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Roman Shades

Features :
  • Roman Shades have a rich, sumptuous appearance, designed to stand out and create a distinct look
  • Available in classic flat panel or modern tear-drop panel
  • Standard cord application to raise from bottom up, or with additional top down feature
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Light Filtering Fabrics & Materials

Our Roman Shade's light-filtering materials filter light into the room to varying degrees, depending on fabric style and color. A soft glow of light allows for silhouettes close to the window to be seen as shadows, the materials give privacy. In this category, fabrics offer elegant patterns and styles. All fabrics are available in the flat panel or looped panel (tear-drop) style. Light-filtering Roman Shades create a friendly glow and are suited for any room where light, some privacy and elegance is desired.

Room-Darkening Fabrics & Materials

Room-Darkening Roman Shades substantially block all outside light. These materials give complete privacy. Darker colors will darken the room even further, while most fabrics have a neutral backing to the streetside. All fabrics in this category offer the flat panel style or looped tear-drop style Roman Shades. Room-darkening Roman Shades are ideal for bedrooms, rooms with entertainment systems or any room where a roman shade with a high degree of light control and privacy is desired.

Solar Screen Materials

Roman Shades in the solar screen material are a modern twist to the traditional window covering. The see through properties allow a screened view outdoors, creating openness in your living area. The shade gives powerful UV protection and glare control like solar screen material do. The overall appearance and construction is one of a roman shade with it's beautiful clean lines in its panels and folds.

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