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Cellular Window Shades

Features :
  • Cellular Shades offer superior insulating properties to keep winter cold and summer heat outside
  • Cell Shades use a honeycomb construction with no visible cords or seams
  • An extensive color palette, all privacy levels are available in our cellular window shades line, sure to match any decor
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3/4" Single Cell Honeycomb Shades

The 3/4" honeycomb shade is our most popular cell size within the honeycomb shade category. This cell size is available in the Comfortex, Bali and Graber window covering brands offered on our website. The 3/4" pleat works for any size window, in almost any application. It is available in all opacity levels, from sheer to light-filtering (semi-opaque) to room-darkening and blackout (opaque). When decorating, the 3/4" cell translates into a calm, decorative and dynamic window treatment that is functional as well.

3/8" Single Cell Honeycomb Shades

The smaller 3/8" honeycomb cell is especially well suited for smaller and medium size windows and will add a proportional look. Windows with little mounting depth or French doors, where a smaller headrail is an advantage, the smaller cell honeycomb shade can also be of preference and look more elegant. It is available in light-filtering and room-darkening materials, in almost any color imaginable. The 3/8" pleat has more cells per height compared to the larger pleat sizes, which creates "movement" and dynamic in a room or living area.

1/2" Single Cell Honeycomb Shades

The 1/2" single honeycomb cell has its own appeal. It is slightly bigger than the popular 3/8" cell and is unique to Comfortex. The light-filtering material allows light to filter into the rooms, while giving privacy. It offers a solid color selection to meet your decorating style.

Double Cell Honeycomb Shades

The double cell honeycomb shade is available though all of our name brand manufacturers Bali Blinds, Comfortex and Graber. The double cell honeycomb shades are in high demand and increasingly popular as the design adds insulating value to your home. Two air pockets aligned next to each other equal lower energy costs. The selection is extensive, ranging from solid materials to soft touch fabrics or linen inspired prints. The double honeycomb cell also adds privacy and light control. All double cells are offered in the smaller 3/8" or 1/2" pleat size.

Insulated Cellular Blinds

Cellular window blinds combine cellular shades and blinds. If you want light protection as well as energy efficiency, these are the blinds for you. Learn more here!

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