered or raised, using different hardware systems. Most popular shades are cellular shades, pleated shades, roller shades or the very decorative roman shades. The woven wood shades also belong into the shade category, consisting of natural products like bamboos, woods or reeds which can be paired with a privacy lining. Yet again, the product will be lowered or raised. Most shades use a standard or continuous cord. Upscale products use retractable cords to avoid pooling of long cords on the floor, or can be paired with a handle, even a motorized lift for a cordless shade. Cordless is always a great option when thinking of child and pet safety. In today’s market most of these products also offer a top down / bottom up version, for added functionality. Window shades come in all different kind of opacity levels, from sheer to semi-sheer for a screened view out, to light-filtering or room darkening, giving privacy and blocking light where needed.


So, which one is right for you, window blinds – or shades?

At the end of the day it’s always about your taste, what you like and what your needs in regards to insulation, UV protection, light control and privacy are. When trying to find the right window treatment, you should always ask yourself:


  • How much light control am I looking for?
  • Is privacy and issue?
  • What is my decorating style? (Contemporary, casual or traditional? Does that translate into a soft treatment / clean lines etc?)
  • Do I want to use color or stick to neutrals and whites?


After looking at these questions, you should be able to narrow your options down. Then, just go with your gut. If a product stirs you up and you get excited about “seeing it in your home”, go with it. Your new blind or shade will certainly transform your room and give it character, your character ;-)  Lastly… Enjoy!


Updates for Bali Cellular Shades

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Bali has just revamped their DiamondCell cellular shades line! So, what’s new? Colors, extended specifications on cordless and cordless top down/ bottom up shades and more.


Bali cellular shades are great window treatments of fashion and style, while helping to insulate your home year around. The unique honeycomb design forms pockets of air that insulate from heat and cold. Bali offers three cell sizes, the ¾” single cell, 3/8” single cell and the 3/8” double cell, the latter being the superior insulator of the three.


All fabrics have enjoyed color updates, providing you trend and fashion for this fall and winter to come, while the most popular classics remain. Deep tones like the new cherry color or the denim help you to decorate with bold and strong colors. When choosing color over neutrals, you create drama and character in your living space. Have fun with them!


Also new is the cordless top down / bottom up. October is child safety month, where this feature fits so perfectly into. When trying to keep our little ones safe, best lifting system for any shade is the cordless lifting system. A cordless shade utilizes a little handle on the bottom rail, which is used to lift or lower the shade, eliminating all dangerous cords from a shade. Now Bali also offers this feature in the popular top down feature at greater widths than ever before. So even your large windows can now be cordless and lowered from the top down, while enjoying privacy at the bottom.


And as always, Bali DiamondCell shades can be paired with VertiCells. The vertical honeycomb shade that is perfect for sliding glass doors, opening from side to side. Any of the light-filtering or room-darkening materials, are available in the vertical product, helping to keep your area uniform and coordinated.


Enjoy browsing our updated online selection & create the most comfortable living space that is all about you J

Why Bali faux wood blinds?

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Bali’s formula: Great Quality + Great Price = VALUE. I agree!

Faux woods are off course always a great choice, because you can create a wood blind look at a great price. Today’s composite faux wood blinds are amazingly close in the wood grain imitation and their ability to resemble a true wood blind.


Humid environments pose a threat to real wood blinds, while faux woods provide a durable alternative. With Bali faux woods you also create a natural defense against humid environments, this makes them an fantastic product for kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, even garages or any place where humid conditions apply.


Here are some highlights of our Bali faux and composite blinds. Bali faux wood blinds are available in a wide range of color choices, including the popular coffee or dark walnut stains, as well as oak-like or natural finishes. The palette of whites and off white paints is sure to match your interior décor. The slat sizes range from 2” to the new 2 ½” slat size providing the new modern shutter look. For very large windows a 2 on 1 headrail or 3 on 1 headrail application can be selected, where each section can be operated individually. Features include the decorative cloth tapes, which allow setting an accent while concealing rout-hole gaps. Anther feature is the NoHoles feature which eliminates rout-holes all together, enhancing your privacy. A trapezoid bottomrail enhances privacy by providing a flush landing spot for the blind’s bottom slat. Every blind is finished with a decorative valance for a finished look. Bali cornices and valances work in harmony with your current décor. Valances come in distinctive sizes and extensive range of colors and wood stains.


