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Decorating Your Child’s Room with Safety in Mind

Friday, October 24th, 2014


A child’s room should be a fun room. Inviting and playful, but most of all safe! October is window coverings child safety month, the month where we like to bring awareness to the dangers and risks of pull cords in a kid’s room. This month is the perfect month to give some decorating tips with your child’s safety in mind:

  1. Chose window coverings that are cordless, motorized or wand operated to avoid dangling strings and pull cords. Toddlers and youngsters as well as pets can get entangled and too many accidents happen each year due to cords. Great products are motorized cellular shades, Silhouette like shades, cordless pleated shades and so on. There are many choices in today’s market!
  2. Create a fun environment. For young children fun colors are a must! A child’s room can be louder and bolder than most other rooms. Fun borders, themed bead spreads and motives are welcome!
  3. Promote sleep! Since good rest is so essential for the well being of a little child, it is important to be able to really darken your child’s room. Afternoon naps and going to bed in the evening is easier when it is dark. Here again the right window covering can make the difference. Chose darkening materials found in cellular, pleated and roller shades to achieve this.
  4. Avoid clutter. Yes… easier said than done, but just like it is easier for us to function in a room that is de-cluttered, it isn’t any different for your little one. With good storage place and routines in place your child will fare better in a room that isn’t a chaotic mess… all the time.
  5. Temporary fun. Try decorative wall decals which aren’t very expensive and can be thrown out after the “soldier faze” or “fairy faze” has passed. We like to call them temporary tattoos. You little one can have fun with decorating, but it isn’t a permanent thing.
  6. Give him or her plenty of light. Good lighting is important, so make sure the room can be appropriately lit up when reading or playing. Having additional overhead lighting of a standing lamp can make the difference.
  7. Lastly – involve your child into the fun! While certain things are not up for discussion like safety to some over the top idea, when kids are presented with what they have a say in, they get excited about their environment. It makes them feel important and they take ownership of their own space. Have fun and stay SAFE!!!!




Interior Decor and our 5 Senses

Monday, October 20th, 2014

sensesWhen we think of interior decor we usually think of the visual aspect and how things look together. However, businesses have started to realize that the more senses are stimulated in a place you might just want to hang out a bit longer and enjoy your surroundings. This is apparent in high end spas and resorts. Dimmed light, soft music and burning incense are the norm here. Let’s look what we can incorporate into our homes to welcome us and our friends to stay a bit longer.

  1. Sight

The visual aspect is the most obvious when designing a place. It involves how to mix and match colors, which shapes to incorporate, how to utilize lighting and so forth. It affects all items from window shades like Bali cellular shades, what couch you get, chairs, rugs and so on. Decor items should be balanced, the shouldn’t be too crowded and colors pleasing.

  1. Sound
    Sound can put us at ease. First thing to think about is to reduce outside noise. When possible a room should be well insulated, with sound barriers to other rooms and areas of your home. To create soft background noise can be calming and relaxing. Consider having easy listening music playing in the background, or a decorative water fountain; trickling water has a calming effect. The sound of a wind chime on the porch can have the same soothing effect.
  2. Smell
    We all know how certain smells trigger memories of ours, childhood memories when smelling cookies, the smell of certain flowers that remind us of a loved one. Research shows that pleasing scents affect our mood and well being. Today there are many products available to create light scents in our homes. It could be scented candles, oils, potpourri or even fresh flowers. With the newest Scentsy craze it is easy to switch out scents often and match them to the current season.
  3. Taste
    Taste is probably the hardest sense to incorporate into our home design. Regardless, little bites available on a coffee table like cookies, a few chocolates on the counter will always make friends feel welcome and invited. When there is something to nibble on, it is easy to stay just a bit longer and enjoy a conversation.
  4. Touch
    Texture and textiles are quite important when decorating a place. Think about what things feel like, a soft plush carpet, cool smooth leather, texture on pillows. By making the right fabric choices, you can create an environment where you want to spend more time in because things feel Think of a scratchy linen textured couch versus smooth leather or soft suede. How things feel, will have an impact on coziness and how comfortable you are.

