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Decor – Don’t Buy New – Use What You Have

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

Terra-Cotta Pots
Who doesn’t have them in their home? Pretty much anybody has terra-cotta pots in various sizes around the house. With or without plants in them, it doesn’t really matter. No use some left over paint you have around from prior craft projects and give them some color. How about teal, sea foam or a striking blue? Whatever color your decor calls for, give them a coat or two, blended in with some white or silver and you have a beautiful new decor item. Place them in front of your custom window shades or as an accent on a wall shelf and you are set.
Picture Frame
You surely have an old picture frame around, that used to work for your picture, but you have taken it down now. Picture frames are a great way to add decor. You might want to paint it first and then create a memo board out of it (use glue gun to attach some heavy twine across the back and secure pictures or postcards with clips.) You can also attach little hooks to the top and hang your favorite fashion jewelry on it. There are many ways to make this your own and add a great piece of decor.
How about some old ribbon you still have. You could also just buy the width you need and color you want to liven up a dull item like a plain lampshade. Decorate your uni-color lampshade with ribbon that drapes around and gives a burst of color.
What about maps that have meaning to you? A map from where you are from or a map from one of the favorite places you have visited. Use this map to create decor. It could be beautified in a picture frame or you could create coasters out of them. There are all kinds of items you could turn your map into and create a truly personalized piece in your home.
Dish Towels
Have dishrags that aren’t completely worn, colorful and made of cotton? How about creating a little cafe curtain in your kitchen? One pole, some clip on hooks and you are done. Sometimes the simple things will give you that wow factor.

How To Save Money On Home Decor

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Furnishing your home can be an expensive task. In the end we all want a cozy home that reflects our personality well. Furniture costs much and so do art pieces and decor. It can be challenging to find perfectly fitting and affordable items. To find a way between the expensive products and your tight budget, look at the decor-savvy housewives who have managed to give their home a touch of class and elegance. Here are some tips which have helped others in decorating their home and furnishing it in a cost effective manner:

Finding Your Catch in Thrift Stores and Garage Sales

Though, this finding needs some effort from you but in the end you can see that all your hard work was worth it. Often you can see that some vintage furniture pieces, amazing art samples, antiques, and hand-crafted items are sold in garage sales or are left at thrift stores with a price tag that is less than half of their value. With some little do up you can make them look wonderful for your home.



Choose Sale or Clearance Items

Some expensive furniture pieces, which are essential for your home, can be purchased on sale or clearance. By making a compromise and deciding on the clearance item along with a sale you can literally save hundreds of dollars. Same is the case for costly custom made window shades. Make that purchase when you get a great sale, with free upgrades like top down bottom up, or cordless lift options. When covering several windows, a purchase for cellular shades can be hundreds of dollars cheaper. To save, patience is the key!



DIY Decor Items

Sometimes the most charming items are the ones that have “you” written all over them. With a little research and taking time to make an item, you can be friendly to your budget while creating amazing items. Pinterest is a great place to find DIY ideas for your home and fill out spaces that simply need personality.



Utilize What You Already Own

Done spending money? Take out your cool fashion jewelry pieces and accessories and use them as decor. Organize them on the wall in a beautiful manner. Leaving the walls bare gives a feeling of an uninhibited home. Your bags, hats, beaded necklaces or just your pretty umbrella would do a great job on the wall.







Best Colors For A Living Room

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

When deciding on the right paint color for your living room, consider the colors you already have in your living space. What color is your couch, pillows drapes and window coverings? Also consider the mood you want to create. Do you want serene, inspiring, or uplifting?

A safe bet is neutrals. Crisp white or soft off-whites can be paired with any decor without having to worry about it clashing or going wrong. When opting for a crisp white, you want to counter the coolness with warm accent colors. This helps to bring life to the otherwise “colorless” background.
Soft off-white is also neutral, but brings more warmth into the room. Go for a little deeper cream to create a cozy environment. When going with and even deeper color like putty or sand, offset it with crisp white window shades or trim to avoid it looking too muddy. The white will clean up the walls.

What about soft colors like a soft orange or green? This is a great way to dip into color without being too bold. A soft green will be serene, while an orange or yellow will be invigorating and bring energy into the room without being overpowering. These soft colors are on top of the paint strip that can be found at your local home stores; they are safe, a little shy, yet fun.

And now to the bold and daring colors: A strong green will bring energy into a room. Most strong colors will do that and the trick to make it work is to pair them with small decor items that have the same intense color. To lighten up the room add white trim or accents as well. When the intense color is offset by a clean white it takes away from the heaviness of the atmosphere. Loud colors give a room personality.

