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Sheer Horizontal Blinds & Shades

Features :
  • Sheer Horizontal window shades are an ideal window covering for larger applications
  • Sheer shades, also referred to as Silhouette blinds feature fabric vanes that are floating between two layers of soft knitted sheers
  • This beautiful and sophisticated window treatment is available in light-filtering or room-darkening fabrics
Quick Quote:

2" Sheer Horizontal Shades

Our 2" Sheer Horizontal Shades are in high demand within this popular product category of Sheer blinds and shades. The vanes floating in-between two sheers are 2" high and give the shade its character and determine the view through when tilted in the open position. This vane material can be light-filtering, allowing light to fill the room, while giving privacy and reducing glare when the shade is closed, or it can be room-darkening for rooms where light control is important. 2" Sheer Horizontals work with any decor where style, class and elegance and a soft appearance are your goal.

3" Sheer Horizontal Shades

3" Sheer Horizontal Shades offer vane material floating in-between two layers of sheer materials that is 3" high. This allows for a more unobstructed view outside when the shade is tilted into the open position. Fabrics are offered in light-filtering materials providing privacy while allowing light to filter into the room, or room-darkening materials for added light control. The 3" vane works well in "grand" rooms that have large windows, high ceilings, large areas or any place where a grand statement with a big view is desired.

Sheer Vertical Blinds

Our Sheer Vertical line by Comfortex complements the Sheer Horizontals with elegance. Billowing sheers alternate with vertical fabric vanes. This Sheer Vertical collection is designed to perfectly coordinate with our Sheer Horizontal window shades. Fabric vane pockets hold your choice of light-filtering or room-darkening strips to achieve the degree of light control needed. Sheer Verticals are ideal for sliding glass doors or very big window applications and can cover areas up to 192" wide and 120" high.

    Size Priced: 12" X 24"
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