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Before & After – Solar Shades

Monday, June 15th, 2009

An informal dining room area… no need for privacy… lot’s of oak trees outside the 7 foot windows and an openness that simply wants to be preserved. The area I am describing is actually in my own house. We are lucky, no neighbors close by to peak in 😉


But last year, we cleaned up some of our oaks. Ever since some of these branches came down, in the summer months during dinner time, the person sitting at the end of the dining table and on the right side of the table gets punished with this terrible glare, that makes it quite uncomfortable in these spots. The sun in my eye, means tilting sideways, not looking at somebody I am talking to and it has simply become an issue. Those few missing branches are also responsible for an added few degrees of heat, that really make a difference in that near 100 degree weather which is quite typical for our southern TX area.


Yet we didn’t want to lose the openness and were looking for a simple solution where out outside view is preserved. We wanted to get something in the window that takes the edge off the heat and takes the glare during dinner time. In addition… a product with little stack, that can almost hide away behind our top treatments.

Our solution: Solar Shades; Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Screens. My husband and I opted for a dark chocolaty screen shade with a 5% openness factor; the material is called Umbria – color Chocolate – 423.


We are very happy with our choice. We accomplished exactly what we were looking for. During the day, we have the shades up – no stack, the windows wide open. In the afternoon hours we lower it for a bit of insulation, while still having a screened view out. And at the dinner table, nobody has to squint any longer. That splash of color when lowered, is an additional decorative touch we love to play with.  



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