Window Covering Ideas – Neutral Colors

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Window blinds or window shades in neutral colors create a peaceful, light and sophisticated environment. When going neutral, there isn’t any worry if colors are going to clash or if you will get tired of a certain color scheme. Neutral colors don’t show up on the color wheel and include white, off white, gray, black and sometimes brown. Some also refer to them as earth tones, even though that is night quite correct. In window coverings, when we talk about neutral colors, we usually think of whites, off whites and maybe gray. Here are some window treatment ideas that are neutral, but will still bring a breath of fresh air and life into your home.

  1. Sheer Horizontal Shades, better known under the term of Silhouette Shades are a blend of a blind and a shade. Fabric vanes offer the functionality of a blind while the sheer fabric gives the feel of a shade. Available in many soft whites and off whites they are a popular window treatment when aiming for a sophisticated and soft look.
  2. Cellular Shades come in many different colors and off course also in neutrals. They are an excellent choice for bedrooms and living areas where insulation is helpful. The honeycomb cell design traps air inside its pocket and create an insulating barrier protecting from the hot or cold outdoors.
  3. Wood Blinds are and Eco-friendly product made primarily from North American hardwood. They add an earthy element along with clean symmetrical lines providing functionality and beauty in one. The array of whites and neutrals is surely going to allow you to find the right shade for your home.
  4. The same classic look can be achieved with faux wood blinds and composite blinds. They look almost identical to wood blinds but are lower priced and an ideal solution where humidity, direct sunlight or weather exposure is a consideration.
  5. Roller Shades are an old classic in our modern world. Today they are available with cassettes and valances for a more modern look. The fabrics range from linen look to silky sheen and pretty much any material is available in neutral colors. Depending on fabric, the shade can be room-darkening or light-filtering to meet your needs in bedrooms and living areas.
  6. Woven Wood Shades have come back in a big way. The organic materials offer texture and dimension, creating a focal point in any room. Shades are usually constructed from reeds, bamboos or woods and are therefore Eco-friendly.

Fall Decor For Your Windows

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

The outside temperatures are falling, leaves are starting to turn their color and fall is just about here. And with fall come the decorations that make us feel cozy, prepare us for Halloween and get us in the mood for the season. We have a few ideas for you on how to dress up your windows with seasonal decor and they shouldn’t be in the way of your existing window shades.

Pine Cones
This pine cone assembly is fun and simple to put together. Collect or purchase 7-9 pine cones. Take wide ribbon and glue it with a hot glue gun to the end of the pine cones. The ribbon should be in a fall color; in the image below we see it in burgundy. Simply take all the ribbon ends and tie them together. Voila… your window display is done. Spray with your favorite fall scented potpourri and enjoy the aroma.


Here is a fun way to add some color! During your next stroll collect large leaves that have turned color. Once they are very dry you want to dip them in wax, which will help to hold the color for the next while to come. Then attach them to clear nylon thread and hang them on a slim board at different length. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Who doesn’t love a beautiful wreath? Whether you are the crafty type who can make your own or like to go to a store and purchase a beautiful wreath, they are always an easy decor piece that will put you in the mood for fall.


Have that additional space on your window sill? Then you can go all out and fill it up with several decor items. Pumpkins, leaves, twigs, will work and anything that will create a little display of fall. Have fun with it!


For anybody that wants to prepare for Halloween, there are always DIY window silhouettes that can be your window decor. Making your own Halloween crafts is inexpensive and a wonderful excuse to get the family and kids together for a fun project.

How To Cover the Window Behind The Kitchen Sink

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

This week we’ll be talking “tricky” windows. We often get phone calls because people aren’t quite sure how to cover the window behind the sink. What is practical, what is reachable and what looks nice?

First of all, cover it with the same window treatment you are using in the breakfast area nearby. You usually don’t want to break the flow and have Silhouette Window Shades in your breakfast area and a completely different type of shade in the kitchen. Here are some products that are functional, beautiful and practical at the same time:

Solar Window Shades
Solar shades are great because they offer a view out and plenty of light in. They are super practical; because the material is coated and can easily take some splashes of water when washing your dishes. A little dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth, no problem!

