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Faux Wood Blinds

Features :
  • Wood blind like appearance; Faux Wood Blinds are made of composite materials or PVC
  • Alternative Wood Blinds do not warp, crack or yellow, easy to maintain
  • Well suited for areas with high humidity, extreme temperatures or direct sunlight
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2" Composite Faux Wood Blinds

Our 2" composite faux wood blinds are the most popular subcategory under the Faux Woods. Made of engineered composite materials, they resemble the real wood blind so close it is hard to tell them apart. Wood tone finishes look on most products almost identical to a true wooden grain. The composite materials are guaranteed not to warp, yellow or crack and are perfectly suited in high humidity areas as well as rooms with intense sunlight. The 2" look is traditional with its clean classic lines and works well with almost any decor.

2 1/2" Composite Faux Wood Blinds

The 2 1/2" composite faux woods are available in two slat designs. They are offered with the beveled slat or the rounded plantation slat style. As the 2" composites, they are crafted of engineered composite materials for a true wood blind look; most wood tones being a close resemblance of a wood grain finish. The 2 1/2" slat is gaining in popularity, giving a more open view to the outside and also resembling a shutter look.

2" Vinyl Polymer Faux Wood Blinds

The 2" vinyl polymer faux wood blinds are the most economical choice when looking for a wood blind look at a lower cost. Whites resemble a painted wood blind; tones resemble the color of a wood stain, but do not imitate the grain. Vinyl faux woods work well in areas with high humidity or are a great choice for areas where looking for uniformity but not necessarily needing a wood blind (i.e. utility rooms, closets, garage etc.). Vinyl polymers do not warp, yellow or crack.

2 1/2" Vinyl Polymer Faux Wood Blinds

Our 2 1/2" vinyl polymer faux woods offer the same benefits as the 2" vinyl's do with the wider slat. The 2 1/2" slats create an open view to the outside. At this time Graber is the only brand that offers this product line in a 2 1/2" slat.

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