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Mini Blinds

Features :
  • Aluminum slats can be rotated from open to closed position
  • Blinds are raised by using a lift cord or a cordless lift (where available)
  • Available in 1", 2" or 1/2" slat size
Quick Quote:

1" Aluminum Mini Blinds

1" Aluminum Mini Blinds are the most popular slat size in this product category. Color selection is extensive, including pearlized and duplex colors. 1" Mini blinds are available in the thicker 0.8 gauge for added durability or a more flexible 0.6 gauge slat at a lower cost. Headrails range from top of the line enclosed styles for a finished sleek look or standard headrails with clip on slat valances to complete the look. Additional features are hidden routeholes and cordless lift, where available.

2" Aluminum Mini Blinds

2"Aluminum Macro Blinds have gained in popularity due to their more open view when the product is tilted in the open position. Like on 2" wood blinds, popular features include the decorative cotton tapes to contrast or blend with the blind. Also available with cordless lift, power tilt or with hidden routeholes.

1/2" Micro blinds

1/2"Micro Aluminum Blinds are good products where little mounting surface is available, like on doors or windows with shallow mounting depth. Additional features include hidden routeholes, which is standard for Hunter Douglas' top of the line Lightlines Micro blind. The 1/2" micro mini blind offers a modern twist to the traditional mini blind.

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