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Why Bali faux wood blinds?

Bali’s formula: Great Quality + Great Price = VALUE. I agree!

Faux woods are off course always a great choice, because you can create a wood blind look at a great price. Today’s composite faux wood blinds are amazingly close in the wood grain imitation and their ability to resemble a true wood blind.


Humid environments pose a threat to real wood blinds, while faux woods provide a durable alternative. With Bali faux woods you also create a natural defense against humid environments, this makes them an fantastic product for kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, even garages or any place where humid conditions apply.


Here are some highlights of our Bali faux and composite blinds. Bali faux wood blinds are available in a wide range of color choices, including the popular coffee or dark walnut stains, as well as oak-like or natural finishes. The palette of whites and off white paints is sure to match your interior décor. The slat sizes range from 2” to the new 2 ½” slat size providing the new modern shutter look. For very large windows a 2 on 1 headrail or 3 on 1 headrail application can be selected, where each section can be operated individually. Features include the decorative cloth tapes, which allow setting an accent while concealing rout-hole gaps. Anther feature is the NoHoles feature which eliminates rout-holes all together, enhancing your privacy. A trapezoid bottomrail enhances privacy by providing a flush landing spot for the blind’s bottom slat. Every blind is finished with a decorative valance for a finished look. Bali cornices and valances work in harmony with your current décor. Valances come in distinctive sizes and extensive range of colors and wood stains.


The different faux wood lines are:


·         Wood Images – Bali’s composite line, available with most options and features. Colors are whites and neutrals. Available with motorized tilt option

·         Wood Images Premium – Bali’s Vinyl Polymer faux wood blind, offering a range of stains

·         WoodPlus – Bali’s most competitive priced Vinyl Polymer blind, including stains and whites.


All Bali products are tested in an environmental chamber to ensure they stand up to the most extreme temperature and humid conditions.  Bali products always come with a Limited Lifetime warranty to ensure peace of mind.

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