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American Quality

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Comfortex Blinds and ShadesFor Americans today it isn’t always easy to purchase products that are made in the US.  Almost any label you look at, item are from China, Indonesia, Germany and many many more countries. Often we probably would like to purchase items that support America, but there simply aren’t any choices. Not so with window coverings!

Comfortex Window Fashions is a company that advertises and takes pride in being able to say “Made in America”, and so they should. That is also one of the reasons why we purchase there, to support and provide American made quality products. Comfortex has worked its way to the top and has become a leading manufacturer in the industry, offering similar products to the popular Silhouette Shades, Solar Shades, Cellular Shades and many other products. In the last years Comfortex has made big strides in advancing their products in regards to quality and innovation while giving hundreds of people and families a way to make a living. The overall product quality is remarkable considering how well priced their products are in the competitive custom made blinds market. At Ace of Shades we are all about quality products and couldn’t be more thrilled to support jobs right here at home at the same time.

Room-Darkening Sheer Shades

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Silhouette Blinds
You might think room-darkening sheer shades are a contradiction in terms? That’s why we love darkening sheer shades, because they are so versatile and different things combined in one.

Sheer shades or sheer blinds are better known by the term Silhouette shades. Silhouettes are actually made by Hunter Douglas, but aren’t offered on the Internet. We carry the Comfortex Shangri-La, basically the same product by a different manufacture. There are always slight variations of course. Sheer shades as their name suggests have a sheer look to them. Constructed of a sheer in front, one in the back, with darkening fabric vanes suspended in-between. When sheer shades are tilted in the open position you get a sheer view outside, creating a very soft and glowing look. When closing your Sheers the darkening vanes close flat, providing complete privacy and darkening the room. Being able to tilt from sheer look to darkening is what I call “two products in one”. Many customers love the sheer look, but who has a house by the golf course or in the middle of nowhere with no need for privacy? Reality is most of us having neighbors simply don’t like to feel like we’re in a fishbowl! With a two in one shade it is possible to have a sheer view into your backyard or front of the house, yet shut the outside world out when desired. Silhouette like shades are available in two inch or three inch vane size. Three inch is often used for larger windows, in more contemporary settings. Either way, at the end of the day it’s a choice of preference.

So when loving a sheer look but needing privacy during certain times of day, take a peek at sheer blinds and shades. We’d be glad to send fabric samples out to you today.

Kids…. Cords…. Caution!

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

National Window Coverings Safety Month

October is here again, National Window Covering Safety Month. And like every year, we are writing about the safety in your home again. Unfortunately we do get updates about the accidents that happen around the country regarding window coverings and it is devastating every time. It’s mostly and sadly the same, dangling cords are a safety hazard to our precious children. Children love to play with anything, and that includes cords of window blinds and shades. So we encourage anyone with small children: Please get rid of your old window coverings that have strings and cords, especially in kids rooms or play areas.

All shades, including popular cellular shades, roller shades, roman shades can be ordered with a cordless lifting system. Most of the time a clear plastic handle or tassel on the bottomrail will allow you to lower and raise your shade, eliminating traditional strings. An additional bonus besides safety? A clutter free look! What about blinds? Also here, you can find wood blinds and mini blinds that have a cordless lift option along with a tilt want, eliminating cords. Even vertical blinds come with wand operated mechanisms now to avoid chains that could be a hazard. So by spending a little extra money you can protect your curious and playful children from harm, and let’s not forget our dear 4 legged critters, they will be protected as well.

To participate and bring awareness to the National Window Coverings Safety Month we are offering many of our Roller and Cellular shades with free cordless upgrades look in particular at the Good Housekeeping and Comfortex brand. So this month, not one extra dime to upgrade! Make the Right Choice:  Kids…. Cords… Caution

Buying Comfortex Cellular Shades and Other Recommendations for Your Home Renovation Project

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Whether you’re renovating your home to make it more appealing to prospective home buyers or just want a new look to come home every day to, it’s important to know that the renovation process is just that: a process. It is something that should be planned out very carefully as a misstep could result in more money being thrown down the drain as well as more time invested. Just watch Tom Hank’s the Money Pit from the 80s to get a better idea of what happens when a renovation goes terribly wrong. With that in mind, there are a number of things to keep in the back of your head, but here are several recommendations to watch out for from HGTV:

  • Hiring the wrong contractor: Given the number of review sites out there, there really isn’t an excuse for not knowing what you’re getting into when you hire a contractor. If you can’t find a good contractor in the area through Yelp or the BBB, you can always enlist your friends and family for references.  Just remember, this guy is going to be in your home, and his competence will directly impact the level of the work as well as your sanity.
  • Not considering safety: One of the best things we love about our Comfortex cellular shades and other blinds in our collection is their safety features. When you purchase shades from Ace of Shades Window Coverings, you can rest assured that safety was of upmost consideration in their design. When redesigning your home, make sure to include safety in your decision-making process. And the theme of safety extends to the actual project as well. Be mindful of the fact that there will be loose nails and other materials around your home. Keep your children and pets away from any areas that are being worked on.
  • Keeping in line with your home’s style: If you’re considering a major upgrade of your home, remember to protect the integrity of your home’s style. A modern upgrade may not go well with the Victorian design of your home.

Need help purchasing window shades or blinds? Feel free to contact us!

Create a Sacred Space with the Help of Cellular Shades

Monday, April 29th, 2013

In late April, Debbie Woodbury wrote a piece in the Huffington Post on creating a sacred space in your home. As a cancer survivor, she credits part of her healing on reflection. One of the things she mentions is having a corner of a room or a place by her window dedicated to being a sacred space – a place where an individual can just sit, relax and reflect. We are partial to the window idea, so let’s take a look at some ways you can make your window area a scared space.

  • Get Cellular Shades to Control Light: The reason why Debbie Woodbury thinks a window space might be a good idea for a sacred space is because windows offer a look into the outside world. If it’s winter, watching a gentle snow on a cool winter night might be soothing after a long day; at the same time, waking up with a cup of coffee on a spring morning as you hear the birds chirp could be the perfect way to start your day. However, if you’re looking for less light to fit your mood, our Comfortex shades can help you control the amount of light that enters your room too, so your space will be just as you like it.
  • Put Personal Things in your Sacred Space: Your sacred space should be a place of peace. Bring special things in your space that will make you happy, like a picture of your family or a personal heirloom that conjures up a good memory.
  • Make It a Point to Come to This Area Every Day: Everyone leads busy lives, but you should devote some time for yourself at some point in the day. Make an effort to come to your sacred space, even if it’s only for a few minutes to sit and reflect. Afterwards, you should feel more relaxed and ready to take on the chaos of the day.


Ballet Vertical Drapery Sheers

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

It’s about time ;-) By popular demand, we sell a lot of sheer horizontal shades. Comfortex’ Shangri-La Sheers, our private label Naturelle Sheers as well as the Good Housekeeping Sheers. When furnishing with sheers we often get asked for a coordinating vertical treatments.  So now we finally added it to our online product offering.

Comfortex Ballet Vertical sheers can now be ordered online.  Billowing soft sheers are designed to add beauty and functionality at the same time.  The billows could be mistaken for an ordinary drape, when in fact functionality is the one of a blind. The shade cane be drawn like a vertical to the side or split in the middle to stack evenly on both sides.  When in the closed position, overlapping folds create vanes that can be rotated for privacy.  The sheer material however provides only moderate privacy unless ordered with a light filtering insert or a room darkening PVC vane. When paired with inserts the shades provides excellent privacy and light control which is well suited for bedrooms or areas where complete privacy is an issue.

The sheer materials come in a range of styles. From a classic woven sheer, to striped or floral sheer or patterned with swirls. The classic sheer works with any interior decor, where the floral look and swirls are beautiful in traditional or antique surroundings, the striped fabrics add texture and clean lines in contemporary environments. Most sheers come in neutral whites and of whites, but some materials are available in an array of colors.

Ballet sheer shades offer a durable track that can hold shades up to 192“ wide and 120″ long, the headrail offers smooth traversing and vane rotation. The color is aluminum, but the shade can be ordered with an aluminum valance that has a matching fabric insert.

Ballet Verticals by Comfortex are not only an ideal treatments for patio doors, but also well suited for large windows and glass areas that need covering.  To kick off the new availability of Ballet sheers online we are offering a $25 rebate per sheer.

Coordinating Window Blinds & Window Shades

Friday, September 14th, 2012

It used to be a challenge to cover more than one window type in a room. This isn’t the case any longer. Thanks to manufacturers like Bali or Comfortex, one can find coordinating window treatments for different window types. Our newest brand Good Housekeeping is on the ball as well with coordinating products.

