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Beat The Heat

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

beat_the_heatIt’s summer and it’s hot, sometimes unbearably hot here in Texas. Let’s look at some way to beat the heat! Here we go:

Block the Sun
Blocking the sun means cover your windows! Insulating Cellular Shades, room darkening cellular shades are the way to go. While the cellular design traps heat inside the cell, the darkening material blocks light. A great brand to purchase are Bali cellular shades, available in our online store.

Give your AC a Checkup
Once summer rolls around, most people should get their units checked. Electricity will go right out the window if the air ducts aren’t clean or if there are leaks. Avoid throwing your money away and have them checked before it gets hot and the AC has to work overtime.

Close it Down
Once the AC is running, be sure to close doors, windows and the sometimes forgotten fireplace damper. When it is hotter than 78 degrees outside this will make a big difference.

Use your Fan
While circulating air helps to feel more comfortable it also helps to cool down a room quicker. Fans are inexpensive to run and don’t cost a lot of energy. A fan will be helpful to have it indoors one or two degrees warmer and yet feel comfortable with the air blowing.

Spritz Yourself
Why not have a little water squirter around? When the temperatures are through the roof, a little water mist in the face and neck while running the AC and fans will definitely help to feel cooler.

Dress Correctly
Great ways to keep cool is by wearing the new synthetic fabrics designed to make you feel less sticky when sweaty. These materials aren’t just for the workout buff anymore. When wearing cotton, go for loose fitting clothes in light colors.

Chuck your Shoes
When possible, take off your shoes and socks. Hot feet will make you all together more uncomfortable. Taking off shows and feeling cool tile underneath your feet will make a big difference in cooling down.

Eat light, drink lots
A heavy meal that needs to be digested will add to the discomfort of feeling hot. Eating a light summer salad and drinking lots of water, while more healthy, will also help to keep you cooled down.

For now… enjoy the rest of the summer!!

Easter Sales!!

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

happy_easterEaster is just about here. This hopefully means a three day weekend, with good food, family and possibly some friends. Kids are looking forward to their Easter Egg hunt and this means we will put out a couple of goodies for our customers too.

Be on the lookout for some sales to drop on Bali blinds and Bali shades. Cellular shades will have an additional discount as well as Bali’s wood blinds. This is a great time to purchase some shades in spring colors. Cellular shades are a great product where color is available. A spring green for the bedroom or breakfast area? Or a lemon yellow? For wood blinds cotton tapes will always provide that additional touch or splash of color.

We will also have on sale our Shangri-La Sheer shades, soft, elegant and beautiful. Sheer shades come in 2” or 3” vane size and can be ordered in light-filtering or room-darkening materials.

We hope you take advantage of the sales that will start tomorrow and go through Monday.

We wish you a Happy Easter!

Bali Roller Shades Revamped!

Monday, March 24th, 2014


Spring is here, just in time for Bali to come out with new and fresh fabrics. Bali’s roller shades have been revamped with a versatile collection of stylish new materials and colors.

Roller shades are practical and easy to operate. A continues beaded chain helps you to lower and raise the shade to desired height, helping to control light and providing privacy depending on the thickness of the fabric. The beaded chain can be replaced by a cordless lift to eliminate all cords. This is a great way to go when having young children or pets in your household. Child safety first! Still in the collection available are “Classics” like their vinyl coated blackout shades the popular “Manhattan” light filtering or room-darkening material as well as the pearlized “Gemstone” fabric. However some of these popular materials’ outdated colors have been replaced by newer fresher tones. Entirely new fabrics include the “Harbor” and “Cascade” collection. Also now available are friendly new swirls and prints giving more options when accenting your windows. Our website is user-friendly and lets you preview all these fabrics and colors by simply hovering with the mouse over the magnifying glass in front of each link.

All roller shades can be paired with a cassette valance or square corner valance for a finished look. Call us to get pricing on decorative scalloped hems and trims. These new fabrics and stylish colors will make it easy to give your room a fresh new look this season.

If You Love Reimagining Bali Window Coverings for Different Looks, You Might Want to Make a Career Out of It

Friday, May 31st, 2013

If you’ve been considering a career change or want to try something out that caters to your own skillsets or passions, try answering these questions: Are you constantly looking through Bali window coverings, Comfortex cellular shades and other products on this and other outlets and dreaming of ways to make them fit your home’s décor? Do you go over other people’s homes and instantly see ways they can improve on their style through a slight alteration or accessory purchase? Are you organized, yet creative and self-motivated and willing to handle strict deadlines?