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux woods look like wood blinds, but are made of a PVC or composite material which cuts down on the risk of warpage. The material can be wiped off and withstand humidity and water without the risk of swelling like a real wood blind would do. The look however is almost identical to a wood blind with the added bonus of a lower price point.


The above 2 products are our favorite choices, because of their practical aspect handling water near the sink. The following will also work well above the sink though:

Cellular Shades
This honeycomb inspired window treatment is made out of Polyester. Certain brands like the Comfortex brand can actually be washed off when following specific procedure. This beautiful shade comes in many colors and prints and allows a lot of light in during the day. Decorative and practical all in one!

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds will also work really well above a sink, as long as they are always wiped right away should they be exposed to water. A finishing coat will protect them but they should be handled with care.

And here a little tip:

Ask for longer strings and pull cords when having to reach over the sink to lower and raise your blinds. For no additional charge the cords can be ordered at a length that is convenient to you!

Creating A Peaceful Environment

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Coming home to a Zen-like environment where the atmosphere is peaceful and balanced is key to a lowering stress in ones live. Balancing your living space and turning it into a cozy, relaxing retreat can recharge our body, mind and spirits. Here are some tips on how to do that:

Declutter Surfaces
A messy room with lots of clutter and many items on surfaces are distractions. When there are piles of paper, dirty dishes, or just “stuff” that has been put on the counters it distracts us. A little piece in our head is busy with what we need to do with the papers, dishes or stuff and keeps us from staying at the present moment. To eliminate and clean surfaces daily will help with that.

Get Organized and Declutter

This goes deeper than those surfaces. I am talking organizing corners! This means closets, drawers and cupboards where stuff has accumulated for years. I often say, if something hasn’t been used in 6 months, out it goes. By streamlining what is in our homes, somehow a weight will lift. It also unclutters our minds.

The Five Elements

The five element are water, earth, fire, metal and wood, to have them represented in your living area will create balance. These elements can be added in form of pictures of water, water fall, plants for the earth, candles / fireplace for fire and furniture, tools, decor for metal and wood.

Few but Meaningful Decorations

Instead of having many inexpensive items here and there, try to focus on a few items that have meaning and true appeal to you. They will be an eye catcher and something to gaze at instead and appreciated even more.

Lighting- Softer is Better

When creating a peaceful environment, lighting can be key. The ability to create a soft glow instead of overhead beam can create peace and relax you. When possible, natural light is always welcome. Before turning on all lights, some candles could be enough to create a soft glow. And once the other lights are needed, go for dimmers, it is nice to control the degree of light you need.

Use Scents

Many businesses use it. When selling a home, staging companies often bake cookies in a model home so an inviting homey scent welcomes you when you walk in the door. Whether you like natural oils or scented candles, find smells that you love and indulge yourself in some aromatherapy.

Unusual Flooring Types

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

This blog isn’t going to be about window blinds or window shades. Today will be all about flooring. We found these unusual flooring types so different, we wanted to display them here.

Cemented pebbles and stones are a great fit for bathrooms or hallways. Giving you the feel of standing on a riverbed, it puts you right into nature’s arms. Unusual for sure, different and unique is what you create.


The choices are copper or silver. This isn’t truly a flooring type you can order, it is basically coins scattered and sealed in an area of your liking. Also here, bathrooms are a great place for this. Very eclectic and modern, it will certainly be an eye catcher that draws attention.

Log Flooring

This flooring is a must look at for all nature lovers. Logs placed evenly and sealed create warmth and coziness. A great choice for living areas, it works well in rooms that have lots of light, windows and mirrors.

Wood and Tile

Here two flooring styles are mixed and could be a great solution for a dining area. Worried about the wooden floor and spills? Simply change to tile in an area to separate itself from the rest. This area stands out and creates an island in the middle of a room. Creative for sure!


We aren’t thinking of the usual laminate, but how about an aqua or turquoise color for a kitchen or sitting area? Giving it country flair and working well with white furniture pieces it certainly fits into the category of unusual.