Design Ideas – White Bathroom

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Who doesn’t like the cool, clean, white bathroom look… elegant, crisp and sophisticated. However, one has to be careful not to create a look that is boring. Here are some ideas how to make the white bathroom work:

We love the stark contrast of a dark warm wooden floor or shutters as displayed in this picture with the white bathroom. The contrast makes the white pop while creating some warmth with the warm stain in the wood. The large window gives plenty of natural light to provide the natural glow.

Vintage Charm

The vintage look is soft in color as it is. With little swirls and soft whites this feminine look creates a cozy look for your bathroom. The vintage bathtub design allows for a hint of color in the decor pieces. A flower, cushion and some towels is all it takes.


Ivory is also in the family of whites. While it adds a touch of warmth it creates a space of simplicity. A true white would have been too sterile in this bathroom; the ivory expands the room and shows off the architecture.

Window Shades

Warmth is added in the below bathroom with this roman shade. To the overall cool tile, vanity and floor, the touch of fabric with a floral print bring this room to life. Roller Shades and cellular shades are also great ways to create a focal point in an overall white bathroom.

Pop of Color

A white bathroom will never be a dull and clinical place when sprinkling a little color throughout. Be sure to be subtle to keep it classy. A couple of towels, a flower and a random piece of decor will be plenty to turn your white bathroom into a fun place.

Small Spaces

White lends itself so well for small bathrooms, because it opens up the space. While dark colors draw in and your area appears smaller, white does the opposite. For small floor plans this is a great way to go.

Give Your Kitchen A Fresh Look

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Are you ready to give your kitchen a fresh look, but don’t want to do an entire remodel? Remodels are expensive, time consuming and entail a great deal of planning and down time. This blog is for the one that would like to refresh your kitchen’s look with simple decorating ideas, but stay away from the remodel.

New Fabrics
Consider changing fabrics in your kitchen. The easiest thing in the world is to change out your chair cushions or change out your outdated mini blind and add some color with cellular shades or roman shade fabrics. Woven materials bring warmth and allow you to add color for very little money.
Cellular Shades, Roman Shades

Warm up / Cozy up

Often our kitchen is sterile and cold with all the flat surfaces and stainless steel appliances. While clean and sterile has its advantages in the kitchen, it can be nice to virtually warm it up. Consider a high table made of wood to break the “ice”. In case you want to counter the weight of those cold stone counter-tops you might also consider adding wooden floors.

Consider Accessories

Just like accessories can dramatically impact our outfit; it can do the same in a kitchen. Consider changing your cabinet’s hardware to impact the overall look in your kitchen. Dark furniture with black knobs or somewhat outdated looking handles could be replaced by decorative hardware to make it pop. Here you can modernize and possibly use some color to give things a lift.


We mention lighting in so many blogs, because it has that much of an impact. A kitchen that is under-lit not only takes away from displaying features; it also makes things difficult from a practical point. Since a light fixture is also highly decorative, consider modernizing the center piece over the island. It can literally change the entire atmosphere in the kitchen.


As in any room in your home, a splash of color can transform. It is inexpensive and can be changed many times over. By highlighting certain recessed areas or highlighting portions that are framed in, your kitchen can be refreshed in no time.

Cabinets – Inside Paint

This is for the kitchen that has cabinets that are either open-faced or have glass cabinet doors. By painting the inside of the cabinets the look can be modernized and add intrigue. When going that route, be sure to have that same color popping up in another area of your kitchen. This could be the chair cushions, a vase or a painting.

Cookbook Library

The kitchen island is usually a place that has additional shelving on the side. Why not make it a point of focus? Display your cookbooks and make it stand out!

Little Garden

A little kitchen garden adds color to your decor, is beautiful to look at and always comes in handy when needing fresh herbs. We recommend a constellation of pots with herbs to bring life into your kitchen.

Design & Color Trends for 2015

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

MarsalaIt’s this time of the year again when the fashion and design industry have their eye on what the upcoming trends will be. While opinions vary, there also seems to be some consent:

One of the big colors the industries are betting on is Marsala. Marsala is a beautiful terracotta red shade with an undertone of brown. It is soothing and warm as well as earthy.
While Marsala will be found in apparel lines, nail polish, make up and home furnishings, we are certain we will also see it the window covering industry. Look for manufacturers to offer it in some of the cellular shades and sheer window shade lines.