If so, you might want to consider going into interior decorating. Interior decorators work in a bevy of different environments. Some go into business for themselves working on residential jobs, while others are hired for commercial projects. An interior decorator might work in a specific industry, such as restaurants or office lobbies. A select few are even hired full-time to work exclusively for a particular company. Given this, there are many avenues to becoming an interior decorator, but here are some things to keep in mind:


  • Should you or shouldn’t you go to school? Interior design school can give you the tools and education necessary to produce good work. However, at the same time, it could be expensive and you might have to take time off from work or caring for your family, so you’ll need to take this into account as well.
  • Practice on friends and family: The most important part to getting new business is having a portfolio that features before and after photos showcasing your work. In the beginning, it could be tough to get people to allow you to perform work on their homes or places of business. By working for free or a small sum for family members and friends, you could build the portfolio necessary to get bigger clients down the road as well as earn experience, so you can improve on your craft.
  • Know that it’s more than design: Knowing good design practices and theory is, of course, an important part of being a successful interior decorator. However, it’s not everything. A successful interior decorator will be an excellent communicator to clients and understand project management in order to juggle a number of clients at once as well as meet strict deadlines.

Coordinating Window Blinds & Window Shades

Friday, September 14th, 2012

It used to be a challenge to cover more than one window type in a room. This isn’t the case any longer. Thanks to manufacturers like Bali or Comfortex, one can find coordinating window treatments for different window types. Our newest brand Good Housekeeping is on the ball as well with coordinating products.

We get this question frequently: “I plan on ordering roller shades for my family room, but what do I do about my patio door?” Same difference with other window treatments like roman shades cellular shades or pleated shades. With today’s offering of custom blinds the answers come easy. Simply pair roller shades with coordinating panel track shades, cellular blinds with cellular vertical blinds or find coordinating fabrics in roman shades and pair with fabric vertical blinds. The options are plentiful. Even solar shades have a coordinating partner now.

Below are some great examples of what this look can achieve.
As always call us , we will be glad to guide you to the perfect solution for your home :-)

Bali Cellular Shades / Bali Verticell Shades












Comfortex Roller Shades / Comfortex Panel Track


Natural Beauty

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Natural Woven Wood Shades are a beautiful choice when natural warmth and a nature inspired look is the goal.  We have just added the Bali Natural Shades line, made of nature’s own materials. Crafted from bamboo, reeds, grasses, jutes and straw materials, Natural shades add texture and dimension to your windows, creating simple sophistication.

The standard Natural Shade is made of either the standard roman or looped Roman shade design (also referred to as tear drop style). The collections offer a wide verity of colors, textures and unique weaves. A standard lift cord helps to lower and raise the shade, but continuous cord lift or bottom up / top down features are available as upgrades. A motorized lift is a great option for those hard to reach windows.

A beautiful 6” valance gives the finishing touch, a 9” drop is available as an upgrade and standard when ordering the continuous cord. An optional accent is the edge banding, which finishes off the sides and bottom of your woven wood shade. Since most materials are sheer or semi-sheer, the product can be paired with a privacy or room-darkening liner for added privacy and light control.

Woven wood shades have become very popular in the last few years, since the decorating trend is going back to nature. There simply is no substitute for the beauty created by nature and used in Natural Shades. The colors and textures of bamboos, grasses and jutes have a distinct character and one-of-a-kind look, which cannot be matched by synthetic materials.  

New and improved!

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Bali has come out with their revamped Roller Shades and Solar Shades line. Fresh fabrics, bigger selection and a new lifting system have arrived.

First about the fabrics: In the Solar Shades line we find new materials that cover the 7% and 5% openness category. Also new: We find texture. Besides the traditional screened Vinyl on Polyester material, we now find texture, warmer colors and grass or woven inspired looks. New materials include Steppe, Shoji, Arbor and more. In the Roller Shades line we also have new fabrics in the offering. New prints and fabrics with sheen, grass-inspired feel, or sheer fabrics have been rolled out. These new fabrics are Tuscan, Gemstone and Fiddlestix. Colors are fresh and modern and work with almost any decor.

Bali is also introducing the new Dual Shade function. The Dual Shades allow you to have two shades in one. Two fabrics can be combined.  You now can pair a sheer solar shade material for a screened view out with a darkening material for light control and added privacy. Two shades are sitting inside a decorative large curved cassette, the left chain operates the sheer material, whereas the right shade lowers and raises the room-darkening shade or vice versa.

Also new is the SmatPull retractable cord. To eliminate cord loops which can be a hazard to small children and house pets, a retractable cord has been added to improve safety. This cord always remains at a constant length when retraced.   

Bali Roller Shades usually come with the exposed tube. The shade is operated by a plastic or stainless steel beaded chain. Upgrades can be made by ordering the cordless lift, SmartPull or motorized lift for added convenience. Another option is to conceal by adding a curved fabric covered cassette headrail or a square corner valance.

