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What to expect in 2011

Wow, the New Year is here. We wish everyone who stops by regularly, or from time to time, or who simply stumbled across our site a prosperous and healthy 2011! So, what’s on the agenda for Ace Of Shades for the New Year? 

You can expect us to increase our offering of quality name brand window coverings. We will offer more products, give more options and have more fabrics along with colors to dress your home. We are also looking to expand our private label “Naturelle” line, add to our popular Comfortex line and much more.  

We will be working on getting the best deals, to pass on best prices to you. We know price matters and we are always on the look out to be competitive. We take time to shop the internet for you and offer our bottom line price. We will continue to do that. And we will still offer our best price guarantee. So, should we have missed a better price, hit us up. We will beat the competition by 10% of the price difference.  

But besides pricing, we will continue to take care of the service you deserve. You can expect us to KNOW the product, so you can actually have somebody help you with your questions. We will get back to your emails QUICKLY, work on your orders and issues efficiently so you can have peace of mind. We know purchasing window coverings is a big project and you deserve just that. 

And lastly, we will take your feedback and listen. In 2010 you asked for no more handling fees, and we took them off. You asked for some restructuring of the site, and we did. We always love to hear from you and get feedback. And we certainly appreciate ALL the wonderful feedback and praise we have received in 2010. We will strive to receive that praise again! THANKS! 

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