Common Decorating Mistakes

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

deco mistakes3Decor and decorating styles are a very subjective matter. What will be rich and beautiful taste to one person can appear heavy and overloaded to another. Luckily we all have different taste. Still I think there are some common mistakes that can be avoided when decorating:

Ready-made blinds and shades
Everyone knows what it looks and feels like to wear an ill fitted pair of pants, too long at the leg, too bulky at the waist, and too tight around the thighs? Whatever the case may be, we do not feel comfortable when our pair of pants doesn’t fit right. It isn’t any different with window shades. Windows are simply not the same size, even if they visually appear to be. Invest in quality and purchase custom window shades to ensure proper fit.

Size matters
When contemplating on furniture for a room, one should consider the size of the room and furniture that will be in it. Here in Texas we mostly say the bigger the better, but that isn’t always the case when placing furniture. Overcrowding will shrink a room, while the old couch you are bringing from your small house into a large one, might appear lost now. Items should be proportionate to their environment.

A beautiful room will appear dull and grey if there isn’t enough lighting. A nice dinner will seem less cozy with beams burning on the table. Lighting can make all the difference regarding atmosphere. Make sure to have lots of lights and dimming lights for added flexibility.

Not everything has to match
Have been in a home where everything matches? It becomes clinical and the hominess is out the window. The matchy, matchy is outdated. As long as some theme pulls decorating items together, that’s all that is needed. Have a floral print in blue on throw pillows? It’s okay if the ottoman is blue with stripes.

Buying Cheap
When investing into furniture for one’s home, it often is worth it to wait a little longer, save up the extra cash and then purchase quality. When cheap is means that 2 years later your couch is falling apart and the cushions are caving in, it simply wasn’t worth it. Why not purchase quality on sale, spend that little extra and have items to enjoy for years to come?

Not too close to the walls
People often have the tendency to place furniture up against walls. In a small room, a couch should be brought in a little bit, in a large room even further. This will create an intimate space for people to gather.

Wall Decor – Kid’s Gallery

Friday, August 1st, 2014

To end this week’s blogs, we are throwing out one more idea for wall décor. Yes, also this blog won’t be about custom window shades, but help you find ideas for interior wall decor. Again, it is a low cost, doesn’t break your bank idea that can be applied in pretty much any room in your home. A kids’ room, hall way and even family room is great to fill out empty wall space. A friendly breakfast area or kitchen will be a great place as well.

What you will need is children’s’ artwork. I am sure, if you have kids, that you have tons of art projects from school or art classes. As a matter of fact, it is always one of my headaches what to do with all the precious art. Pick out some of your favorites and put them into a frame. And there you go! Here is an inexpensive and meaningful way to add wall deco.

A couple of the examples below are actually made by my children. Sara & Dylan were in an art class together, and we had two of a kind that we hung as sets in our hallway. Two of them are hanging on the same wall above each other, the other two are opposite of each other.

These pictures can also easily be changed out as you please. I literally have so many different items they come home with throughout the school year, why not change the picture in your frame a couple of times a year? Christmassy things at Christmas and by spring time a fresh design :-)



Wall Decor – Stylish Silhouettes

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Here it’s Wednesday, so let’s just keep going with wall art ideas. This might be another do-it-yourself inspiration you enjoy; the one we are showing below will be a great example for your kitchen, but can be applied for many other rooms as long as you change the silhouette scheme.

This artwork is very neutral and other decor pieces should not interfere with it. Whether you have cellular shades, silhouette shades or any other window treatment in your kitchen windows, the Silhouette art will complement it perfectly. Here is what you need:

Four crisp frames to contrast the color of your kitchen wall, copies of pages of old cookbooks and cutouts of kitchen appliances or cooking utensils. Now simply take the copies, preferably you made the copies with somewhat aged looking paper. It could be an ivory paper or linen finished paper. Now take the cutouts and cut out the center of the paper, one at a time. In the example below a cutout for cooking utensils, pot, tea pot and one for a blender was used. This keeps everything and tied together, perfect for your kitchen. Now put everything together in your frames and arrange it in a balanced symmetrical composition.

Voila, hope you love it as much as we do.


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