We get this question frequently: “I plan on ordering roller shades for my family room, but what do I do about my patio door?” Same difference with other window treatments like roman shades cellular shades or pleated shades. With today’s offering of custom blinds the answers come easy. Simply pair roller shades with coordinating panel track shades, cellular blinds with cellular vertical blinds or find coordinating fabrics in roman shades and pair with fabric vertical blinds. The options are plentiful. Even solar shades have a coordinating partner now.

Below are some great examples of what this look can achieve.
As always call us , we will be glad to guide you to the perfect solution for your home :-)

Bali Cellular Shades / Bali Verticell Shades












Comfortex Roller Shades / Comfortex Panel Track


October – Child Safety month, Buy Cordless!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

It’s here again. October – Child safety month. As every year we try to bring awareness to child safety around this time of year. Despite the fact that industry leaders again and again adjust their blinds & shades to be more safe, every year children and pets suffer terrible injuries and even death related to cords and strings.

Being in the industry, we have an eye on what is reported in the news. And it is just heartbreaking to hear of the terrible reports we see when another parent has to live with the fact that their child was hurt. Yes, blinds and shades sold today are more safe than ever. Every continuous cord has cord tensioners that help prevent pulling the cord out of the window and “mess” with it. Cord cleats are available for stings to be wound up and keep them out of reach of young children. And yet again, accidents happen, still.

The best thing to do when having young children or pets is to go CORDLESS. On most shades, if within specifications, can be ordered with a cordless lift system. For a small up charge, Roller Shades, Roman Shades  and Cellular Shades will be made with a little handle or pull tassel at the bottomrail of the shade, eliminating the traditional pull string or continuous cord loop. Also traditional blinds can be ordered cordless, eliminating hazardous cords. Wood blinds for example can be ordered with a cordless lift and the cord tilt can be replaced by a wand tilt, avoiding and strings. An option that is often overlooked but works so well for this purpose is the motorized lifting system. A remote control operates the shade, eliminated all strings.

In light of this month and what it means to the window covering industry we will offer FREE cordless upgrades on most Comfortex shades through the end of November. This will include cellular shades (excluding 1/2″ pleat Virtuoso), but including double cell symphony, 3/4″ Baritone, as well as the Debut line and all others. The offer will also include the Roller Shades line and Solar Shades line. Please take advantage of our free upgrades to ensure you have a hazardous free home and your child’s safety is ensured.

Comfortex Green Initiative

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Comfortex started their “Green Initiative” in the month of April. What better month to start than the month that “Earth Day” is in. This is a brand new program, that is a small contribution and initiative to be good to mother earth. Instead of trashing shades, they pay for shipping them back to be recycled.

Comfortex has always been committed to the environment by using materials that are responsible, practicing sustainable manufacturing process and offering energy efficient products. Now, they have taken it a step further by offering to recycle your shades!*

What does this mean? For any warranty remakes that are less than one year old, Comfortex will pay for the product to be shipped back and returned to them so they can recycle the materials. This could include shades that came damaged from shipping, warranty issues that come up in the first year or possibly a miss-measure that could be returned. Instead of piling on to the trash pile, they will recycle the product.

At Ace of Shades, we commend any effort, that helps keep our beautiful planet clean and safe. That’s why we always push products that are energy efficient and welcome the effort Comfortex is making right now in regards to keeping trash low. Off course we hope that these warranty issues, do not occur, but from time to time it happens ;-)

*Most products on our site are included in this program, including Comfortex’ cellular shades, roller shades and solar shades. Should you be interested in a complete list of shades that apply, please contact us.

Cordless Lift now available on Comfortex Roller & Solar Shades

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

It’s finally here. We had been waiting for a while to see a cordless lift option on the popular Envision Roller Shades. While the continuous beaded cord is great, for a clean, streamlined look the cordless is the way to go.

The new cordless lift is one of the smoothest roller systems in the industry. This featured slow rise system controls the shade as it lifts to the top, leaving the shade safely in position. The shade with this lift is available up to 92” in width (depending on fabric) and is therefore also great for large windows. At the moment this feature is available with the standard headrail / roller tube only. But it won’t be long, and it will be available with the cassette headrail as well.

Most important thing about the cordless shades is that they are safe for children’s areas or households with pets. This month is October, safety awareness month for the window covering industry! We are reminded of how many accidents have happened that lead to injury or even death. Cords can be the worst health hazard in your home, it is so important to eliminate cords where one can.

To start this introduction of cordless roller shades with a bang, we have decided to practically give it away for $9.75 per upgrade. So hurry, this price won’t last long ;-)

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