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On this page you will find a complete list of the window blinds and shades currently on sale at Ace of Shades Window Coverings. Scroll through the entire page to learn more about each discounted product. We have added descriptive pictures as well as links to provide easy access to further information such as pricing and customization options.

Cellular Window Shades

1/2” Single Cell Honeycomb Shades


The 1/2” single honeycomb cell has its own appeal. It is slightly bigger than the popular 3/8” cell and is unique to Comfortex. The light-filtering material allows light to filter into the rooms, while giving privacy. It offers a solid color selection to meet your decorating style.

Wood Blinds

2" Slat Wood Blinds


Our 2” slat Wood Blinds are the undisputed favorite in this category. Many of them are crafted of beautiful North American hardwoods, but like fine furniture also offered in real Oak, Cherry or Ash wood. The 2” slat category has the broadest offering in regards to decorating or lifting options. The color and stain selection is extensive, sure to match any wood tone existing in your home. The traditional 2” look with its clean classic lines works well with any decor – casual, contemporary, traditional or rustic.

2 1/2" Slat Wood Blinds


The 2 1/2” (also 2 3/8”) Slat Wood Blinds have gained a tremendous amount of popularity over the past few years. Their bigger slats allow for a more open view to the outdoors. These wood blind materials are crafted of the finest North American Hardwoods with a wide selection of painted colors and wood stain finishes. The bolder slats translate into a window fashion statement, working well with most decors.

1 3/8" Slat Wood Blinds


This slat size is available only in the Comfortex line, the slat size is unique. It also is best suited where little mounting surface is available or on French doors. Painted colors and stained finishes coordinate with the Comfortex 2" colors.

Sheer Horizontal Blinds & Shades

2" Sheer Horizontal Shades


Our 2” Sheer Horizontal Shades are in high demand within this popular product category of Sheer blinds and shades. The vanes floating in-between two sheers are 2” high and give the shade its character and determine the view through when tilted in the open position. This vane material can be light-filtering, allowing light to fill the room, while giving privacy and reducing glare when the shade is closed, or it can be room-darkening for rooms where light control is important. 2” Sheer Horizontals work with any decor where style, class and elegance and a soft appearance are your goal.

10% OFF

3" Sheer Horizontal Shades


3” Sheer Horizontal Shades offer vane material floating in-between two layers of sheer materials that is 3” high. This allows for a more unobstructed view outside when the shade is tilted into the open position. Fabrics are offered in light-filtering materials providing privacy while allowing light to filter into the room, or room-darkening materials for added light control. The 3” vane works well in “grand” rooms that have large windows, high ceilings, large areas or any place where a grand statement with a big view is desired.

10% OFF
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