Please feel free to browse the newly added products. We’d be glad to send color samples for you to review. Every shade comes with a Limited Lifetime warranty and is priced just right ;-)

Bali Roller Shades revamped!

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Bali Roller ShadesOur Bali Roller Shades are gorgeous, offer smooth operation and versatile functionality. But there is always room to improve ;-)

Bali has just re-done their Roller Shade line, which means more fabrics & colors inspired by the latest fashion-forward styles and colors. The fabrics choices cover different opacity levels great for different rooms in the house. New fabrics types for all Bali Roller Shades include sheer, light-filtering, room-darkening and blackout materials. Some of these material include Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Confidence Textiles, which certifies that fabrics are free of harmful chemicals and meet all VOC content limits.

Also new is the Dual Shades, which combine two Roller or Solar shade fabrics in one shade, giving added versatility to privacy and light control.

Bali is also introducing the new Smart Pull lifting system for their Roller shades. The new lift system raises or lowers the shade with a gentle pull of the cord, the cord always remaining the same length. No long dangling cords or pooling unattractive cords on the floor! The traditional and continuous cord is great for large and traditional windows, where the cordless lift or motorized lift is preferred by houses that are looking for child and pet friendly operating systems.

A very popular option to give a roller shade a finishing touch is Bali’s square corner valance or the cassette headrail which feature a matching fabric strip to cover up the roller tube. The valance is attached to the front of the shade, connected by the same mounting bracket that holds the shade. The cassette is a housing that holds the actual tube, with a slight curvation to its design, working well in more contemporary or casual décors. Another added personal touch is the hem and trim option. The gimp trim can be a coordinating or contrasting color, making the design options and possibilities fun!

As all Bali products, the Solar and Roller Shades are covered by a no-hassle warranty, to give our customers assurance of quality craftsmanship!

The Basics of Bali Blinds

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

New blinds can change the look and feel of a room and a good set can really improve your comfort. If you have not shopped for blinds recently, it is worth checking out the wide variety of options from quality manufacturers like Bali Blinds.


Installing blinds is a relatively easy home improvement job that anyone with basic tools and skills can handle. The most important thing is to measure carefully before going to pick out blinds so you are sure to get the right sizes. This is just as important as picking the right style. 


Our website has tons of pictures of room shots as well as color samples to give you ideas about the various styles of blinds available as well as telling you exactly how you need to measure for each type of installation. Bali also has a website with lots of information available online to make the process easy.


Here are the most popular categories that Bali Blinds has to offer:


  • Cellular Shades
  • Roller Shades  
  • Roman Shades
  • Wood Blinds
  • Faux Wood Blinds


In each category, there are huge arrays of colors available, some of the fabric lines will include prints and patterns as well.. This is something to consider as you are trying to select just the right window treatments. Color can make a major impact in a room depending on whether you choose to complement or contrast the existing wall and furniture colors.


This is a personal decision, of course, but remember to pick something that will work with a variety of styles if you think you are apt to want to change the other colors in the room. Quality blinds last a long time, so take the time to find the perfect style and you will be happy with your choice for years to come.

Updates for Bali Cellular Shades

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Bali has just revamped their DiamondCell cellular shades line! So, what’s new? Colors, extended specifications on cordless and cordless top down/ bottom up shades and more.


Bali cellular shades are great window treatments of fashion and style, while helping to insulate your home year around. The unique honeycomb design forms pockets of air that insulate from heat and cold. Bali offers three cell sizes, the ¾” single cell, 3/8” single cell and the 3/8” double cell, the latter being the superior insulator of the three.


All fabrics have enjoyed color updates, providing you trend and fashion for this fall and winter to come, while the most popular classics remain. Deep tones like the new cherry color or the denim help you to decorate with bold and strong colors. When choosing color over neutrals, you create drama and character in your living space. Have fun with them!


Also new is the cordless top down / bottom up. October is child safety month, where this feature fits so perfectly into. When trying to keep our little ones safe, best lifting system for any shade is the cordless lifting system. A cordless shade utilizes a little handle on the bottom rail, which is used to lift or lower the shade, eliminating all dangerous cords from a shade. Now Bali also offers this feature in the popular top down feature at greater widths than ever before. So even your large windows can now be cordless and lowered from the top down, while enjoying privacy at the bottom.


And as always, Bali DiamondCell shades can be paired with VertiCells. The vertical honeycomb shade that is perfect for sliding glass doors, opening from side to side. Any of the light-filtering or room-darkening materials, are available in the vertical product, helping to keep your area uniform and coordinated.


Enjoy browsing our updated online selection & create the most comfortable living space that is all about you J

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