As we said, the opinions vary and some are mentioning blue or green, we certainly feel though the trend is going to be representing warm and earthy tones. These colors will be strong enough to stand out, but soft enough to create a warm atmosphere. While our lives have been getting busier, where every minute of the day is allocated to to-do-lists and calendars and out attention is frequently turned towards our smart phones, the 2015 design trend will further lead towards tranquility. Our go to product for calm and peacefulness is the Silhouette like shades we offer by Comfortex. Shangri-La Sheer Shades, are probably going to further gain in popularity this year.

ww-samplesWe also see that the design trend is going back to nature. Products that reconnect us with our environment like woods, grasses and bamboo are ideal for this. Organic materials as they are found in woven wood shades are a great way to achieve this. And considering that 80% of people live in urban areas, having products that reconnect us with nature is more desired than ever.

2015 is sure to be exciting… we can’t wait as to what’s to come!

Finish 2014 In Style

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

The end of a year is here. This is always a great time to reflect and think about what went well, what didn’t go so well and what can be better in the year to come. We all make New Year’s resolutions, have new dreams and plans. Some want to work on health issues, others on productivity, usually everyone wants to improve in some area. In order to ring in the New Year, most of us will have a New Years Eve party, a great party to glide into 2015 with family and friends and get ready for those plans and dreams to come true.

Here are some ideas we found that can help you to create a party with lots of glitter and sparkle, a party you and your loved ones will remember:

Window Decor or Wall Hanging
Windows are a large area where additional party decor can add to the glitter theme. Simply cut different size circles of thick metallic Christmas paper or poster board to create this decorative garland. It will be great in front of window shades or blinds or as a wall hanging / backdrop.

Glitter Covered Champagne Bottles
This is so easy and will add sparkle to your party. With some Mod Podge and golden glitter, you can turn your champagne bottles into glittery decor. Please keep in mind though that the glitter will not stick should you want to chill a bottle on ice. They should be cooled in the refrigerator for a few hours.

Glass Vases with Glitter
Take several vases or glasses and fill them partially with golden or silver glitter. The glasses should mainly be filled at the bottom. You could swoosh the glitter around a bit, so some of it sticks to the sides. Now simply fill with tea lights and you have gorgeous table decor. You could also take a water filled vase and then pour some glitter into it. A nice branch will add some green to the glittery party!

A party isn’t a party without balloons, my mother always said. To add more sparkle, why not get some clear balloons and fill them up with glitter. In addition you could tie gold and silver ribbons to the bottom of the balloons, so festive!

To add additional glam to your dinner table, simply take some sparkly stars or confetti and distribute over the table. You add atmosphere of glam and sparkle in an instance.

Candles always create a soothing and festive atmosphere. We liked the idea of  inexpensive small white candles, a box of thumbtacks and pin them into the candles. Whether you only tack the bottom row of the candles, fill them up half way or all the way, they will look great.

Happy New Year!

Things Every Bedroom Needs

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

To make your bedroom feel luxurious, cozy and practical we put together a list of things that help you to get the most out of your room. How many of these do you already have?

Blinds for Privacy
In any bedroom privacy is a must. The place where we change, sleep and lounge it is essential to keep your neighbors out. So whether you like cellular shades, wood blinds or soft Silhouette like shades, make sure you have a fabric that isn’t too sheer and provides the privacy needed.

Soft Rug

Who wants to wake up in the morning and the first step is on a cold hard floor? Spoil yourself with a visually pleasing and soft to the touch rug that is cushy. Even for bedrooms that have carpet in them, layering ads dimension to your bedroom.

Sitting Area

Is your bedroom also a place where like to hang? For many it is the sanctuary to retreat to when the kids have gotten to us with noise overflow or simply place to have “me-time”. If you are that person, a sitting area, chair or bench is great to have. It can be used to put on shoes, hang out or have that serious talk with the partner when needed.

Personal Decor

The bedroom is usually off limits for most outside the family. So here is a great place where you can truly decorate with what’s meaningful to you. The items that don’t necessarily have a place in the family area, meaningful pictures, items you collected over the years should find a spot in your bedroom.

Have A Theme

Most people jump on a theme in their kid’s room, but shy away from a theme in their bedroom. However, if you decide on a theme, it creates structure and calm. Whether it is stripes or a color theme, it will be a unifying device creating tranquility.

Throw Pillows

You can never have too many through pillows. Pillows change how you can sit up, lay back and how you can use your bed altogether. They are a wonderful tool to add texture and color, creating a focal point. Pillows literally scream, come over and hang out for a little while.

