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Building Your First Home

first-homeOnce you make a decision to have your new dream home built, the work begins. This home of our dreams is supposed to bring us years of happiness to come, but once the project is done, regrets can set in. Here are some tips of what should be considered beforehand:

  • Always battling being too hot or too cold? Be sure to have your insulation inspected before everything is covered up. Having your home properly insulated can save serious headaches later on in regards to high electricity bills, uncomfortable temperatures and money wasted. Additional steps to help keeping rooms cool like covering your windows with blinds and shades will be another step you will take closer to the completion of construction.
  • Plan your electric outlets and overt conduits early on. You want to be flexible where you computer might be placed, your flat screen TV or sound system will be installed. Plan this out early to save yourself from clutter of cables at a later time.
  • Where will your laundry room be? More and more people place the laundry room closer to bedrooms where most of the laundry actually piles up.
  • Which way will your doors open? Consider getting quality doors which will again help in the energy department and be sure to have them hung correctly the first time around. Having to change how a door swings open will increase unnecessary costs.
  • Quality heating and cooling will help your wallet for years to come. Making sure ventilation and air conditioning are built with energy efficiency in mind will keep you more comfortable in your home as well.
  • Drains should actually drain. Slow flow of water, backed up systems and incorrect drainage could give you a headache that no one needs. These things should be planned out early on.
  • Storage, storage, storage! We never have enough. Plan on having big walk in pantries, bathroom closets and shelf space in many areas. Years of purchases always make us bust out of our seams. There is no need to feel cluttered, with ample space to stow items away it will be a breeze to stay organized.
  • Lastly, consider a bathroom close to your door. All who have kids or pets know this problem especially well. Coming in and needing to head straight to the shower. But does this mean through the living area first? Having a bathroom close to the outside will help to stop the dirt there without bringing it inside.

There are many more things to consider when building a home, but these might get you started.

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