The different faux wood lines are:


·         Wood Images – Bali’s composite line, available with most options and features. Colors are whites and neutrals. Available with motorized tilt option

·         Wood Images Premium – Bali’s Vinyl Polymer faux wood blind, offering a range of stains

·         WoodPlus – Bali’s most competitive priced Vinyl Polymer blind, including stains and whites.


All Bali products are tested in an environmental chamber to ensure they stand up to the most extreme temperature and humid conditions.  Bali products always come with a Limited Lifetime warranty to ensure peace of mind.

Hunter Douglas Chalet Woods Wood Blinds revamped!

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

The new Chalet Woods Wood Blinds collection is more beautiful than ever. Hunter Doulas Chalet Wood Blinds are offered and designed for consumers who want Hunter Douglas quality at an affordable price point. The expanded versatile color selection is amazing, ranging from painted to stained, antique specialty finishes to distressed finishes with special markings. The line has been enhanced with added functionality on the 2 ½” slat, now available in a cordless lift option, for your convenience.  


Chalet Woods are offered in two slat sizes, the 2” standard and more common size or the 2 ½” slat size for a bold look and increased view through. An extensive color palette of painted, stained and specialty finishes including distressed, antique and enhance grain are available in the 2” or 2 ½” slat sizes. The LiteRise cordless system is an enhanced safety operating system that eliminates pull cords which has been available in the 2” slat only in the past. It is now also available in the 2 ½” slat size as well. With this system blinds are raised and lowered by moving the bottom rail with the touch of a finger. Select the optional wand tilt control to eliminate tilt cord for a truly cordless wood blind.


Design options are the standard traditional routed blinds or the optional de-Light Feature which eliminates any routeholes for a clean stream-lined look. Any light gaps or privacy wholes are now eliminated. Another option is decorative tapes which run vertically across the blind and give a finishing accent to match or contrast your décor. Each Chalet Woods Wood blind is finished off with a decorative Wood Valance. The choices are a 3” standard valance, which is available on all standard colors or the 3 ¼” Chancellor Valance which can be added at no additional charge and comes standard on the some of the specialty finishes.


The new Hunter Douglas Wood blinds collection has been GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified and GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified. Every product comes with a Hunter Douglas Lifetime Guarantee.


Designing with Sheer Fabrics

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Just as in wardrobe fashion sheer materials have enjoyed a comeback, so are soft and sheer materials having a comeback in interior design. Unlike the old sheers we remember in our grandmothers home, today the sheer materials have clean lines and are far more functional, giving us flexibility to control light and UV rays for interior protection. The trend is migrating from Asia, where sheer fabrics have long been favored by interior designers and the fashion world.


Sheer materials are soft in appearance, dreamy and allow lot’s of light to filter into our room. With today’s open window designs and the desire for open spacious rooms, these products complement with this is mind. Our most popular product line, where the sheer look is incorporated is Sheer Horizontal Shades. This elegant window shade features fabric vanes floating between two layers of knitted sheers. The product gives full functionality with a sheer view out when tilted in the open position, while giving privacy when the vanes are closed.


The sheer soft look can also be found in the roller shades category. Comfortex’ Shantung fabric features a satin inspired sheer fabric for example. Also following suit has been Hunter Douglas with their pleated shades fabrics “Shimmering Forest” or “Castille”, just to name a few. Even within the Duette honeycomb shade’s a sheer fabric “Whisper” can be found.


Sheer materials are elegant, luxurious and sensual and elevate the style of any room. In our online selection you will find many sheer fabrics across our product lines; enjoy browsing.   

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