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This page is created for those of you who are just getting started with your window treatment project but are a little unsure of how to go about it and what to consider.  

Buying custom made blinds and shades online is not difficult but as there are many options to consider it is important to be precise. Ace of Shades Window Coverings is here to help you through this project from start to finish. Creating a comfortable and inviting living space is one of the most important investments you can make.  We are thankful for the opportunity to assist you in such an important decision. Remember you can always call us toll free at 866 553 6088 and talk to us in person about every detail of your project.

Lastly, even though the following points can be of importance when choosing a window treatment for your home, please remember what is most important is what you feel excited about. When you get inspired about a "look" then it most certainly is the right product for you.



Where the light is coming from can be important. Also, do you have rooms that are flooded with light; is it a bedroom where a high degree of light control is needed? Room with entertainment system? Or is a lot of light desired to create a friendly open atmosphere?

window light
  • North Light - tends to cold and clear, suggesting energy efficient products
  • South Light - warm and strong year-round; you might choose a light-diffusing window covering to protect your furniture (UV protection)
  • East Light - is bright, warm morning light that also calls for a window treatment with UV protection
  • West Light - hot, bright afternoons demand solutions that are both light controlling and light diffusing

Do you need full privacy from your next-door neighbor or just a little screening from garage or air-conditioning unit; or would you like to protect a beautiful view?

Sheer Shades
Sheer materials allow a lot of light to enter the room, while reducing glare. They softly focus the view outside. They offer no privacy and are ideal for areas where a beautiful view to the outside wants to be preserved.


Semi-Sheer Shades
These products diffuse light and give a soft screened view. Privacy is moderate. Semi-sheer products can also help with UV reduction to protect furniture and interior decor.


Light-Filtering Shades
Light-filtering products transmit light with no view through. They offer substantial privacy, a silhouette might be visible when stand "right in front" of the product. These products work for most areas, where privacy is an issue, but light is desired.



Room-darkening / Blackout Shades
Room-darkening Shades block most light, but are not blackout shades. They offer complete privacy. Shades with blackout materials, also called opaque materials, virtually block all light. They provide most privacy as well as light control. Ideal for bedrooms or rooms where complete light control is desired.



What is your style? Below are four visual examples styles to outline what you might consider in your decision making process.

Interiors of the past and popular trends of today blend to create the comfortable and timeless design called Traditional. The aim is not to reproduce looks of the past, but to rethink or reinvent them for the modern home. Rooms are open and airy with large highly-curtained windows, stained or faux painted wood and comfortably upholstered furniture in rich-looking velvet, silk, brocades and damask fabrics.

traditional style

Materials are straightforward and clutter is nowhere to be found in a contemporary home setting. "Metal looks like metal and plastic looks like plastic". "There's a restful simplicity found in quiet muted colors, horizontal lines and low-slung furniture." Some contemporary designers draw on a high-tech look with commercial fixtures, furniture and blinds.

contemporary style

One of the most distinguishing features of interior spaces and homes decorated in a formal style is the symmetry of windows, furniture, artwork, and flooring. These elements are most often arranged in exact pairs on a straight axis around the room. Furniture and accessories in formal interiors are often antique. Woods used are generally dark and rich looking colors.

formal style

Casual rooms have simple details, textured elements in fabrics and accessories, restful horizontal lines, soft upholstery, low-luster surfaces, and arrangements that avoid perfect symmetry. Details are simple, and elements are rectangular or softly curved.

casual style


The palette of colors is endless, especially within categories that offer fabrics. Here are some short pointers in regards to window coverings and interior decor:

White on White, white walls and white window coverings are the perfect backdrop for today's eclectic approach to decorating. We offer a wide spectrum of whites.

white coverings

A Splash of Color
A splash of color can create a jolt of energy. Like a blue at a window, repeated, perhaps, in a pillow on the bed or a print on the wall. Some color in your window can enliven the scene.

splash color coverings

Subtle Neutrals
Earth tones, sky tones, pale mineral tones enhance your room, creating new dimensions with a calming effect.

neutral coverings

Colors combined
Emerald green, sapphire blue, yes, even ruby red... you can use them, even combine them. The more color, the more drama.

colors coverings


Are your windows within reach? How will you be able to operate them. Consider our products that are available with motorization for ease of operation.


windows reachability


With fuel bills soaring this has become an issue for many. Energy-efficient window treatments translate into year-round savings on heating and cooling costs. We do offer charts that explain R-Values and show products respective ratings to provide information on reflective performance. Please feel free to contact us for such a chart.

energy star


Do you have kids or pets, where cord can spell trouble? Many operating systems are available free of cords.

windows safety 

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