Quality Mattress

When you have the right mattress that helps you sleep and be comfortable, your bedroom can truly be a place of rejuvenation. For all the people that have problems with their backs, a good mattress can be the difference between a place of comfort or another sleepless night you will dread.

Do it Yourself Winter Decor Ideas

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Just a few more days and winter will be knocking on our doors. Actually the weather feels quite wintery already, and with the countdown to Christmas on, it might as well already be winter. We thought it is definitely time to think about some DIY decor ideas that are themed for winter. Here we go:

Pine Cone Wreath
This is easy to make when purchasing the base of the wreath and adding pine cones to it. Whether you like color, or wintery white, silver or the typical Christmas colors, a wreath always gets us in the spirit for the special time of year. Place your wreath on a table, hang it on a door or right in front of you window blinds or window shades.

Winter Display – Wine Bottles

We love this idea. We have three wine bottles, one is slightly larger, and sprayed them with a coat of primer. Next a coat of craft bond was applied to create an adhesive. After that the bottom of the bottles were rolled in Epsom Salt to create a snowy texture on them. Then, let your imagination be your guide. Here, on a silver tray with silver pics from Michaels, a couple of candles and ornaments. Voila… so Christmassy.

Winter Mantle Decor

Check out this seasonal decor on the mantle. First a little snowy effect is created by placing a white boa in the center of the mantle, which could be replaced with a scarf. Next a pewter mug is filled with boxwood, but could also be filled with other evergreen cuttings. Additional charm is created by the twigs in vases with the white carnations and finished of by birch logs and glass candlesticks. We love this mantle!

Sweater Pillow

This pillow just screams cozy. We found instructions that explain how to take one of your sweaters, cut it up, and sew it around a pillow to make it look like the one in the picture below. This can just as easily be purchased, even though it wouldn’t quite fit into the DIY category. We love this off white, soft pillow either way.

Branch Centerpiece

This easy centerpiece can be put together in no time and does not cost much. Simply take a glass vase that you can fit twigs in. Fill with sparkly snow face filler (available at the Dollar store). Once twigs are arranged hang crystal drops on them to create sparkle.

Cozy Decorating Ideas

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

A cold front is sweeping over big parts in the US, even our state of Texas is enjoying the colder temperatures. There is no nicer place than home when it is gray and chilly outdoors.
This is the time to cozy your place up, create some warmth and welcome yourself and friends into a cluster of hominess. We thought we’d present some ideas on how to create it:

  1. Fireplace
    With low temperatures outside, turn your focus towards your fireplace. While it adds warmth, it also offers the soothing sound of crackling wood and lends itself to get lost in the sight of the flames. A fireplace creates harmony and a feeling of well-being.fireplace
  2. Infuse Color
    Fight the winter blues and gray days with color. Find a few decorating items that bring you room to life. A throw blanket or pillows with bold prints or bright colors can bring cheer and life into a gray day.
  3. Mirrors
    During the winter time our days and natural time of daylight are shorter. To maximize the light during this time can help our mood. When placing mirrors across from windows, our rooms are illuminated further, reflecting natural light into the room. Natural light is key to our well-being.
  4. Light-Filtering Window Shades
    Even when we have to have shades to cover up our windows for added privacy, a light-filtering shade can filter natural light into the room. Perfect shades to allow daylight in are Comfortex Shangri-La Sheer Shades (Silhouette like shades), light-filtering cellular shades or pleated shades. Just because you want to keep your neighbors preying eye out, doesn’t mean you have to keep the sun out.
  5. Throw Blankets
    While throw blankets are decorative, they also add to a layered look as well as texture. Regardless of room, a bedroom or living area is always a great place for an additional throw blanket. It turns any area into a great refuge from the cold winter winds outside.
  6. Textured Rugs
    The nicest wooden floor and the most sophisticated tile can be too cold during the winter month. Help to bring the cozy factor indoors by adding a textured fluffy rug. It feels nice on your feet and adds warmth to the atmosphere.
  7. Extra Pillows
    Just like the additional blanket, more pillows is cozier. During the cold month add additional pillows where it makes sense. They look nice and are something to grab when feeling chilly.
  8. Seasonal Scents
    The seasonal scents in wax cubes or candles are amazing and create atmosphere. From Spiced Apple Punch, to Gingerbread Cookie Crunch the aromas are plentiful. Potpourri with huge pine cones and added color will be great eye candy as well. Activate your senses and enjoy this time of year!
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